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What Is THCA & What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid?

March 17, 2015

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a cannabis compound that is beginning to demonstrate therapeutic potential despite the infancy of its research. You’ve heard of THC, and while they may sound similar, THCA has very different properties. Unlike THC, THCA is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis. As the plant dries, THCA slowly converts to THC. Heat expedites this conversion in a process known as decarboxylation, a fancy word that describes what happens when you smoke or vaporize flower.


What is decarboxylation, and why does your cannabis need it?

If you’ve purchased lab-tested cannabis, you may notice that the most abundant cannabinoid is either THC or THCA, either of which can stretch between 10-20% on average. While THCA is the more accurate label for flower that hasn’t been decarboxylated, they essentially mean the same thing if you assume the consumer intends on smoking, vaporizing, or heating the product in some way. But what are THCA’s properties if it isn’t converted to THC?

What are THCA’s Effects and Benefits?

There isn’t enough research on THCA to definitively state what it can treat and with what degree of efficacy, but preliminary research and anecdotal evidence suggest that THCA will play a pivotal role in cannabis medicine as the industry propels forward. Here are some of the potential benefits studies have started to unveil:

Other possible medicinal avenues supported by patient stories include insomnia, muscle spasms, and pain. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for more studies to substantiate all of the above benefits before we can fully understand what THCA means for the future of cannabinoid-based medicines.

Where Can I Find THCA?

Every high-THC strain that has not yet been decarboxylated contains THCA, and these cannabinoid levels are particularly high as a live or freshly harvested plant. For this reason, raw cannabis parts are popularly juiced for their THCA benefits (sweet potato pear smoothie, anyone?).


Want to Try Cannabis Juicing? Check Out These Recipes and Guidelines

Some products are marketed specifically for their THCA content such as Present Naturals and Mary’s Medicinals transdermal patches. Products like these deliver THCA’s benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects, and as THCA gains traction, we’re likely to find more products like this emerging.

  • Haleron Sales

    Valley Medical is in the process of Testing in Colombia. Colombia has recently authorized medical testing, growing, and sales. As a R & D company Valley Medical Group of Colombia is also working at separating the various chemicals found in the Cannabis plant for further evaluation.

  • Ryan Linn

    Not sure why it isn’t listed here, but…total THC = (THCa * 0.877) + THC.

    • adlucier

      Why would the final decarboxylated amount of THC be greater than the THCa you are starting with?
      You’re starting with a fixed amount of THCa molecules and using heat you’re breaking the bond which made a carboxyl group molecule on each of these, aka decarboxylating the carboxyl molecules.. in the end you will have the same number molecules decarboxylated, if anything there may be less not more of resulting THC…
      Also that doesn’t look right having THC on the right hand side of that equation.

      • Christina Le

        this equation is correct because of the mass you lose when the carboxyl molecule is released.

        also, it doesn’t matter which side you have total THC on; it doesn’t change what the equation represents

        • Michael Mitchell

          Of course it matters which side of the equation you have Total THC on. Duhhhhh. However Christina and adlucier are both correct, but you are talking about two different things. The number of molecules does not change because of heating, but the size (mass) of the molecules do change. The equation as represented indicates that the decarboxylation process reduces the mass of the THCA by about 12 percent which seems high to me considering you are only removing one carboxyl group. Perhaps the equation accounts for the incomplete conversion of THCA to THC.

  • Lila

    I don’t understand. According to what I got it, this article states that there is 12-20% of THC on average in cannais, while this one ( ) says 19%-25%! Somebody who wants to explain me, please? 🙂

    • Seth T Wilson

      The difference is in the details. This page says 12-20% on average, meaning most dispensary weed falls in that range, which sounds accurate but also does not preclude outliers with greater or lesser THC content. The page you link to is about one specific strain which tends to be especially high in THC when grown under optimal conditions. The latter is not intended to be representative of all smokable cannabis. If you look, you can find THC levels as low as .5%, maybe lower, and 25%+. Genetics and growing conditions can produce a LOT of variety.

      • jarmstead

        Great “Reply” Seth.

