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Treating Seizures in Dogs and Other Pets With CBD

November 13, 2014

Many of us know that medical marijuana can help millions of patients suffering from a variety of diseases and ailments, especially epileptic seizures. Strains and concentrates that are high in CBD are increasingly being used to reduce or manage the number of debilitating seizures that plague sufferers of epilepsy and Dravet’s syndrome. But human beings may not be the only ones who benefit from cannabinoid therapy: pets are starting to receive high CBD treatment, too.

Explore CBD Products for Dogs and Other Pets

An estimated 1-5% of all dogs can suffer from either symptomatic or idiopathic seizures. Symptomatic seizures are typically caused by abnormalities that exist inside or outside of the brain (e.g., encephalitis, head trauma, metabolic health problems, lead poisoning).


Which cannabis strains are high in CBD?

Idiopathic epilepsy, however, has no underlying cause and may be genetic. Breeds that are prone to inherit symptomatic seizures include beagles, German shepherds, Keeshonds, Belgian shepherds, dachshunds, Hungarian Viszlas, English springer spaniels, Irish wolfhounds, collies, and border dogs. Additional breeds can have a high incidence of seizure disorders, namely golden retrievers, Irish setters, Saint Bernards, American cocker spaniels, wirehaired fox terriers, Alaskan malamutes, Siberian huskies, Welsh springer spaniels, Labrador retrievers, miniature schnauzers, mastiffs, boxers, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and poodles.

Dogs that suffer from epileptic seizures are commonly prescribed phenobarbital, a medication commonly used to treat seizures. While it’s recommended by the World Health Organization to treat certain types of epilepsy in developing countries, it can carry some serious side effects in both humans and pets, including lethargy, increased appetite, dizziness, confusion, and long-term liver damage.

More companies are releasing dog-specific CBD formulations derived from hemp, and many pet owners who are wary of these side effects are exploring CBD as an alternative therapy option. Despite the increased interest in pet-specific CBD therapy, however, the idea of treating an animal with hemp-derived cannabinoids is still considered radical to many veterinarians and animal lovers. Even here in the progressive and cannabis-friendly state of Washington, the issue was met with a spectrum of reactions ranging from curious to outraged. We reached out to a number of veterinarians in an attempt to discuss CBD treatment for pets, but many didn’t know what CBD was and quickly disengaged as soon as the words “a non-psychotropic chemical constituent of cannabis or hemp” were uttered. Another sounded completely taken aback, confusing CBD consumption with “feeding an animal marijuana.”


CBD vs. THC: What’s the difference?

It’s clear that veterinarians need to be educated on the medicinal properties that cannabis and CBD can potentially provide to animals, but we need more research on the subject, too. While many dog owners attest that their furry friends’ conditions were improved with CBD treatment, anyone considering treating their pet with cannabinoids should do so under the guidance of a knowledgeable veterinarian who can make informed yet cautious recommendations that are both safe and beneficial to the pet. These types of medicines are still in their infancy and we have a lot more to learn about their efficacy and risks. However, it’s truly exciting to witness a frontier of therapeutic options possibly open up that can improve our beloved pets’ quality of life.


Your Dog, Cat, or Other Animal Ate High-THC Cannabis: What to Do

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  • Margarimo

    I would like to know more about how to procure some for my Pyrenese. He is having seizures regularly with Phenobarb dosage at a fairly high level now. Last night he had three, so we gave him a dose of Valium to settle him. We are hopeful that this might relieve the stress on his brain.

  • Sandy

    My daughters husky has seizures… an extreme. She is a wonderful dog and it’s breaking our hearts to see her go through this. She is on the strongest meds possible. I read your article and am wondering if you can help us.

  • Kelly Van Lieshout

    I have a cocker spaniel with seizures and the phenobar has horrible side effects, he is trashing my house trying to find anything to eat. I purchased Cani Bits the other day at our feed store and i am weaning him off the phenobarb and I am going to start using them. I have no idea if they will work or not but at this point I need to do something. I would like to know if anyone else has used this product and what they think.

  • CherrySoda

    I have a 12 lb seizure dog. She is a Rat Terrier named Mimi. She has cluster-seizures. So,every 6-8 wks,she will have anywhere between 9-15 seizures within 24 -36 hrs. The phenobarb has no effect really doesn’t help her. And the vets in Phx AZ refuse to give vaiium protocol…So last month, a friend of mine told me about CBD oil for seizure dogs. After some research,i want to start her on CBD oil.. But i have questions..
    1. What is the per lb dosage?
    2 She is currently on Phenobarb. Is this ok to blend with PB?
    3 Is this given during the seizure? everyday? what/when?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated 🙂
    PS Mimi has been a seizure dog since 10-2011.. She has been on phenobarb since then.

  • Hi everyone. My female 5 year old Rottweiler has been having seizures since my other dog passed away. They started a few months after his passing. I tried changing dog foods, tried treatibles cbd treats, charlottes web extract oil from CW BOTANICALS didn’t work. I had to put her phenobarbital. She still has seizures once a month or sometimes more. lately she is hungry all the time due to side effects from pheno.. I feed her Tuckers raw meat patties and raw treats. I want to try her on cbd oil . I keep hearing stories about how cbd is helping pets seizures and other issues.

    • Brad

      Hi Christine,

      Very sorry to hear about your dog’s health issues. Have you asked your doctor about the possibility of this type of treatment yet? I’m curious if it works because my neighbors dogs is experiences very similar health problems that you described. Let me know…..thanks

      • I started her on Canna Pet advanced cbs oil for dogs. Safe to use with her phenobarbital.I will keep everyone posted with updates. My vet knows that I am giving it to her as well.

  • Kelly Van Lieshout

    I have had to take my cocker cold turkey off the phenobarb, he has done such damage that my husband has said if he scratches or chews my kitchen cabinets he is gone. From what I read the CBD oil has no side effects, we shall see. in the last week my dog has somehow climbed the kitchen cabinet to eat 2 lbs of stew meat, a loaf of bread, and a bowl of another dogs food. He has trashed every garbage can as he cries and howls trying to get into them. Got in the feed barn and knocked over the dog food and cat food cans and ate until he was in a food coma. It is like he has gone crazy and it is horrible. He has been on the phenobarb for a year and it just keeps getting worse as time goes on.

    • Babs McDonald

      Chana had asked a question about the dosage of CBD oil or other cannabis product by pound. She also asked whether one can gradually wean the dog off of PB and other meds while giving the CBD oil. Has anyone done this? If so, what was your experience? Thanks very much! My seizure dog is an 11-pound, 12 year old chihuahua.

  • Kelly Van Lieshout

    I started my cocker on CBD oil biscuits 6 days ago when I took him off of his phenobarb abruptly, I figured within 48 hours he would start cluster seizures I started giving him 2 1mg biscuit 2x per day when I stopped his phenobarb. Within 48 hours all of his obsessive needing to eat all the time disappeared and he has not had a seizure. I was very skeptical as to if it would work or not, needless to say so far it has worked well.

