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A Legacy of Compassion: The Whelton Family and ReLeaf Shop

Published on November 2, 2023 · Last updated November 3, 2023

Dr. Andrew Whelton, once a Professor of Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is not just a distinguished medical professional but also a man with a mission. His decades of experience in drug development and safety, coupled with his remarkable service during the Vietnam War, where he established the first combat renal dialysis unit for the US Army, make him a true hero in the community. His dedication to unlocking the true potential of cannabis for various medical conditions, including chronic pain, PTSD, and epilepsy, is nothing short of inspiring.

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Conor Whelton: The Legacy Continues

Carrying forward his father’s vision, Conor Whelton, co-founder of ReLeaf Shop, is a driving force behind the push for cannabis acceptance. His involvement in the business is more than just a venture; it’s a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for patients through safe and compliant practices. ReLeaf Shop is where you can experience the wonders of cannabis for yourself and become part of this transformative journey.

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For those intrigued by the profound conversation between these two visionaries, we invite you to shop at Releaf Shop and experience the magic of cannabis. Your support not only furthers their mission but also allows you to explore the benefits of this remarkable plant firsthand.

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1114 Cathedral St Ste 5, Baltimore, MD — undefined

In a world where cannabis is slowly shedding its unjust stigma, the Whelton duo is pioneering the way, and their commitment to the community is nothing short of heroic. Explore, shop, and be part of this transformative movement that’s changing the landscape of cannabis for the better. It’s not just about cannabis; it’s about improving lives and making

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