      • Kamran Rowshandel

        I heard that if you don’t water an indoor plant, it might not grow. How can this be possible?

    • Jordan Gannon

      I have east coast sour d crossed with ghost train og it’s thca is 28.1 percent.

    • Charles Plato

      Different Strains (kinds)

      • Kamran Rowshandel

        I heard that if you don’t water an indoor plant, it might not grow. How can this be possible? Is THC a mineral in the dirt that gets absorbed into the body? Will they grow more THCa if I play “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal on repeat?

  • eva

    In regards to, “Where can I find THC-A?”

    Thank you Leafly for posting this information!
    If anyone is looking for raw cannabis juice in California, we provide it for patients and wholesale to collectives.
    Check out and @Evaworldwide twitter and Instagram for more information on how raw cannabinoids can help you!

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      Ingested cold extracted kief from dispensaries, since we can’t grow our own.

  • Holt Webb

    Watch what’s about to happen in the medical world re Tourette Syndrome…
    THCA is helping people who suffer from Tourette Syndrome. After 4 days in the system, the tics and outbursts they have will diminish… Often to zero. Not THC, not CBD. THCA is what does the trick. And without any psychoactive effects. That’s a big deal that almost nobody knows about yet. But word is getting around.

    • grego

      Hey there — came across this post and wondering if you can provide more info. thanks!

      • Holt Webb

        You bet.
        When a person wants a psychoactive effect from cannabis, they heat the product (smoke, vape, cook) beyond a specific temperature to break down the chemicals locked inside. One of the chemicals in cannabis, the non-psychoactive THCA molecule, breaks down into a THC molecule when heated and the THC molecule is very psychoactive. But, if you don’t heat the cannabis to the point of breaking down into THC, you can retain the THCA molecule in its entirety. And it seems that it’s the unbroken THCA molecule in unheated cannabis that has the biggest effect on the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome.
        That’s the simple science. In actual use, the THCA is made into an oil from cannabis flower and taken internally.

        If you are looking to help someone with Tourette Syndrome, I can direct you to some online information about making and administering your own oil.
        Private message me here, if you want to.

        • chris Bryson

          This is making me think that THCA might be the chemical that helps with anxiety…

          • Shelly Conrad Ray

            Usually CBD is used, but if THCA with none converted to THC, it possibly could help anxiety.

        • Carlton P Boyo

          So as long as you extract the oil without heating the cannabis you keep the THCa molecule intact correct?

        • Denise

          Hey, I would love some info please. My son has Tourette.

        • DawgFather

          Great info, thanks.

        • DawgFather

          Do you know what temps are the good and bad for THCA?

    • jarmstead

      Holt… I am considering THCa’s use in a patient who has a mild form of what we would call “autism” even though they speak very quickly, in what appears to be a response that is relatively fast. I have tried mild CBD/THC and am about to begin juicing and supplementing their diet with what I call coral minerals from Okinawa. I spent a long time finding a source that was reliable.

      I don’t/won’t start a cancer patient without these minerals due to the affect they have on the patient’s pH (74-76 alkaline). They are also easier to get and I’ve found that cancer doesn’t grow or spread once we pounce on the cancer with these coral minerals. Then, making the oil is a piece of cake, and; it only becomes a matter of time until apoptosis occurs.

      • Mara

        Jarmstead, is there a possibility that you would share your source for Coral Minerals in Okinawa? I have colon cancer T3 2.6 CM right at the base of the colon encrouching into the rectal area. Standard care Dr. wants to radiate, chemo and then surgery. I have already had surgery in 2014 for a softball sized tumor (obviously the “curative” surgery did not do what it was espoused to do). I am taking THC OIL 73%, CBD and THCA and I want to do the utmost treatment to stop the spread and eventually eliminate this current tumor without STANDARD CARE. You can send me any information or just your response to

        • Deborah Bowmar

          Try the Keto diet. Cancer cannot live without sugar. But the rest of your body (especially your brain) thrives on ketones. I’m a nurse and know your path. Starve the cancer and it will die. I’m praying for total recovery for you.

