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3 must-have cannabis gifts

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Presented ByEdison Cannabis Co.Published on November 30, 2020 · Last updated February 23, 2023
must-have cannabis gifts edison gingerbytes

If giving a bottle of wine or a booze-soaked fruit cake is acceptable, it should be no surprise that cannabis is also an increasingly covetable gift. 

According to a joint study conducted by Edison Cannabis Co. and Applied Knowledge Insights Group, 60% of Canadians are open to gifting cannabis this holiday season, with respondents listing their friends (87%), significant other (35%), siblings (33%), and yup, even their parents (11%), as the most likely recipients.

Ranked in order, the top five most giftable types of cannabis are edible chocolates (47%), edible gummies (47%), dried flower (42%), pre-rolls (42%), and edible baked goods (39%). 

Read on to learn why these cannabis products make the perfect presents.

1. Chocolates

It should be no surprise that Canadians are keen to give edibles this holiday season since so many holiday traditions are centred around food. 

Cannabis edibles aren’t just something to unwrap, infused treats can offer a new experience to enjoy with friends and family. They could even inspire a whole new holiday tradition ready to rival fond memories of decorating gingerbread houses and stringing popcorn garlands.

must-have cannabis gifts edison gingerbytes

Worried about Grandma greening out? Skip the homemade brownies and introduce her to a consistent, low-dose option like Edison Bytes (5mg THC per Byte). These bite-sized chocolate truffles are available year-round in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate flavours, and for a limited-time this holiday season, you’ll also find a seasonally spiced Gingerbread Byte.

Edibles are also a great way to put a festive spin on your next Zoom call because they offer the joys of getting baked without the baking! Just start the kettle and enjoy an infused snack from the comfort of your couch, so that even if we can’t be together IRL, we can still be on the same wavelength.

2. Dried flower

Forget poinsettias, according to 42% of survey respondents, festive flower arrangements in 2020 include the kind that can be smoked, vaped, or even baked. 

cannabis gifts limelight flower

Whether packing a bowl of The General to enjoy fireside with friends, or escaping your parent’s place for a wintery walk with your siblings and a vape full of Limelight, there’s a sativa out there ready to give your celebrations (and those holiday lights) some extra sparkle.

And while you might think that only aficionados are eager to unwrap dried flower on Christmas morning, you might be surprised. Dried flower is an appealing gift to newcomers and returning cannabis consumers alike because it offers the chance to appreciate all the sticky, aromatic characteristics of cannabis in its natural form. 

Don’t be deterred by the fact that your dad hasn’t rolled a joint since before you were born. Consider it a chance to bond and maybe even teach him a thing or two. Who knows, this could be the start of a wonderful new holiday ritual.

3. Pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are the adult stocking stuffer of choice because they come already wrapped and ready to spark joy. 

cannabis gifts limelight prerolls

Affordable, convenient, and offering a chance to discover new strains, it’s no surprise that 42% of survey respondents picked pre-rolls among the most giftable types of cannabis.

It’s not just the convenience factor either, pre-rolls offer a chance to introduce your favourite strain to your buds or sample something new. 

And while “puff, puff, passing” is not recommended in 2020, Edison’s half-gram pre-rolls are sold in singles and three-packs so they make great party favours! Choose from a wide selection of strains like Limelight, The General, and ChemDog.

Of course, the possibilities don’t end with these picks. There’s a whole world of vapes, bevies, and concentrates ready to tie a bow on top.

With luck, these popular picks will help you cross off a few names on your own holiday shopping list and infuse a little extra cheer into your seasonal celebrations. If you’re luckier still, maybe you’ll end up on the receiving end of some of these 420 favourites too.

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