    • Donna

      My Rusty is 8 yrs old and has been on medication for 6 years, ALMOST died 3 yrs ago because of liver failure & pancreases (Vets wanted to euthanize) I brought him home with a feeding tube and pureed carrot and a bit of ginger. 2 weeks later they called him a rock star. BUT I am very interested in cannabis and want to get him off of the meds. I’m in Washington. HOW do I go about finding this? Thanks if you have any info for me

    • Darcy Davis

      Hi Kelly, my dog has been on PB for two years now, I want to stop giving her the pills and I have Vet CBD drops for her. did you cut your dog off cold turkey? and how long was your dog taking the PB? Thanks

      • Kelly Van Lieshout

        Hi Darcy, yes I took him off cold turkey. He did not have any seizures for a month, yesterday he started having them. He had one in the morning before he had his biscuits and another one about 8 hours later so I am going to up the amount he takes. It looks like from CJ’s post I can give him quit a bit more. The biscuits I am using are only 1mg each and I am giving him two twice a day. I am going to look into the oil and drop it on a dog biscuit for him.

        • Tracey Weissman

          Hi Kelly – so it looks like it has been over a year since this posting. I’m interested to see how your cocker is doing now. I just bought a bottle of PET CBD. My dog, Milo has been on PB for about two years and would love to get him completely off of it. I will start dosing him 2 ml tonight of the PET CBD as he is 75 lbs and that is the dosage to give him on the PET CBD box. Let me know how it’s going and if you have had any more seizures at all?1 Thank you!

          • Kelly Van Lieshout

            Hi Tracy, My cocker unfortunately ended up having a brain legion and had to be put to sleep. The CBD oil did work but about every two months I was having to raise the dosage. It was effective but because of his condition it eventually stopped working.

    • Christina Creamer

      My pitbull has started having seizures this year. About 1 every 10 days and it’s while he is sleeping. How can I purchase CBD Oil biscuits? We do not want him medicated as he is only 4 and the side-effects to harsh.

  • Andrew Cornish

    Anyone have a recommendation about how much Cbd to give for a dog about 60lbs? I have 10 mg tablets and some oil spray

    • CJ Bredesen

      I am a wholesaler of American Shaman Cbd products in Dallas. Take a look at their website and pet products. My website is It works for humans as well as dogs. Peace, CJ….

    • Norma Jane West

      We have a 95 pound German Shepherd who has seizures. I purchased a bottle of the canabas oil but we do not know how to much to give her

      • Norma Jane West

        We also don’t know how to administer it

        • Lisa Vaught

          I bought CBD oil yesterday from Hemp LIfe Today in the 500mg strength. I called and was told to give my 37 pound English Setter 1 drop twice a day for seizures. If that doesn’t help to reduce the frequency, he said to go to 2 drops twice a day. Mine comes with a dropper so it should be easy to administer. Abby is on Phenobarbitol, Kbr, Gabapentin, Primidone and I’m adding Kepra tomorrow after she had 7 seizures in a 30 hour period on Monday and Tuesday. She’ll turn 7 in August and has had grand mals starting at 17 months. Right now, she usually has 2 to 4 seizures every 9-14 days. This week was the most she’s ever had in such a short amount of time. I hope this works and I can start cutting down on the prescription meds.

          • Hi Lisa any luck with CBD oil you tried?

          • Lisa Vaught

            I can’t really say since I added Kepra and Kbr at the same time as I added CBD. She lasted 33 days which was great and this last time she lasted 28. I upped the Cbd dose to 2-3 drops 3 times a day and we’ll see what this next month brings. Usually, with new meds, she starts out good and the days in between seizures will start diminishing each month. Hoping that won’t happen but we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks so much for asking!

          • Glad to hear your dog is improving. My vet wants to put mine on kepra to. I told him I want to try the oil he was ok with it. I noticed her body temp was really hot during her granmal seizures and she maybe is in heat. Never had her fixed because my husband wanted to breed ours. We lost ours and my dog started having her seizures a few months later. She was fed commercial dog food. I tried everything. Read that rosemary and sage are triggers. They were in her food and treats. I fed her raw meat patties and raw treats. I think she is missing something in her diet. Going to look into supplements or something. It’s crazy how so many pets are having seizures. Good thing I work from home so I can watch her. Well I hope yours gets better. I will keep posting updates. Maybe I need to up the dose. Everything is trial and error. BEST OF LUCK!

          • GrimyVille

            My dog has recently started having seizures. It started out with just 1 in a day it happened twice and then then vet started him on medication. He just started to get used to the meds and today he just had 3 seizures. If anything works for your pup, please let me no. I’m desperate.. Thank you.

          • Lisa Vaught

            With the 5 meds and the CBD oil, I can only get Abby to 28 days without a seizure. When she does have one, she only has one versus cluster seizures. I think this is as good as we’re going to get. I have increased the CBD oil to 2-3 drops 3 times a day but there hasn’t been any improvement beyond 28 days. Right now, she ranges between 24 and 28 days. I’m grateful they are not cluster seizures every 9 to 14 days. I ran out of Gabapentin for a day and just missing that one day caused her to have a seizure. I now know that I can’t take her off of Gabapentin. Personally, I would start off on Phenobarbitol and Kepra together. The cost is fairly affordable. If that doesn’t work, add another med until you have better control. I know it’s very hard on you to watch your fur baby have a seizure. I used to stay calm during the seizure, talk to Abby, and pet her. After the seizure, I would break down crying. I do much better now and accept that this is life. I have had blood work up done, changed/added meds, testing, etc. I’ve done research, found what works for some doesn’t work for others, and feel comfortable that this is just the way she is.

        • Dan Hess

          Start with a very small dose check for improvements use eye dropper

      • Norma Jane West

        Our Lucy has started having one seizure after another. She fell down a flight of steps this morning. I am not sure how much oil we can give her and do we give it while she is having the seizure ?

  • Debra

    Can anyone advise me on how to administer an oil or butter to an 11 lb. cat who has seizures? He’s already had 5 seizures in the past 5 months and the vet doesn’t have enough info on diagnosis or treatment for seizures in cats?

    • Sycamore

      Hey ! sorry for being so late ! i would start with 100mg of pure cannabis oil (maybe skip the butter) and mix with dry or wet food ! Make sure he or she gets all of it in one meal. or you can hold your cat and administer with a food syringe( warm oil carefully if needed) too high temperatures can alter the medicine

      • Lisa Vaught

        100mg is too much. My 37 pound pup is supposed to get 1 drop twice a day of 500mg oil.