    • Lora Inman

      That’s great news!

    • Stevo

      THCV would more than likely help with this as well.

    • Crash Leighton

      I use THCa to treat my chronic and severe digestive problems. It’s the only thing that stops the pain and severe nausea and chronic vomiting. My doctor’s don’t understand when I get all nerdy and try and explain it to them. I fresh froze half of my crop at harvest to be eaten in weed and fruit smoothies. At first I was eating my THCa diamonds but that got to be too costly. Caregivers in Maine look at me like I have 2 heads when I tell them how I medicate. The no stone is great because I can still drive places and not be intoxicated or heavily stoned. I like to be safe not sorry when driving. I have one caregiver who donates me fresh bud or even leaves if I need it. Definitely helps me have a better quality of life. I usually have about a 50% to 75% pain drop and it lasts for me about 8 to 12hrs. I shared some of my THCa tincture that I learned to make with a caregiver friend to a friend suffering from endometriosis and her pain dropped 75% for 15 hours off one dose.
      Cannabis helps more than anything I’ve ever been prescribed.

  • Fantastic article!! People are becoming more interested in the different cannabinoids and this was an easy to understand article.

  • Max Scott

    making some oil with a cbd strain and a medium thc strain, no decarbing

    • Matt Norgaard

      I just hit the bong and its my homemade bong and i am 11

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        That is heating/decarboxilating and not retaining as thca to get much more pain relief, yet still perform every day life.

  • CaptCam

    Fiddlers-Greens tinctures from Sonoma county are all in the raw acidic forms of THCa and CBDa. Raw!

  • Denise Violante

    Hello Everyone … I was wondering if someone could help me with a few questions. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and my left arm needs surgery and in 2010 I was dignoised with Bells Palsy. I have been smoking for yrs and Im at the point where I would just like to get the same benefits with out the high. I have been looking into CBD pills and oils. Its getting a little overwhelming between the mg (2.5 up 600) one article even said anything over 40 may cause your eyes to feel pressure. Theres was also an article about the difference between it coming from hemp or marijuana it self…. ahhhhh lol. OK ,What Im trying to figure out is this : what works better , pills or oil. What dosage and which companies are better. Can someone please give me some good advise. : )

    • Kascima Alexandra Dirienzo

      When purchasing cbd products always make sure they are from cannabis plants and not hemp. I would recommend taking both. The Oil will have a faster onset period but only last 1-3 hours. If you take the pills, the onset period takes longer (depending on your metabolism) to kick in but will have a way longer duration period than the pills. Remember that Ingesting anything will always last longer so if you can find cbd edibles, those would work the best. As for MG it really depends on the ratio of THC:CBD. I would recommend a 1:1 to help with pain and take anywhere from 10-30mg to start out with. depending on your tolerance, I don’t believe that would make you feel high. Just a bit relaxed. If you want to avoid feeling any sort of tiredness I would Reccomend a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio, but I’ve learned that cbd works a lot better with a good thc mix. Over time you would want to gradually increase your dosing. Hope this helps

      • Janna Goddess

        Why not hemp?

        • Fred Jones

          Not Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO).

          • 094668

            Why does that matter if someone only wants the CBD?

          • Shelly Conrad Ray

            For everyone, even then, the THC is less than .3% in CBD oil to be legal over the counter where cannibis is illegal, or it will be pulled by authorities. CBD oil is non-psychoactive because CBD oil is anti-psychoactive and would drown out that extremely low .3% THC anyway.

          • Shelly Conrad Ray

            Look up CW Hemp CBD oil that I’ve used;It IS FECO. Also, hemp is cannabis (to Kascima above). They can provide 3rd party testing certification. Don’t know of any CBD oil manufacturers that aren’t full extract cannabis oil FECO and not like isolated CBD extract, which is refined.

        • Shelly Conrad Ray

          Yes, because with marijuana, the higher thc percentages can make some types of seizures worse (from testimonials).

