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Long Lines, $1.30 Grams Mark Uruguay’s Legal Cannabis Debut

Pharmacies began dispensing medical cannabis to registered patients on Wednesday. It's available, but it's weak: 2% THC. Hey, it's a start.

The Associated Press - July 20, 2017

Colorado Will Ban Cannabis Gummy Bears

Sponsors say that gummy bears, gummy worms and chewy candies shaped like fruits are too attractive to children.

The Associated Press - June 10, 2016

Denver Shuts Down 26 Legal Cannabis Businesses, Makes Arrests

The city's order shuttered 26 retail stores and other marijuana growing facilities operating under the name Sweet Leaf. Police investigation focused on eight locations licensed by the company.

The Associated Press - December 14, 2017

10 Things to Know About Florida’s Medical Marijuana Bill

The Florida Legislature on Friday finally approved a bill establishing a framework for the state's constitutional amendment expanding medical marijuana.

The Associated Press - June 9, 2017

California’s Legal Cannabis Countdown: What’s Coming by Jan. 1

Don't count on being able to stroll into your local dispensary on New Year's Day to celebrate with an infused cookie or a joint.

The Associated Press - November 17, 2017

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

New York cannabis legalization will pair with neighboring states, Governors say

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania officials plan regulatory parity for legal marijuana.

The Associated Press - October 18, 2019

New Mexico cannabis legalization would fund medical program

New Mexico's governor proposed spending adult use taxes on subsidizing low-income medical cannabis, police, and small business.

The Associated Press - October 17, 2019

Maine’s first cannabis sales expected by March 2020

Maine marijuana enthusiasts will probably be able to purchase their preferred products in retail stores by March 2020 after years of waiting.

The Associated Press - October 7, 2019

Officials finally catch on to illegal ‘Dank Vapes’ problem

It's not a legal brand. 'Dank Vapes' exist only as empty cartridge boxes—until illegal cart makers fill them with god knows what.

The Associated Press - October 4, 2019

Virginia’s attorney general wants to legalize cannabis

“Virginians know we can do better. It’s time to move toward legal, regulated adult use,” AG Mark Herring said, pointing to a study showing that more than half of Virginians agree with him.

The Associated Press - October 3, 2019

Keep calm and vape on: As UK embraces e-cigarettes, US shies away

While the U.S. scrambles to crack down on vaping, Britain has embraced electronic cigarettes as a powerful tool to help smokers kick the habit.

The Associated Press - October 1, 2019

Billions at stake as Wisconsin discusses cannabis legalization

Legalizing medical cannabis would be a net $1.1 billion benefit for the state, bringing in fees while potentially reducing opioid overdoses, addiction and traffic fatalities.

The Associated Press - September 30, 2019

France forgets its golden age of medical marijuana

In the middle 19th century, Paris functioned as the epicenter of an international movement to medicalize hashish.

The Associated Press - September 27, 2019

Cannabis vape sales falter as lung illnesses rise

The amount of the legal cannabis industry revenue that comes from vape products has dropped by 15% nationwide, with some states seeing decreases of more than 60%.

The Associated Press - September 27, 2019