  • Donna

    Can someone advise me on where to find cannabis oil or biscuits? my rusty needs to get off of phenobarbital and potassium bromide. He has suffer grand mall seizures almost died… LONG story, but he is still here and my happy boy. Thanks, Donna

    • disqus_WAau7KsaNg
    • j Hoy

      Cannapet also has CBD in oil or capsule form and they are very helpful. Only issue is consistency in the product. My dog has horrible seizures, he is a Great Dane. We have done the scans and bloodwork and 3 veterinarians (regular vet, an internal medicine specialist and a holistic vet), plus three different types of seizure meds, some twice a day and one three times a day and liquid diazepam for when the seizure happens. The diazepam is supposed to stop the seizure but does not always work . We cook him a special diet, no kibble, this is from our holistic vet and he receives Chinese herbs as well. We have also done acupuncture. Still pretty much every 10 days he seizes and sometimes 3 seizures in a row. If he goes longer than 10 days, although a miracle, when the seizures hit, they hit hard. Usually 3 in a row and then the next day too, usually one. We are going to add CBD capsules as there isn’t anywhere else to go with treatment. Between seizures he is fine and loves life. Veterinarians will not discuss CBD, I was told legally they cannot and I live in WA State where we legalized it. We love our dog with all our hearts and pray daily for him. It is heartbreaking when you have done all you can and nothing works. CBD is our last choice. I hope it works as I have heard many success stories with children and pets. Best of luck to you Donna and your pet and I hope you find the answer in CBD. One last thing, Cannapet said it does not interfere with pharmaceutical meds.

      • Hi any luck using CBD capsules? My dog has seizures. She usually has 1 every month. Now she is getting them like every 7-15 days. She is phenobarbital. I want to try cannabis oil. not sure what company to trust.

        • Laura McLean

          This company has the best , bioavailable hemp paste that includes all parts of the plant and has the same for pets.
          The only source of the most healing kind. Check it out:

        • Angee Enuff

          Same problem with my guys. I would highly recommend the hemp oil that can be ordered off of the internet. Believe me I have done my research on it

          • I tried cbd oil from cann-pet only helped her anxiety. She still had seizures. I had to add her on ZONISAMIDE
            She takes that with her phenobarbital 2x a day.So far almost 30 days seizure free.She is also fed a raw diet.

      • SolmS

        Go to pet store .. Or order on line . Not hard to find here in WA.. The drug store drugs are all miserable – only one without great side effects is Gabapentin . Finding Librium seem to help a bit – getting a script difficult if not impossible.i All the meds are so much less if purchased from any drug store than the Vets . As much as $98.00 down to $10.00 . There are great coupons for all of them . Don’t be afraid to talk price with druggist .Your Vet will call them in or give you a script .

      • GrimyVille

        Just wondering if it helped out or if you have any new advice. Hope all is well

        • j Hoy

          Yes, CBD does work, but you have to find the right level. I now use Canna Companion based in WA state. They are helpful, you get a veterinary consult for free via phone and we are working on dosages, start small and working up. It has brought his seizures from 3 at a time down to 2 and now we just need to find the right level as I mentioned. Now for the oil, also from Canna Companion USA, during a seizure we use .03 of a mil in a dropper and apply it to his gums, will be titraiting up, it will stop the seizure as the diazepam is starting to become ineffective and I have used both together. He has one of the worse seizure disorders our compilation of 4 vets have ever seen. If you use Canna Companion USA and request a vet consultation, make sure you have all your information ready to send in the request form first, types of seizures, frequency, duration of the seizures (how long they last and are they in clusters), meds and their amounts and how many times a day given etc. Then have on hand when your appointment is set by phone. Consistency in the product is the key and once you start you cannot skip a dosage.

          • Tricia

            Thank you for this info I will be contacting them.

        • Dennis Long

          I started giving my dog Toto CBD oil for his seizures because he was having bad side effects from the phenobarbital. His legs would give out and he would fall a lot and have tremors. He hasn’t had any seizures and the tremors went away and his legs don’t give out any more. I use the cbd oil spray that that I bought at a dispensary. I think this stuff is working great. I only give him one spray a day in the morning. He is a small dog. I tried 2 sprays at first and he slept most of the day away.

          • Angee Enuff

            I am very glad to hear that. My girl who was almost 17 had a horrific seizure and I thought that we almost lost her. I am going against the Vets orders with the medication that she has prescribed. Believe me I have done my research on the hemp oil and the CBD oil I would highly recommend it. My two dogs are my life

      • Tricia

        Hi J hoy! I am saddened by your story. I have a Epi dog but mine is not having as many as yours. He is only three though. I have never put him on tradition meds. We are controlling it herbs and acupuncture for now. I am looking into adding CBD. But I just wanted to ask if you knew about this website?

        They have a lot of great advice. ( like ice packs on the back during, ice cream after to reduce post period, foods and herbs to avoid (sage, rosemary ,etc), snack before bed if he is a night time seizer. Just wAnted to know there are some great helpers out there that have been dealing with this for a long time. Also if you get him to a raw diet with no kibble that might help as well. Goodly luck!

      • Suzanne

        Hi Donna,

        Might I ask how your Great Dane doing on the CBD and the special diet? We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback (5yrs) who started having seizures late last year. He is on Zonisamide and Levetiracetam – each 6 pills a day. He has not has a seizure for 4+ months now, but we are really worried about what these meds might be doing to his body. In the last month his body stopped producing red blood cells, he is anemic and has lost about 16lbs. We are researching options and are curious about cannabinoid therapy. Thank you and hope your boy is thriving. ~ Suzanne

      • Willie Betmoore

        I know your post was from 7 months ago, but my Rottie is literally exactly as you described about your Great Dane; almost every 10 days exactly (I document every seizure), and clusters of 2-3. Im not telling anybody here anything they already do not know, but its horrible to watch. Hes only a year and a half, and wants to do nothing but play all day. Just a really great dog, and I feel so gut wrenchingly bad for him..Im willing to try anything to help him, so im going to do my homework on this CBD route..

        • Peggy

          Watch the video on YouTube where the guy gives his dog 2 sprays of CBD oil, company is……

          • Sue Ryze

            This was great advice.

      • Jan

        It’s not that veterinarians won’t discuss CBD, they can’t. They are licensed by the DEA which is a federal agency and no matter how legal marijuana in any form may be in a particular state, it’s still federally illegal and they could lose their licenses.

      • Diane Troisi

        I buy cbd from canna pet and my dog, who had cluster seizures meaning they won’t stop until he got IV valium, stopped. I give him the capsules twice daily and he has been seizure free for 1 and 1/2 years

    • Vic

      They haven’t yet finished their process but a new company called will be offering tincture that you could use with your pet.

    • Hi Donna. I’m sorry that Rusty has had to live with such a terrible condition. Nobody wants to watch an animal suffer. It’s such a helpless feeling. Contact for more information about dog biscuits. Good luck finding a CBD product that will help Rusty.