        • Shelly Conrad Ray

          For pain, hemp cbd oil doesn’t help me. This is why I want the THCa for non-psychoactivity. I’ve tried blending THC with CBD 1:1 and still feel too much psychoactivity.

    • John

      Get in touch, for 100% full spectrum organic CBD from 100mg to 1000mg

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        There ya go, another full extract example!;)

        • John

          Thanks Shelly,

          250mg – 10,000mg+ of Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum CBD Paste, sublingual oil, Vape and pet care CBD.

          You won’t get better quality guaranteed!

    • Heugh “The Eagle Has Landed” J

      TBH if you’re in extreme bouts of pain, THC is the way to go more so than CBDs. You should look into RSO. Once your tolerance is at a high enough level, the high isn’t as evident while the pain management is extraordinary. CBD’s do help but its not the only and best source of pain control there is when you look at the entire plant. THCA obviously might be a good route to try as well with the juicing. I know a lot of people that say good things about the patches too. In the pills and oils category if you don’t want a high then CBD and THCA would be your only option. You can get CBD’s in pretty much any form including cooking/salad oil. Hope that helps.

  • Jay
    • Al

      I hate to break this to you…. but the second that the hit the nail, it decarboxalized and became straight psychoactive thc (delta 9). Not the same thing. THCa only remains THCa when it is not exposed to heat, otherwise it’s the same as smoking any high thc strain. If you ate it…… you wouldn’t get high but you might get some of the medicinal benefits.

      • Shelly Conrad Ray


  • hugh bell

    Thank you for this article. Love Leafly. This is my go to. Also, for hierloom land race flower go to

  • Missy Marcin

    This is great news for me, having advanced arthritis. I’ve had 5 surgeries on my back and neck and have had pain ever since. I was in constant pain. I just started using medical marijuana and within the first few hours, my pain–all of it–was gone and hasn’t been back! I’m so grateful that my state finally legalized it. I had never used marijuana in the past and was hesitant but since Vicodin wasn’t doing anything for me I gave it a shot. Best shot I ever took! I’m trying the THC-A and RDI. I’ve been trying different things to see which one works best. Shoot, I’ll try them all to keep out of pain!!!

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      That is great! Wondering what RDI is?

      • B Thompson

        Ready dose infusions:
        RDI’s are cannabis infused tinctures delivered in a graduated pipette for ease of titration. RDI’S are offered in a variety of formulations, from high THC, high CBD, and a number of CBD/THC ratios ranging from 1:1-20:1, and 1:20. RDI’S can be formulated to particular ratios that are needed for a particular ailment or symptom. RDI’S are a convenient way for a patient who doesn’t want to smoke or vaporize flowers to medicate easily and effectively. RDI’s are typically prepared in a base of organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or similar base. RDI’s are ingested orally by the patient, or taken sublingually.

        • vc50er

          I think you will find the THC in Tinctures is THCa.

          • Two Bears

            Not if you decarb the Cannabis before making the tincture.

    • Mary Colabella

      Missy, I’m not in a legal state yet and I too have chronic pain. What is THC-A and RDI? Can I make it myself?

  • Felix

    Hi. Please help. Is it THC or THCA in RSO that is active in fighting cancer (specifficaly Breast Cancer)? At RSO protocol of 1 gram per day THC would knock down an elephant. If I keep temperature below 100 degrees C. (210 F) during RSO manufacture, THCA will be preserved, but will it do the work? Please help.

    • Bob

      There are no scientifically proven medical benefits to taking cannabis in any from.

      • AnotherUser

        That’s not true. “Evidence from laboratory studies, anecdotal reports, and small clinical
        studies from a number of years ago suggest that cannabidiol, a
        non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, could potentially be helpful in
        controlling seizures.” This from the National Epilepsy Foundation, not some woo-woo natural remedies website. In fact, the Foundation has called for more access to medical cannabis for this condition.

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        Keeping my extremely painful colon inflammation and spasming away. Government orphan drug programs are available for prescribing for rare disorder. Research Pubmd, before loosely speaking.

      • chris Bryson

        Who told you that bob? The news paper or the tv?

