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Peter Hecht

Peter Hecht, former political writer and Los Angeles bureau chief for the Sacramento Bee, has been reporting on cannabis since 2009. His coverage has been honored for explanatory reporting in the "Best of the West" journalism awards and earned an Excellence in Journalism prize from the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Hecht is the author of the book “Weed Land: Inside America’s Marijuana Epicenter and How Pot Went Legit.”

Most popular articles

How a Cannabis Ban Turned One California County Into ‘Ground Zero for Chaos’

Hungry for tax revenue, Calaveras County licensed hundreds of commercial cannabis farms in recent years. Now it wants them gone, leaving growers in the lurch.

Peter Hecht - January 22, 2018

Devastating Photos Show Wildfire’s Toll on a California Cannabis Farm

Incredible photos show the aftermath of the wildfire that tore through a SPARC farm in Northern California.

Peter Hecht - October 11, 2017

The Kid Won’t Quit the Company: Inside the Epic Battle for MassRoots

In 2016 MassRoots was "The Biggest Hit in the Marijuana Business." Then it lost millions and fired CEO Isaac Dietrich. Now it's hard to know who's in charge.

Peter Hecht - December 13, 2017

California’s Cannabis Priestess Arrested on Felony Charge

Heidi Grossman-Lepp wanted to protect cannabis growers under the legal shield of religious freedom. Then a shooting drew the attention of the police.

Peter Hecht - October 4, 2017

Last Call: California’s High-Potency Edible Makers Crank Out Final Batches

Korova's 1,000-mg bars aren't allowed after Dec. 31, so the Oakland edible maker is turning out 60,000 before the clock strikes midnight.

Peter Hecht - December 27, 2017

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

Why Santa Barbara’s Idyllic Wine Country Embraced Cannabis Farms

When the cut flower industry departed, officials in the wine-growing region encouraged cannabis growers to move into its empty greenhouses.

Peter Hecht - November 24, 2018

Calaveras Cannabis Farmers File Class Action Lawsuit Over Cultivation Ban

Spurned farmers are demanding a refund of millions of dollars in taxes and fees—a sum that could cripple the county's budget.

Peter Hecht - August 17, 2018

Success in the OC: How Santa Ana Became a Model Cannabis Market

You may remember that infamous Santa Ana raid video. Now, 3 years later, dispensaries and the city are thriving. What happened?

Peter Hecht - August 13, 2018

Mexico Takes Small Steps Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

While Canada and the US move forward on full legalization, why is Mexico lagging?

Peter Hecht - July 16, 2018

Why Vicente Fox Thinks Like a Capitalist, Acts Like a Radical

Mexico's ex-president pushes cannabis legalization as a moral cause that makes business sense—and could quell the narco-violence.

Peter Hecht - July 13, 2018

Here’s Where California’s Next Governor Stands on Cannabis

California votes on June 5. So far it's Gavin Newsom vs. five contenders. Will they help or hurt the state's fastest-growing industry?

Peter Hecht - May 29, 2018

Meet at El Presidente’s House: Vicente Fox to Host Cannabis Conference

The former Mexican president, an outspoken advocate for legalization, welcomes the industry to 'Centro Fox' later this month.

Peter Hecht - May 11, 2018

Strange Tactics Emerge in Utah’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Fight

Prohibitionists are already resorting to distortion and confusion—and it's only May.

Peter Hecht - May 10, 2018

Interstate Smuggling? How the Vireo Incident Is Testing State Cannabis Laws

One company, two states, felony charges: How a simple inventory problem blew up when cannabis oil—allegedly—crossed state lines.

Peter Hecht - May 4, 2018