      • Briana

        I found a really great company! All of their products are reasonably priced and are the best I have used. Check out

    • Renae Grant

      I’m just looking at this forum only because I saw a report on the news for CBD in humans..however Donna it appears it’s to early to tell how well it will work with our pups..I am hopeful though..I also wanted to share that my schnauzer is on Zonisamide which is a newer drug without the side effects of Phenobarb and Potassium Bromide..I hope this is helpful.

      • SolmS

        My dog on Zonisamide is a dog who can’t walk eat or play..It isn’t good for all dogs .It is aweful for some .And my dog still seized on it ..Great it worked for yours ..

      • violetmoon

        We have been using CBD treats for a year and a half on our min pin. They are working very well. Our dog still seized every 6 weeks on the Phenobarb. We took one pill away in Feb of this year and she had one seizure after 8 weeks and no more. Her seizures lasted for up to 4 hours. The first one after 14 weeks lasted 15 min as my daughter put a half a dropper of the oil in her mouth. The same after we took a pill away in 8 weeks and again 15 min. No more since then. 2 in 18 months is fantastic to us. We are going to wait a few months and try to remove that last pill. We know we can use the oil in a dropper if needed.

    • Angela I am starting my dog who has seizures on this product. I have researched it for a long time and this is a pure company. I hope this helps your dogs and all of ours suffering!

      • Michael Wright

        Is it made in USA? There is a post on the main page that says no more international orders? Also, their website is super sketchy and has spyware built in?

        • Angela

          Hmmm Michael it says the UK and I am in the US and have done two orders within the last two months. It has not helped my dog for his symptoms. It came highly recommended but I think he may need some with THC. I don’t know about the spyware I’m sorry. This company came highly recommended from two of the main holistic doctors I follow. They have been quickly responsive and they call you right back and answered a ton of questions. Good luck if you find something that works please post.

    • GrimyVille

      Out of all of the replys did anything work or help. If so please let me no. I will be trying something once I research a little more. If i find anything out i will let you know. I hope all is good.

    • Brandi Hanlon

      Hello Donna! Did this work for your dog? Mine is on the phenobarbital too and she just stumbles around in a haze. It no way to live life.

    • Domonique Dorantes
    • garrya

      Did you treat your dog with cannabis? Did the seizures stop?

  • Darcy Davis

    can I mix cbd drops while my pooch is on 60mg of phenobarb?

    • Lisa Vaught

      Yes, my Abby is on Phenobarbitol, Kbr, Gabapentin, Primidone and I’m adding Kepra tomorrow. I have ordered CBD oil also. I was told by the vet and also the company I ordered if from that CBD oil will not interfere with prescription meds.

  • idlewild

    Can anyone provide any scientifically validated (peer reviewed papers, clinical studies, facts/data) on the use of CBD oil for idiopathic epilepsy?

    • Matt

      the only clinical studies on cbd are the effects of cbd on human epilepsy, particularly Dravets and LGS. All or nearly all of the evidence for efficacy in dogs are anecdotal. However considering humans and dogs (and most mammals) share nearly identical endocanabinoid systems and functions in the brain it’s likely that the treatments should work based on the statistically significant improvements cbd treatment on juvenile epilepsy has shown. My personal vet had a colleague leave their animal hospital to go research cbd full time, so I believe the peer reviewed cbd efficacy on our pets is sure to be published in the near future. If your dog has severe/life threatening seizures don’t expect cbd to “cure” your dogs epilepsy and they’ll probably still require anti-convulsants and regular blood work. As far as anecdotal evidence for efficacy I have a friend whose whippet is severely epileptic and has frequent cluster seizures she’s on a high dose of phenobarbital, since starting cbd in addition to her regular medication her overall seizure frequency has decreased allowing her to maintain the current medication level (she was approaching having to be moved to Keppra because she is near max dose of phenobarbital). My vet also has a 50lb lab mix with ideopathic epilepsy that is being treated with cbd that she has confirmed to me has shown a decrease in his seizures frequency and intensity. For this reason, before starting my beagle on Zonisimide for his 1/month seizure, I’m trying out cbd. Here’s a link to the brief from mayo clinic on it’s research: there are other articles/journals behind pay-walls that will give you a more scientific analysis if you search for them. Best of luck.

    • Karen Fasolka

      That pic is priceless. LOL

  • Jon Stieve

    My boy seamus is 6.5 and has had seiziours since july. He only had 1 every month or so but in october started having clusters. The only way i can get them to stop when they start (every 11-16 days) is the er vet for a shot of pheno. Hes on 2 meds a day and taking 5 pills every 12 hours. I had him on cbd that i got from a pet store but found out it wasnt really cbd and mass produced in china. At least thats what i was told. At this point i want him off all the meds and on oil. The seiziours are grand mal and without the pheno shot wont stop for days. He recovers between them but they happen every cpl hours. Anyone out there have any suggestions about what i could give him?

    • PZ

      I have a girl miniature dachshund (Bella) who started having seizures 3 years ago. She’s 8.5 years old now. My husband and I are holistic so we wanted to do as much holistic as we could and ended up putting her on a low dose of pheno to control the seizures. It’s been working where maybe 1 seizure a month or 1 every other month. Just recently she started having them two times a day so the vet increased her pheno. I’m trying the hemp oil now as I have heard good things with hopes of reducing the pheno dosage. The reason I am posting is because one of the things we do morning and night on all 4 paws (in-between toes and inside of large pad) is rub essential oils on Bella. We use Frankincense, Valor, (now Valor 2 since they are out of stock on the original) and peace and calming. These are all Young Living Essential Oils. Equal drops in a small bottle so we shake it each time put on our fingers and rub on each paw. When she has a seizure we grab the bottle and place it by her nose so she’s breathing it and it lessens the intensity and length of the seizures. I thought this might help you too. She is also on a completely raw diet. We buy the frozen raw food (Instinct) at the feed store or the pet store. It’s also made a big difference too.


    Wish I had known about this two years ago. Such a simple thing and I would still have my dog with me.

  • Philip Blair

    I’m a family practitioner MD. As I see it, pets are just part of the family. Several pet owners have asked for assistance with their “family members” including kangaroos who suffer from anxiety with fireworks. Almost every pet has responded to cannabidiol that seems to bring out the best personalities in their pets as well as controlling several different kinds of conditions, just like people. Withdrawal from addictive and dependent medication like phenobarb has not been a problem for either species.