      • jarmstead

        Bob… what is your weekly stipend from Big Pharma to troll these articles and spread your Schedule I agenda?

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        Study up Bob!

      • Michael Mitchell

        yes, but there is strong evidence that marijuana will make you go crazy and do wild outrageous things. I saw the movie – you all should check it out – Reefer Madness!!!

        • dshbaird

          True! I saw that movie! (LOL!)

          • Doug

            The devil’s own….

    • Frank Hagan

      You can make cold RSO without heating, but it takes longer. Go through the process with Everclear you see everywhere and instead of heating it to “burn off” the alcohol after straining, just pour the alcohol in a shallow glass dish (I use rectangular Pyrex dishes). Cover with cheesecloth to keep dust out. It takes a while for the alcohol to evaporate. I created some using fan leaves from a family member just to test the process, and put the cheesecloth covered dish in the sun each day. After 4 days the alcohol was dissolved and I was left with the dark brown tar substance.

      I have no idea what’s in my fan leaf RSO, but it was a test to see if it would work with shake and trim to make topical lotion for my peripheral neuropathy.

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        That much time out in the sun, air and heat will convert some of it to THC.

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      Rick Simpson’s website says the studies have been done using THC, but when someone on his Phoenix Tears website inquired, he said one could take some CBD oil an hour?? before taking the RSO to counter some side effects without interfering the receptor receiving THC. If starting out with RSO amount = to 1/2 grain of dry short rice even bothers someone, you could start and increase thereafter 1/4 grain size worth of RSO instead at a time. An extremely gradual increase. Everyone don’t be fooled, these dispensaries are calling 50% THC and 50% CBD all in one syringe dispenser RSO. RSO oil is suppose to be only THC in the 90% range, with no CBD listed on the package. Look for dispensaries only having RSO THC listed on the package. If the product does not come with an independent 3rd party certification confirming that, then I’d make my own.

    • janvier25

      That amount of THC should not be used in hormone-positive breast cancer. THC should be under 25mgs/day for ER+.

  • Megan Elizabeth Griffin Baker

    Hey Bailey!Thanks for being so informative! I always learn heaps about cannabis chemistry from you! So keep on Keepin’ on!

  • Rhea Graham

    I’ve been preaching “raw plant” for years. My thinking is this: the Creator probably didn’t say … “I hope they make paper and find fire … roll this up and get loaded!” LOL, I do think that Smokeless Cannabis Remedies will be the most widely accepted in all of this because most just don’t care to smoke things. Learn how to make your own, then you know it’s clean and you can make it how you want it! Come see us, we’ll teach you at Albany’s Canna Kitchen & Research, LLC. Must be 21.

    • Cassandra Davidson

      um..your creator probably didnt endorse a couple of things :p

      • Rhea Graham

        You can bet he endorses Cannabis, and most certainly raw!! 🙂 Have a blessed day.

        • Cassandra Davidson

          LOL..well bless your heart.

          • James Theresa Rose

            Cassandra Dearest
            . Hmm…another sensitive , loving , non judgmental progressive. That is , as long as all of our life decisions mirror yours.LOL..well bless your goose stepping lefty heart.

    • Zen

      I’m a big fan of Smokeless and raw use of cannabis.

      But to deny the usefulness of combusting the plant would be to disregard prolly the most valuable benefits caused by the chemical effects created by cannabis.

      • Rhea Graham

        Hi Zen, I am not denying the usefulness of combustion, it’s just the least best way to do it, how’s that?! LOL. Smoking a joint, roughly 75% of the material is wasted. Inhaling burning paper is not the best thing to do. I have done it OMG thousands and thousands of times … and it has definitely kept me off the nasty tobacco for the past 7+ years, but smokeless works for all those who will never ever smoke anything. There are a lot of our elders who wouldn’t try Cannabis if they had to smoke it, but let them apply a salve, eat a leaf in a smoothie, take a capsule – they are IN! Blessings up and thank you!

        • Zen

          strongly agree

        • Macpappy

          Smoked for years, only vape now. Will dab if offered. 62 years old now, who knew there would be so many new way to partake?

