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Leafly Podcasts

Leafly Podcasts bring the latest in cannabis news, products, and culture directly to your ears each week. Subscribe to The Roll-Up, What Are You Smoking?, The Hash, and The High Life on podcast outlets like iTunes, Spotify, and beyond.

Most popular articles

What Are You Smoking, Episode 83: Nerding out on cultivation with Dr. Robb

Robert Flannery of Dr. Robb Farms discusses bringing modern agricultural science to cannabis grows and introduces a new favorite euphemism for our favorite plant.

Leafly Podcasts - May 28, 2019

What Are You Smoking, episode 82: Dispensary myths debunked

Leafly news editor Bruce Barcott joins the show to talk about the myths surrounding cannabis dispensaries, and why legalization advocates still have work to do setting the record straight.

Leafly Podcasts - May 20, 2019

What Are You Smoking Episode 84: A Visit From Master Bong

Master Bong, the MacGyver of the smoke sesh, joins the show to chat with Will and Dante about what he's learned in more than a decade of improvising pipes, bongs, steamrollers and more out of everything you can imagine.

Leafly Podcasts - June 4, 2019

What Are You Smoking, episode 80: Viola CEO, Al Harrington

Retired NBA star turned cannabis entrepreneur Al Harrington joins the show to talk about Viola—both the brand he leads and grandma that inspired him to start it. 

Leafly Podcasts - May 7, 2019

What Are You Smoking, episode 81: Potty Mouth

This week, we revisit a conversation recorded earlier this year between Will and pop punk band Potty Mouth about good times, bad times, and the role cannabis plays in their creative process.

Leafly Podcasts - May 15, 2019

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

The Roll-Up #124: How to get kicked out of a one-horse town

We talk with Mikel Weisser about the fine art of cannabis legalization campaigning in rural Arizona.

Leafly Podcasts - January 17, 2020

The Roll-Up #123: No cannabis talk at the tech show

Ashley Schwellenbach, Leafly's new news editor, joins us to talk about cannabis censorship in tech, Illinois fallout, and deep winter hacks.

Leafly Podcasts - January 10, 2020

The Roll-Up #122: Come on feel the Illinois

Illinois goes legal: David Downs reflects on Opening Day in Chicago.

Leafly Podcasts - January 3, 2020

The Roll-Up #120: The big predictions show

Scoring our 2019 predictions and forecasting 2020: It's a double-album podcast perfect for holiday giving.

Leafly Podcasts - December 20, 2019

The Roll-Up #119: Can you patent weed?

David Bienenstock unveils the wild world of cannabis patent inventors, assignees, and trolls.

Leafly Podcasts - December 13, 2019

The Roll-Up #118: Why NFL players are embracing CBD

It's not just about pain relief: Bruce meets a former NFL All-Pro linebacker who recovered his body and mind with help from cannabinoid supplements.

Leafly Podcasts - December 6, 2019

The Roll-Up #117: How to talk CBD at Thanksgiving

Your aunt will ask: "So what do you know about this CBD?" Here's what to say.

Leafly Podcasts - November 28, 2019

The Roll-Up #116: The Great Leafly CBD Test

We tested 47 products so you don't have to. The results: Shocking!

Leafly Podcasts - November 22, 2019

The Roll-Up Bonus Ep: Change your head with The Shivas

Our house band stops by to talk about music, inspiration, creativity, and the importance of good hospitality.

Leafly Podcasts - November 17, 2019