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    Follow this link for more Natural Home Remedies for Dog Allergies:


  • Adriana

    My boxer-mix Jake has been suffering from seizures once a month always around the same time of the month since I adopted him six years ago and maybe before. He has been taking PB twice a day for the last 6 years. The seizures starting getting worse about a year ago, the last one before I started him on Hemp Oil lasted about 1.5 hours with little time in between recoup. I was so devastated that I told the vet that I was considering to put him to sleep (that bad). A friend of mine suggested the CBD oil, I did as much as research as I could find (not much), called the vet and he gave me the green light …The next seizure I gave him 1/2 a dropper of Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus Hemp Supplement, stopped the seizure within seconds (panting/threading water/salivating), 5 minutes later Jake was alert and roaming the house (that did not stop) but he was not hitting walls or chewing cords, he was wagging his tail like nothing happened. It has been 3 months since I started and instead of getting 1hour grand-Mal , he gets 2 seizures within hours of each other (still once a month) always with the same result – Note: I only give him the oil while he’s having the seizure. I will not discontinue using PB, he had his blood work done two weeks ago and his levels are healthy. So far I have not tried other products, I am still researching. Hope this helps.

    • Meghan Mullally

      This is what I’m wanting to do! But not sure where to start. My girl has seizures once a month as well. Very cyclical and always clusters about 3-4 in 24 hours. Shes on Pb which for now I’m okay with as I get her levels checked but would like something to lessen the seizure as its happening.
      Have you seen legitimate results each time the seizures occur?

  • Lisa Vaught

    If you’re wondering where to get CBD oil, try
    They are out of Colorado and their customer service is the best. I called and left a message regarding dosage for a 37 pound English Setter and they called me back the next morning. By the way, they suggested starting off with 1 drop twice a day using the 500mg strength. If the seizures do not improve, I can increase the dosage to 2 drops twice a day and so on. Abby is also on Phenobarbitol, Kbr, Gabapentin, Primidone and I’m adding Kepra tomorrow due to her having 7 seizures (the worst yet) in 2 days. The vet and also Hemp Life said the oil will not interfere with any of the drugs she’s on. You can also not overdose a dog on CBD oil. My hope is to get her off all the prescription drugs.

    • Tricia

      So sorry to hear that I hope she is getting better!


    Our Jack Russell is 14 is having frequent seizures someone recommended CDB oil. We need to know dosage for treatment. If you know approximately how much for a 22lb dog we should give him. Please comment. We need help not ready to lose this family member. Thank you

  • Jen Farrer

    Has anyone successfully gotten their pup off of Phenobarb and strictly on CBD? My pup has a very mild case of epilepsy but takes phenobarbital 2x a day and I don’t like all of the side effects that it could have. She has maybe one seizure every 3-4 months.

    • Kipawa Harder

      Any of these drugs like Phenobarbital need to cleared out of the body through a weaning off process.

  • Nancy Kolosso

    Did any of you give your dogs a flea and tick prevention before they got the seizures? One of the terrible side effects from the spot ons, the collars and the ones you give to them by mouth are seizures if they live. Seizures are terrible to see in a pet. If I live to be 100 I will never forget them. Not knowing when and if they will have another one is almost worse. PLEASE if you haven’t given your pet flea and tick preventatives, don’t do so now. If you are now, take them off of them and use only natural products.

  • Jimmy Locke

    My mix breed rescue dog has epilepsy, specifically cluster seizures every 2-3 weeks since day one. He weighs 7lbs. I recommend Charlotte’s Web CBD oil manufactured in Boulder, CO, the original you’ve seen used on numerous YouTube videos to stop seizures in humans. It is legal and available over the counter in all states, to my knowledge, we live in NC. CW comes in a 200mg/oz formulation for $39.95. I bought the mint chocolate flavored version and my dog willing allows me to give him his “scooby meds.” Following the dosing guidelines provided by Hawthorne Veterinary, website is my 7lb Buddy receives .25ml or in this case 10 drops of oil, twice a day. He has been seizure free for over 3 months now. I initially tried CBD treats from Cannapet with zero positive results, his seizures continued unabated. CW should be available in your local health food stores and head shops. Give it a try, it really does work, at least it does for us. Buddy enjoys his day, has a great appetite, and sleeps like, well, a dog should.

    • Christina Holt

      Hi Jimmy, I just purchased the Everyday (Olive Oil) 30 ML from CW Hemp – I went back on their website and can’t find a 200 mg size – are you sure it’s not 100 mg? Also, did you buy the Paws product or are you using the Everday CBD oil? I called CW Hemp to get proper dosing for this product since it’s not their “Paws” product, and was told .5ml twice per day which would equal half a dropperful twice per day (6-7 mg total) – is that what you’re administering? My dog is also 7 lbs. Thanks for any info you have and so glad Buddy is benefiting from this!

      • Jimmy Locke

        That was a typo on my part. I don’t know which formulation you bought but I bought the 10mg/ml strength, which is 300 mg/oz. The upper oral dose limit for CBD products recommended by veterinarian Dr. Robert Silver at Hawthorne Veterinary is around 1 mg/kg/day orally, but one should start with a much smaller fraction of this dose such as 0.05 mg/kg/day. 7lb dog weighs 3.18kg = 3.18mg/day; from 10mg/ml formula that’s .318ml/day or .159ml/dose. Everyone squeezes a dropper differently and the bottle label will tell you a full dropper is an average of .5ml. I like accuracy in giving meds so I used a syringe to put .2ml of olive oil in a spoon and I drew it up into the dropper that comes with the CBD to see how much it fills the dropper, and that is my standard dose for my dog. It’s very non-toxic so I don’t worry about him perhaps getting a little extra as opposed to him not getting enough. Hope this helps, sorry for the typo.

    • Briana

      I found a site that has a 500mg Tincture for only $50

      Hope this helps!

    • Tricia

      Thank you for that info I will look into that brand… but is it real chocolate? Chocolate is a no no for dogs just curious. But I will look into this company thank you!

    • Kunou

      Hi, Mr. Locke. Your advice seems to make more sense than what I’ve been researching all morning. Could you help me understand you better? You say you have a 7 pound dog, so you’re doing 10 drops from the bottle you got — twice a day. Your post is a year old now, so I was wondering if all is still well and good with your rescue dog with this product? I’m interested in the olive oil flavor version.

      I have a mixed breed chihuahua, female. She’s been having what I think is epileptic seizures inherited by her father. It used to happen rarely, but after last year’s vaccine on October, she’s been having them twice a month. But now, since 1 or 2 months ago, it’s becoming more frequent. Like every week now. She’s 5 pounds, I think. I used a human weight scale. How many drops would you recommend to start with? You provided the formula but it’s very confusing to me, I’ll have to admit.

      Very much appreciated if you can answer!

      • Jimmy Locke

        Well I’m not a vet, and if my dog lost 2 pounds I would take him to one. However, if you follow the Hawthorne formula you should get some results. I don’t count drops anymore since we’ve been doing this so long I can draw oil into the dropper about 3/4″ and it’s a perfect dose. A more recent article can be found here , but it is a product company and they will promote their line but the scientific data is informative. I’m a little alarmed that the seizure increased after a vaccine? Another reason to perhaps have a conversation with your vet. Personally, my dog lives in doors with one other dog so we do not give annual shots just to avoid side effects. Both dogs are healthy and happy.