        • Kim Campbell

          Rhea, if I can make the recommendation that you look up m.s. and smoking marijuana on youtube. Also, look up epilepsy and marijuana and while you’re looking things up, look up cerebral palsy and smoking marijuana……THEN come talk to me about combustible marijuana.

        • Ann Keenan

          True, I try to avoid smoking and usually use RSO or make my own edibles. I’ve never gotten any pain relief without THC. Very high dose THC. And only as a prophylactic, not on existing pain. 😑 Probably depends on source of pain, though. I have AL Amyloidosis, GI problems: removed gallbladder, recurrent acute pancreatitis, enlarged liver & spleen (probably from Amyloidosis), degenerative spine disease, & horrible neuropathy (from Amyloidosis, spine, & the former chemo treatment I was on), so that can probably make a huge difference. I’ve only had my medical card for about 6 months, so my experimentation is in its infancy. If the feds ever remove their BS, purely political designation of weed, real research can finally commence!!!

      • John Worthington

        There has to be somewhere to escalate too. You either escalate or quit to get the desired effect. I dispute whether vaporization at 250=300 is actually decarboxilized.

      • Charles Self

        Sometimes, maybe, but I cannot smoke it. I was a heavy smoker for a long, long time, but quit over 30 years ago. Lung damage exists and is aggravated by smoking. THC is not yet legal here, so….trouble is, I’m 80 so I hope the pols get the lead out.

  • It makes girls promiscuous.

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      No promiscuity here!

    • Walter Schwenk

      Personal experience?

      • Kamran Rowshandel

        What a creepy thing to say, master

  • Kamran Rowshandel

    THCa does have a psychoactive effect, it’s just not a pleasant one. If you eat cannabis without heating it up you’ll find out.

    • Cassandra Davidson

      oh!! never even considered this possibility. I thought Id try it for my epileptic dog who currently takes a 1-1 THC/CBD extract. What did you find is unpleasant?

      • Kamran Rowshandel

        That’s not a suitable use for it. It’s not antiepileptic.

        • Shelly Conrad Ray

          People (for that matter) use mainly CBD for seizures, but some need a little THC.

        • Walter Schwenk

          KR is sounding a lot like the “instant experts” we all know.

          • Kamran Rowshandel

            I apologize for not being Jewish, but my findings have time and again shown to be true in almost ten people whom I know.

            While I have the utmost regard for people who disagree with me, to the point of believing they are superior to me in every way, I must take my lot in life and attempt to speak without lying, however may I stutter and struggle. I love your contribution to this discussion & await a reply with all my heart. You are the shining star of my life, and I dedicate it all to you, because of your abject superiority. I hope your enemies die this minute.

          • Walter Schwenk

            dear good and faithful servant KR; I profoundly respect your knowledge and experience, and only wonder what you found unpleasantly psychoactive about orally consumed thca.

          • Kamran Rowshandel

            This isn’t roleplay it has now become explicit ethnic oppression. Raw marijuana has delirious and stimulating effects–stimulating to an unpleasant degree. To get positive effects from THCa, you have to take very little. Like, “In these preclinical tests, THCA was about 10 times more potent when used as a whole-plant extract rather than as an isolate.” Everyone I know who has tried raw marijuana has had the same thing to say about it.

            There is a restaurant in Pokhara, Nepal that messes with tourists by serving them bhang lassis (which are meant to include cooked marijuana) with raw marijuana. I’m a sucker. I think I drank two. No wait. It was only one.


            The link above is to a site that promotes use of CBD. I believe marijuana’s effect as “an intoxicant” is inexplicably linked to any benefits it has. There is no such thing as an existential thought if you believe people other than yourself can have existential thoughts. I surmise CBD possibly was the worst drug I have ever tried in my life. After I took enough to realize what its effect was, I never took it again. I crave death every time I exhale, so if I had cancer, I would stay as far away from it as possible.

            Since I believe your power comes from misinformation and interrupting people, I will have to say the following, without interruption:

            No we did not come from one person.

