The Rise of ‘Canna-Vlogging’: What to Expect When Creating Cannabis Video Social Media

Published on October 16, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Thanks to the democratization of video technology and ever-increasing accessibility to video content across virtually every relevant platform, video-based media is now the new normal in today’s social media landscape. Subsequently, the growing permanence of cannabis culture has afforded those interested in utilizing video-based media a megaphone to share ideas and experiences related to this burgeoning culture. Influencers who once fought to support their pro-cannabis lifestyles through social media platforms are now able to do so with much less pushback. The result? An influx of cannabis-related video content and a hungry community of likeminded consumers to support it.

Yet, the fight is far from over for people who want to start crafting their own cannabis-themed video content. They still face an uphill battle to receive the same benefits of social media success as their peers in other genres. Learn more about how cannabis video content has permeated social media, plus glean some takeaways for those interested in exploring cannabis vlogging.

Strict, Yet Vague, Content Guidelines

Perhaps the largest setback to creators within the cannabis genre has (and still remains) stringent yet often overtly ambiguous content guidelines. These restrictions stifle creativity and prohibit information about cannabis and the future surrounding it. Entire social media platforms have been known to discriminate against cannabis-based content on the grounds that they violate user agreements and content rules established by the sites’ administrators.

For creatives aiming to share cannabis-related content, these restrictions have become the greatest setback. Nevertheless, through perseverance, social media influencers have emerged to share their voice and, despite opposition, have persevered in growing the community to what is is today.

An important distinguisher in the emergence of the cannabis genre in video-based social media culture has been YouTube. This platform has been the epicenter of video-based content since its inception, and YouTube continues to dominate the space in terms of user acquisition and engagement.

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YouTube has emerged as a uniquely important destination for cannabis-based content due to its (passive) acceptance of creators looking to explore this unique sector. Compared to its competitors, YouTube has had a history of being notoriously soft on restricting cannabis-related content, offering creators a safer space to share their videos without fear of takedowns or other forms of censorship.

…that is, until recently.

One major aspect that separated YouTube from other video-based social media platforms has been its incentive program for creators to earn revenue though advertising. Otherwise known as AdSense, this program allows creators to collect a share of the advertising revenue that their content generates.

A caveat to this program, one that hadn’t affected cannabis content creators until earlier this year, is that the programming must prove to be “advertiser friendly” in order to qualify for AdSense revenue sharing. Due to a series of issues involving ads playing on highly controversial (non-cannabis-related) content, YouTube has since altered not only its policy towards which content qualifies as advertiser-friendly, it’s also modified its algorithms to make this type of content much harder to search for and view. Cannabis content did not make that cut, and revenue sharing for this community has all but been lost because of this change.

Diversity in Cannabis-Related Content

Despite the fiscally devastating impact of the recent AdSense policy changes, creatives continue to persevere by sharing their cannabis-related content. Today, a vastly diverse array of cannabis-themed video creators have succeeded in amassing an impressive community of fans and enthusiasts. Their accomplishments, though shadowed by an inability to share in the financial spoils deserved to them, have not been lost on the millions of engaged fans who continue to watch, like, and share.

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Here’s a look at a few accomplished influencers who have pioneered cannabis video-based content and paved the way for others to follow in their paths.


Joel, or “Jolie Olie,” as he has coined on his wildly popular YouTube channel, has amassed a following exceeding 1.4 million subscribers, making his channel arguably the most popular cannabis-themed program on YouTube to date. Since 2013 he has been cranking out weekly content ranging from smoke sessions to product reviews and event excursions.


Cannabis strain reviews and educational content is the name of the game for Josh from StrainCentral. His efforts to push this sub-genre forward have succeeded profoundly, and his content is among the highest quality out there. Today , you can see StrainCentral in every corner of the cannabis space. From frequent postings on his main channel to collaborations with other creatives, Josh continues to inspire cannabis education in as many ways possible.


A true influencer in the cannabis space, Joe Kid has revolutionized long-format videos with his newly renovated YouTube talk show filmed out of his home in Colorado. Perhaps one of the most engaging and polished productions available, his show has gained him a popularity to be reckoned with. Tune in weekly as he and his fiancée traverse the cannabis landscape with a self-produced show that covers everything from reviews to interviews and more.


Based out of Rhode Island, canna-vlogger Sasha (also known as “SilencedHippie“) has made waves in cannabis-related video content. One of the earlier self-described “stoner-vloggers,” her channel has pushed the vlog concept to new heights. Today, Sasha is among the most recognized social media influencers in the cannabis space, where you can find her educating and engaging fans all over the country.

How to Start Your Own Canna-Vlog

If you’re interested in creating your own cannabis-themed content, there are many ways you can get started. Here are a few tried and true sub-genres to look into if you need a little inspiration on where to begin.

Video Diaries

Chronicling your daily musings or thoughts may be the easiest place to start if you’re new to filming your cannabis lifestyle. Just turn on the camera and organically create, allowing others a window into your life’s adventures. There’s no wrong way to vlog; simply getting out there and pressing record is all you’ll need to get started. This can be anything from smoking with friends to hanging out and sharing your views and opinions on cannabis culture.

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Grow Journals

For those cultivating their own cannabis, whether at home or as an occupation, grow journalling is a terrific way to share experiences with engaging fans. This sub-genre has grown rapidly in popularity over the years, with influencers in this space amassing subscribers at incredible rates. Documenting a grow doesn’t necessarily require you to be a master grower, either—learning the ropes is a valuable element to capture for those who are looking to learn as well.

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Educational Content

If you find that you’re the kind of person who loves educating others about cannabis lifestyle and culture, producing educational content may just be for you. From performing strain or product reviews to providing tutorials, there’s no limit to the amount of content you can produce when focusing on teaching others about cannabis. Sharing knowledge is one of the most powerful tools an influencer can have in this space.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your path to creating quality cannabis-related video content. There are many ways you can take advantage of this growing medium, so pick an angle and give it a try. You never know what will resonate with an audience until you put yourself out there!

If you’re a fan of cannabis video content, share down below what you enjoy seeing the most and why. In the meantime, happy canna-vlogging!

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