        • Kunou

          Thanks a lot for replying! Great article. I’m very positive my girl is suffering from idiopathic epilepsy, so I don’t want to take her to the vet just so they can prescribe her costly meds that will either make things worse or replace her attacks with liver problems and whatnot. I’m really hoping the hemp seed oil works for her!

          My dog is also indoors and only goes out to do her business. I’ll take her once more for her anunual vaccination, and if that makes things worse, then no more shots for her. I’m very glad to hear your dogs are still doing great! That gives me more hope!

          • Cindy Zabawa

            My vet wants $200 every 6 months for tests to see if the Pheno is affecting his liver, that plus $50 a month for prescriptions and the knowledge that it is affecting his liver is not a good option for me! He has been seizure free on pheno for three years so I am going to try the Charlotte’s Web and see if it helps!

          • Kunou

            Hi, I’m barely reading your reply. 6 months old now. I’ve bought my 3rd bottle from CW now. The seizures come and go but I am very positive now that the yearly vaccines are the root of the problem. She had been seizure free for 2.5 months until I took her to the vet. She gets her attacks 3 times a week now. I’m increasing her CBD drops, see how it goes.

  • dmob

    i have 1000mg CBD in 100%VG and i wanted to know if i could give this to my 5 pound dog who is 17m and is on seizure meds(not sure of the name but its a liquid) and i wanted to know how much can i give him? The meds are starting to not work anymore.

  • Petra van Deventer

    Can I get this in BC?

    • Gilda Good

      We got cbd oil for pets as wells as dog cookies with cbd oil at the marijuana dispensary in Victoria. Needed a note from the vet. My dog has a petit mal seizure about every 6 weeks. No other meds. I need advice on how much to give my dog and how often. Any suggestions?r

      • Gilda-dosing depends on the size of your dog and how much they weigh. You want to start out slow and gradually increase the amount every few days until you reach the “normal” amount of CBD for your dogs weight. Continue with that dose unless he has another seizure then increase the daily dose a little more. May I ask? Do the biscuits or oil have THC? It may be easier to talk at . Send me a message. Or, I have a “CBD for our pets” page on FB. I hope it works to stop your dogs suffering.

    • Laura McLean

      I believe you can here: Click on SHOP. It is the best, much research available.

  • Stephen Watson

    How can I legally import these products into Australia for my 10 yo Staffy, who only just started having seizures 6 weeks ago. The vet has prescribed Pb and valium to counteract the restlessness, but going from my personal experience both these products suck with long term use.Any advise would be welcomed.

  • UPDATE ON MY 6 YEAR OLD FEMALE ROTTWEILER! I decided to give Canna-Pet advanced cbd oil a try. 12 days on with phenobarbital she had 4 seizures. I have been giving her 4 drops every 7hrs it takes 45mins to work. Not sure if I should stop giving it to her or take her off phenobarbital. I think pheno is giving her a bad side effect. She constantly licks her mouth when she gets stressed or excited. I messaged Canna Pet to let them know what is going on. The Company hasn’t responded back yet.I wonder if their testimonials are a bunch of lies.

    • japatrick76

      Do the oil by itself. If they both treat the same thing they could be interacting. If your going to find out if the oil is working you may need to take her of the meds for a bit. Monitor her with your vet

      • I know i was thinking the same. I just increased her dosage. I am going to see what happens.

  • Michelle Speer

    I am interested in trying instead of putting my dog on medication with a ton of side effects. He is a 10.5 yr old boxer who has issues with incontinence that apple cider vinegar does help. Would this stuff make that worse? I live in Missouri so am I able to get this?

  • Laura McLean

    Hi Donna, This company has the only pure hemp paste that includes the whole plant , unaltered. It has so many medical benefits and can be dosed by their weight. Check out:

  • Brooks Brunner

    Does anyone know about dosage? I have a 15 year old Bichon that weighs 13 pounds.

    • Happy and Healthy

      Have you found the dosage for your Bichon? What mg does your CBD Hemp Oil have?
      This site has the following dosage for 300 mg
      SERVING SIZE: (mL measure is on dropper)
      1 to 24lb. Dog = .25mL

    • Kay Kimberly

      0.25-0.50mg per kilogram in weight for your baby to start off with, then increase the dosage until you find that “sweet spot” that will be different for every animal (:

  • Adam Stein

    I jsut want to know if CBD will help my dog if he has a cough?????? My pitbull lately has a little bit of a cough and his bark and growl sounds way off and muffled and strained. The vet I took him to was scared to examine him because he growled.Stupid vet wanted to use anesthesia just to examine my boy. I think its kennel cough . He has had kennel cougfh before and I used left over meds with initial positive results but I only had a little left over from the last time he had kennel cough. I have CBD oil for dogs here thiough.

    • Sharon seney

      I use a good organic honey. Look up honey and kennel cough. I read if you do nothing it will go away anyway.

  • Sofia De La Rosa

    Someone help ! I already give my dog 100 mg of CBD oil and it’s just not doing the job anymore ! 🙁 the phenobarbital is winning over the CBD and my duschaund need something stronger like THC oil and I want to slowly take him off this horrible drug that’s slowly killing him ! I am ready to start making my own THC coconut oil that he can orally take ! I just need to know how many mg I think is just right ! I want to give him the perfect amount that won’t over dose him ! But just like any other medicine you need to have the right mg to not Od !
    Please I need help ! I’m tired of seeing my baby like this 🙁

    • Angie

      Have you tried Keppra? It is way safer than phenobarb. Talk to your vet about it. Phenobarb is cheap but its not always the way to go.

    • Tricia

      Have you tried raw diet ( does a prepackaged raw meal based on their weight and ship every two weeks or monthly) (no grains, no rosemary, no sage (seizure triggers).
      acupuncture and herbs are very helpful. also stop flea and tick meds if you can. Ask your vet about using heartguard every 6 weeks instead of monthly ( these things are triggers for my dog)

      Here is a great website that has lots of good info for what to do during a seizure. (Ice pack on his back) things to do to lessen the post itical period

      Good luck

  • GrimyVille

    So my dog/my everything is about 9 and 1/2 years old, and just started to have seizures. He had 2 in 3 days then the vet put him on phenobarbital. It’s been about 3 weeks and for the past 5 – 7 days he has been getting used to the side effects. My whole family was relieved them yesterday he had 2 small 5 – 10 second seizures were only his mouth flickered. Now today he has had 3 seizures the first 2 not very long but the 3rd pretty bad and scary. Anybody with any knowledge please help. We will be going to the vet but i fear wen i mention cbd the vet will put up a brick wall or not know anything at all. Please if anything has worked for your pet or a story you know or any info at all please help.