            In China there are snub-nosed monkeys that have been there for hundreds of millions of years. They have no nose bridge.

            Mammals have been chiseled by the actions of leaders with unlimited power as long as they have existed. Dominance is the “atom” of mammal biology/evolution.

            Tens of millions of years ago, leaders started leading lesser primates to Africa, from all over the world. Originally primates came into existence outside Africa. Anyway they showed up, and Africa is where the oldest remains of greater primates have been found. Funny thing is, not only did they all arrive and evolve into Homo at the same time and place, but they also were led by absolute power exactly back to where they came from. It’s no secret that East Asians do not have tall nose bridges.

            There is a harmony that all groups led by unlimited power exhibit. Also, to take away the seat of unlimited power is to deny a species literally the one thing that differentiates them from objects.

            Monotheism is a racist reduction of polytheism wherein each ethnicity has a deific representation.

            Am I a bad subject, master?

      • Shelly Conrad Ray

        Most of my reading talks about CBD helping seizures, or with a little THC.

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      Hasn’t bothered me in small/frequent ingested amts. throughout the day, but has made what ails me feel much better.

    • Walter Schwenk

      I have not found that outcome at all.

  • PatrickMonkRn

    THCA > THC.
    I grow small time and make my own tinctures, salves etc. I use the MagicalButterMachine. I’m trying to maximize THCA, terps, flavs etc. I process @ 130 for 2hrs. Any other suggestions. Assuming I am successful, what properties would I gain/lose by not decarbing the THCA. Thanks.
    Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager, SF. Ca.

  • W.C. Costanza

    Anyone have any examples of thca used to treat Parkinson’s symptoms especially rigidity/freezing and/or dystonia (ie. tremors)?

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      Maybe research Pubmed or other research/study websites on THCA and/or Cannabis and Parkinson’s.

  • Brandon Keating

    I found Floridas distillates lacking whatever ails my pain and muscle spasms. I found much more relief with thca for what ails me in particular. High thc has been no help at all for me.

  • barkman

    Does anyone know if THCa increases cortisol levels as does THC? Thanks.

    • Kamran Rowshandel

      If you want to decrease your stress hormone level there’s this stuff called Benadryl. Follow the instructions on the box and don’t exceed 50mg ever. You may get a huge headache. I’d limit it to 25mg per week, which is one pill in the US, split in half and each half taken three days apart.

  • Brian Estrella-Delgado

    …… this is the most potent THC content available if you heat it up ..if you dont it carries the same benefits without the psychoactive effects.
    But requires more research.

  • Johnson
  • Cindy Cox Fodor

    What would one use to help control blood sugar? THCA or CBD or some other source

    • Shelly Conrad Ray

      One can google Pubmed studies on cannabis and blood sugar.

  • michelle

    I’ve recently purchased a Mary’s medicinals transdermal patch. I’m new to the use of cbd’s and thca and would like to know if or which one shows up in blood work. I have a job that does drug testing and just would like to know which would be a safe one to use. I’m a chronic pain sufferer and I would like to get away from pain meds and use a more natural approach.

  • Jeff Cron

    So I am curious. If I were to make my own Coconut oil Salve, would it be wise not to decarb and extract the benefits of the THCA? I know that when you decarb you activate other caninioids as well. Thoughts or suggestions?

  • Melinda Oehlke

    How do you decarb it?

    • Cannabis Collective Wisconsin

      Heat it @ 220f for two hours. You may opt to heat it hotter for less time, or only decarb part of the way if you want.

