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Jesse B. Staniforth's Bio Image

Jesse B. Staniforth

Jesse B. Staniforth is the editor of the free cannabis-industry
newsletter WeedWeek Canada. He also reports on Indigenous issues,
cybersecurity, and food safety.

Most popular articles

Chuck Rifici: The Problem-Solving Cannabis Financier

How a passion for innovation—and disdain for opioids—made a cannabis true-believer of this Canadian entrepreneur.

Jesse B. Staniforth - August 3, 2017

Henry Rollins: How a Drug-Hating Punk Came to Respect Cannabis

The famously straight-edge punk legend holds forth on lovable stoners, the connection between cannabis and gay rights, and his goal of being a "moral force" in the cannabis space.

Jesse B. Staniforth - June 21, 2018

Quebec Wants to Ban Homegrow. Is It the Will of the Voters or Vested Interests?

When Health Minister Lucie Charlebois speaks of a majority who oppose home growing, it very well may be a deck stacked with companies who stand to make a profit from keeping Quebeckers from growing their own.

Jesse B. Staniforth - May 15, 2018

Indigenous Communities and the Cannabis Act: A Clash of Tradition and Treaties

Some Indigenous communities want an all-out ban on cannabis. Others want to be able to grow and sell cannabis freely. All feel they have a moral right to decide for themselves.

Jesse B. Staniforth - May 9, 2018

Canada’s Marijuana Party Founder Loves Legalization Even Though It ‘Pisses Me Off’

Founder of the Bloc Pot and the Marijuana Party (and co-founder of the Montreal Compassion Centre), Marc-Boris St-Maurice reflects on several decades of fighting the good fight for cannabis.

Jesse B. Staniforth - April 25, 2018

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

The cheapest legal weed in Canada: Discover these cannabis ‘value brands’

Licensed producers are racing to debut cheaper “value brands,” often in bulk-priced options.

Jesse B. Staniforth - March 9, 2020

Do covered windows compromise safety at cannabis stores?

The issue has grown heated for Alberta retailers following a rash of robberies.

Jesse B. Staniforth - March 2, 2020

What do Canadian cannabis consumers want? Not even they know

One third of Canadian cannabis consumers have no idea what they bought.

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 24, 2020

Are cans draining THC potency from cannabis beverages?

This could be what's holding up the launch of cannabis infused drinks in Canada.

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 20, 2020

Alberta approves cannabis vape sales, starting this week

The decision to allow the sale of cannabis vapes was based on “available evidence, data and other provinces’ decisions on cannabis vaping.”

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 13, 2020

US Customs seizing New Brunswick residents’ legal weed

US Customs and Border Protection has begun opening and seizing Campobello Island residents' mail.

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 10, 2020

Canada’s legal weed stores attractive targets for robbers

A mix of cash, cannabis, and covered windows have made stores an attractive target for criminals.

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 7, 2020

LP farm sales to improve access, not prices for Ontario consumers

Licensed producers will soon be able to sell products straight from the farm in Ontario but consumers will likely still have to pay retail prices.

Jesse B. Staniforth - February 3, 2020

The SQDC has slashed its retail plan from 150 stores to 100

Quebec’s retail model, though strict, has been a peculiar success in the country. Now, the province has decided to adjust its initial retail plan.

Jesse B. Staniforth - January 27, 2020

Toronto spent over $300,000 to block illicit dispensaries with concrete

It cost the city more than $300,000 to repeatedly seal up CAFE and other illicit Toronto dispensaries, some of which continue to operate.

Jesse B. Staniforth - January 27, 2020