    • Angie

      Older dogs who get seizures might have a brain tumor. I would ask your vet to do a scan to be sure. A young dog that gets seizures most likely has epilepsy. Like my dog. She has 1 seizure a month and they started a year ago. Phenobarb can have bad side effects. I took my dog off of the phenobarb and put her on keppra. Its about $50 a bottle but it is safer than phenobarb. Try a different vet or call around and ask different vets their opinions. You might get one who knows more about CBD oil. My vet gave my dog a prescription to xanax. Which did nothing but make her sleep too deep and it scared me so I took her off of them. CBD seems like a safer way to go. I just watched a video of a dog with the shakes and the owner gave him 2 sprays of cbd and he stopped shaking. If this is true and it works it will be a life saver to a lot of dogs/cats and owners. link.

      • Hi Angie how is your doing on the keppra? I have my dog on Pheno and this other seizure medication ZONISAMIDE
        so far she is almost 1 month seizure free. The pheno alone she was still having them

        • Angie

          Well in August she had 2 seizures back to back and we had to put her on phenobarbital. She then went 2 months without one. So the phenobarbital and Keppra mix is working better. I am now reducing her Keppra to see if the phenobarbital will work on its own. If not I’ll have to put her back on Keppra. The Keppra alone wasn’t helping and I feel bad that I didn’t put her on phenobarbital sooner. Even though it has more side effects. It might take both to work but if it works then that’s great. I was looking into zonisamide before Keppra but my vet recommended potassium bromide which I passed on. Too many bile and blood work tests for me to afford.

          • My husband and I didn’t put her on Rx meds for a year. We wanted to try natural.That didn’t work. We elimated commercial dog food and treats. I read some herbs trigger seizures which were in her dog food and treats. Now we feed her a raw diet. Pheno had some side effects in the first month.She is fine.She is very active same with Zonisamide. All dogs are different.

    • Hi my dog is a female Rottweiler now 85lbs she started getting seizures after my other dog passed. She is on phenobarbital
      and now ZONISAMIDE another seizure medication. So far almost 1 month seizure free. She would have 2 or 4 day every 7 to 15 days
      I put ice packs on top of her head and one of the bottom lower back to shorten them. After I give some organic coconut oil and a raw chop meat . I feed my dog raw diet now. I did try cbd oil from canna-pet only helped with her anxiety she still had seizures.
      I told my vet I was giving it to her. He was cool about it. I feel your pain. It sucks.

  • GrimyVille

    Were can i find wat percepercentage of CBD to get/use (how potent), and how much to give and how often to give.. My dog is about 9 and a 1/2 years old and weighs between 125 to 145 lbs. About 3-4 weeks ago he weighed 134, but since the vet prescribed him a pharma med he has been drinking and eating like crazy. I don’t mind getting people’s opinions but please state if it is just an opinion or a fact or something learned from experience. I would like links to study’s and actual companies that specifically mention how to, how much, and when. Specifically considering weight and the fact that it’s for a dog, I also wouldn’t mind seeing recommendations for humans. It’s 2017 what’s right is right if it works we should master it. It is ridiculous that this isn’t MAIN stream yet and accepted by all or at least people in all medical fields. Anyway I’m getting carried away, if anybody has any info please get back to me. Thanks to all.

    • Hi there! I couldn’t agree more with your post. I wish more doctors and vets were more versed in the benefits associated with CBD. A majority of them seem to be afraid of it. Anyway, about your dog… He’s a big boy. There is no hard and fast rule about dosages when talking about CBD. Every person and animal is different, with different ailments. You should start slow (1 to 2 mg of CBD) and increase the dose every 2 to 3 days. Keep notes on how much you are giving him and if you notice any differences. Again, this is not a rule or recommended dose but you may get up to 16 mg or more of CBD per day. I spoke with a lady that was giving her cat 35 mg of CBD everyday. It’s not something that I would recommend but she did it and the cat was fine. There are a couple of groups on Facebook that may be useful to you: CBD for our pets and CBD Oil Awareness Group. You can find a large variety of great products for you dog and yourself at: https://qualityplusessentia… I wish you the best! I hope your dog gets better soon!

    • Patricia Edwards

      If you live in California you can get Vetcbd from a dispensary. It is non psychoactive, but has a trace amount of thc. It’s made for animals. Dosage is posted on packaging. I ve been using it for my dog with seizures since June she has had a couple of seizures on the cbd so I need to adjust the dosage. If you search cbd dosing for dogs there is a lot of information.
      Vet cbd has a web site with a lot of testimonials and information. Good luck!

  • Dario Simoncelli

    I did some researches before I bought CBD Oil for my dog Spy, so now I’m ordering from and it works for Spy, he loves teaste too..

    • Tricia

      Thank you I’ll look into them!

  • Chunkdog1

    I have a bulldog who suffers from cluster seizures.

    Years ago, when he started with them, I took him to a Veterinary Neurologist to get the opinion of a specialist.

    He prescribed Potassium Bromide, once a day.

    He also prescribed Pheno-barbital suppositories, for those occasions when he would have a seizure. The problem is, it’s not easy giving a dog with a “cinnamon bun” tail a suppository.
    Its not exactly a direct route in, and there are a lot of dead ends hidden under that curly tail.

    With the Pottasium Bromide he went from an average of 2 or 3 seizures, in a row, almost every day, to having one single seizure, twice a year.

    I noticed early on, his seizures were also connected to a lack of sleep. After reading about humans, with the same sleep/seizure connection, I started him on daily doses of melatonin, to help him sleep, increasing his dosage when he starts to show signs of an impending seizure.

    I absolutely have no doubt the Melatonin has been a factor in keeping his seizures away.

    As he got older, I decided to forgo the phenobarbital, after the initial seizure and and instead try weed, added to Ice Cream.
    It absolutely worked, stopping the cluster , but it really left him out of it.

    So, i decided to try CBD oil.

    The problem is, its hard to tell exactly what you are getting, and there is a huge price variation.

    After a lot of research I decided to use a cbd terposolate and mix my own oil.
    I ordered the terpsolate online, from CBDistillery, which was recommended to me by a friend.
    Along with knowing exactly what and how much he is getting, it is also a lot less expensive than CBD oil of equal quality.

    It is a slab, of 99% pure cbd, extracted from the entire plant, not just the seeds.

    I add 1 gram of terpsolate to 5 ounces of cooking oil, and give my 50-60 pound dog approx 4 drops of the oil once a day, or if he starts to show signs of an oncoming seizure.

    So far, so good, and he doesn’t get that coma effect, that he did with regular weed..
    * Full Disclosure….I have no connections, whatsoever to this company. Just my experience as a fairly new customer.*
    Hope this helps.