  • Rose Grossi

    Not everyone responds to marijuana positively. I have tried it a few times at ever descending doses and each time I seriously regretted it. The first time I saw my pain increase beyond belief and I was left hyperventilating and wondering if I was going to die until it wore off! After that I tried just CBD which was okay but it was very expensive for the small benefits it created. After doing a lot more research I tried again with a mix of 5:3 and was again in pain, I was cautious so it wasn’t as bad and didn’t last as long but research is discovering that you can easily overdose and then it’s not effective for pain control any more than a placebo. Also the scientists in Denver found that healthy people who have marijuana in their bodies need more opioids to control the pain than those who didn’t when admitted to the emergency room. So my advice is to start with a very low dose of 2.5 to 5 mg and temper it with CBD which I have found can help reduce my suffering from overdosing on THC! I find that 20:1 is the best dose for me but it’s extremely difficult to find and very expensiveI! I am continuously confused about why this is. Seems they cater to those who like to get high, not treat a medical condition! I am in the process of extracting raw THC-A to give it a try. I will say that despite all of the bs in the news so far for me the safest, least addictive and lowest side effects and most effective way of controlling my pain has been through the use of opioids at the level that the nanny state says is “too much”! I suffer from a rare autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in all of my blood vessels but has been especially severe in my digestive system and fibromyalgia & IC.

    • John Doe

      Rose, I hope you’ll see this…. You have the ability to make your own medicine at home in whatever ratio of cannabinoids you choose, and you will be able to substantially reduce your expenses in the process… What you want to do is research the MagicalButter machine – which is a product/device that will take your raw bud/flower along with organic MCT coconut oil and sunflower lecithin and turn the ingredients into an infused medicinal tincture. The machine/product has other features and options as well. CBD flower grown to meet the legal requirements to be designated as ‘industrial hemp’ is now being legally sold/shipped online by legitimate cultivators/businesses – so you can literally order cbd flower online and have it delivered to you. You will have a much wider selection of strains to choose from and idealy the ability to find strains that work best for your needs. Now if got yourself a digital scale, you could weigh out 20 grams of the CBD flower to 1 gram of THC flower and run it through the MB machine along with the other required ingredients – the end result would be a medicinal tincture with an approx. 20:1 CBD/THC cannabinoid ratio… For reference, an ounce (28g) of cbd flower with 15% CBD potency should produce a volume of tincture with approx 4000mg of CBD… Some strains available have higher CBD potencies and would yield more potent results… I hope this information helps you.

  • Lucy Rainey Burchell

    Also Dr. Dustin Sulak, who contributes to Leafly sometimes, has developed a line of tinctures that are called the Healer collection that contain THCA. He encourages people to refrigerate them to keep the THCA from decarboxylating! We sell them at our dispensary and patients have had a lot of luck with them for inflammation and pain!

  • Two Bears

    I don’t have your disease and have not studied the symptoms and how it effects the body.

    I have Crohn’s and Crohn’s has massive issues with inflammation. I had knees and ankles swell up and turn beet red with pain much like gout and the joint run a fever of 102-104 degrees. I learned that THC a was good at reducing inflammation. That is why I chose not to decarb the THC and it really worked.

  • Charles Self

    Harry Anslinger started lying about weed in 1934. DC had restrictions on it from 1906.

  • janvier25

    Tincture under the tongue or oil in capsules are more efficient than making edibles and cheaper than buying them.

  • Russell Barndt

    Yet I only get useful relief if I smoke hemp and bud or THE bus in a bong(water pipe) I tried nearly every combination of best yet a mix of 70% and bud to 30% the bud approximately with consistency of use over 5 to 7 days been the very best relief since the US order a change in the raw methadone chemical around 2007 which they had not change it other than this the best relief I find was pharmaceutical Herion like in Europe back in the 1990’s . Health care in the US is just to make money on the backs of the suffering mass ,yes it provides money to help in areas but healthcare for profit is first with the criminals at the CDC

  • Morgan Gritley

    in the sixties and seventies i could take a few hits off a joint and cure my allergy. my nose would run constantly, watery eyes but two hits off some old fashion weed and boom, cured.

    today from the middle of spring until the end of summer i frequently have a hard time getting a full breath of air. but two hits of weed and i can breath again. no $250 flovent diskus just some weed. and the weed really does the job instantly where as the flovent diskus might do the job after awhile.

  • Ann Keenan

    It doesn’t DESTROY it, it just goes “up in smoke”! As in, it’s wasted (not the good wasted) , floats away, doesn’t go into your body!

  • Ann Keenan

    I get 0 pain relief from smoking. None! I have some freaking heavy duty pain, though.