    • Marcia Sawkins

      Hi Chunkdog1,
      Your post is very interesting to me as i have a 2 year old Pug that has a lot of seizures too,like an average of almost 1 a day, sometimes she can go a day or 2 without any then she may have 2 or 3 over a few hour period! BUT when she first started having the seizures, which was only 4 months ago,she started with having ‘ cluster seizures ‘ she had around 20 in around 2 hours on one occasion!
      Our vet sent her to a neurologist for MRI and Spinal Tap and she’s been diagnosed with Meningitis ( of unknown origin,not the steriod responsive type! )
      So i am wondering what your bulldog was diagnosed with? And also we wasn’t prescribed the Potassium Bromide,my dog is on Prednisolone and Phenoleptil X2 twice a day! She was having monthly chemo but we’ve decided to stop that!
      I have CBD oil on order and can’t wait to receive it and fingers crossed for an improvement!

  • CR

    Hemp oil is a legal alternative in the US until Cannabis is fully legal.

  • AngryPatriot5

    One of the biggest complaints after vaccination is the animal now seizures. Vaccines are poisons. Look for the truth at websites like Vaxtruth, vaccinetruth, NVIC. Pharma, governments, conventional vets never tell the truth and they make $$$ from selling vaccines and all the drugs they get people to buy to then supposedly help with the behavior and health problems the stinking vaccine caused. The public has been fooled by conventional medicine and has no idea how destructive and deadly vaccines are. Chronic disease is epidemic in both peeps and animals, all from vaccines. CBD tincture has eliminated seizures and other health problems for many animals and people. The drugs only do more harm and end up causing liver failure which is horrible and fatal. The tincture is recommended as best for animals and it needs to be organic or pesticides are then put into the animal which also causes harm. All animals with any behavior or health condition should also NEVER again be vaccinated or re-vaxxed as it will only worsen any existing condition and do further harms. Most states have vaccine exemptions but conventional vets don’t want to give this. Best vets are homeopathic ones and they can even treat your dog if not in your area by email or phone. Homeopathy is totally different than conventional medicine and it even can cure diseases/conditions deemed impossible. They will certainly issue vaccine exemptions as they know about vaccine harm in all it’s forms.

    • Marguerite Murray Phipps

      Do you have a web site I can go to. my dog is having seizures 2 and 3 a night. she is on Potassium Bromide once a day and Phenobarbital twice a day. I want to get her off phenobarbital. she is 11 yrs

  • Forrest mcwilliams

    Hello all,
    I have a bully mix. English bulldog/pit bull who is having seizures. Just in the past 72 hours he’s had 4! Not normal! Does anyone out there have bully breeds experiencing the same problems?


      I do, my precious dog started having seizures about 4 weeks ago. I took him to the vet and when they took a urine sample it was the color of coffee. I figured the infection was causing the seizures, so the vet placed him on an antibiotic regimen for 2 weeks. I took him back to the vet for reeval last Friday & Sunday the vet called to say the infection had cleared up but that the protein in his urine was still slightly high. During that whole two weeks not one seizure, again I figured infection gone – seizures gone – great. Well at 6:44am on Monday bam..a seizure. The one mistake I made apparently was that I stopped the phenobarbital he was on cold turkey, from my understanding you can’t. Anyhow he’s back on the pheno but now hes constantly crying, won’t sleep at night and just wandering around the house. I live in California and I’m headed to the local dispensary after work to find him a quality CBD product. I figure it should be a safer alternative. I’m also wondering if I should get him some melatonin as well?

      • Matt

        please don’t ever stop an anticonvulsant “cold turkey” tell your vet you want to ween them off if you want to stop treatment and they’ll give you a course of action, however be prepared to hear the hard truth that they might need the phenobarbital if their epilesy is serious. stopping anticonvulsants suddenly can make the seizures worse. It’s more expensive but new medicines like Keppra are showing fewer side effects that pheno and potassium bromide. your vet honestly has your pets best interest at heart, so it’s best to be open with them about your desire to use cbd and use medications like pheno sparingly if at all. don’t go rogue and just start making the decisions for your pet when you clearly didn’t research enough to know you NEVER stop anticonvulsants “cold turkey”.


          Thanks, I did take him back for a checkup and did not stop the phenobarbital, however I did lower his dosage and started giving him CBDs. The vet stated that they would like to see his phenobarbital blood levels around 15 to 35 and my dog is at 16. I’m also giving him melatonin (3mg) around 10pm, thus far he’s doing okay but it’s always a waiting game with this type of illness. Vet would like to see him in 6 months

  • Kyle Hamilton

    How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd products for my dog? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

    • Loki Sigurdsson

      Is it legal were you live. If it is than customs shouldn’t be able to confiscate it. I would contact customs and tell them to give me my package or I’m gonna file charges against them.

  • i have a friend whose senior dog’s tumor disappeared after 4 weeks of
    using cbd oil. the vet was mystified. it’s the only anecdotal story i
    know, but it’s a convincing one. I was ask him what brand he used? then he gave me this site so now I’m ordering from and it works very well.

  • milkdew

    What is the difference between CBD made for dogs and CBD oil made for humans? my dog has recently been diagnosed with idiopathic seizures and I’m looking for anything alternative to the extremely costly drugs she’s being prescribed that technically aren’t even made for her weight, and I take CBD myself so I wonder if it’s safe to simply give her a small dose of my oil if my vet agrees to this avenue of treatment?

    • Loki Sigurdsson

      None, cbd is cbd. It’s probably most likely the dosage.

  • Jacqueline Miller

    My cavellier is on pexion for seizures, does anyone know if CBD oil can be used alongside these drugs. I am told that if pexion has P450 CBD oil can be a contra indication.

  • Matt

    CBD while helpful and showing promise is NOT a panacea. This thread is full of people just doing what they want to do against veterinarian orders because they fell it is a cure-all. Any and all CBD treatment should be used under supervision of your vet, possibly in addition to the anti-convulsants if their epilepsy is life threatening. CBD is medicine that can help it is not a magic bullet. Stop being anti-science, do actual research, and consult with a medical professional.

  • Loki Sigurdsson

    Animals have been eating cannabis and hemp since the dawn of time without any problems. Cannabis will not harm a dog unless that dog is allergic to cannabis.

  • Looking to try cbd oil again for my dog. She is on 2 seizure medications and still has seizures. lucky if she is seizure free sometimes for a 28 days.
    Has anyone had any luck with this company? I would love to get her off these meds and be seizure free

  • Hello everyone. Has anyone had positive results using hempworx for their dogs seizures? I haven’t found many reviews for the company.

  • Jen Krentz
  • Luke Duke

    Didn’t even notice that this blog post is that “old”. It is nice to see that (even that this post was writter 5 years ago) things are moving in the right direction (finaly!) across the globe and not only in the US and Canada, but also in other, smaller countries. Here is a short post about cbd for animals (and personal experience about using CBD for cats).