‘Terp Town’ Fire Rips Through California’s Most Coveted Cannabis

Published on July 24, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Terp Town Fire torches Loudpack and DNA Genetics in Greenfield, CA. (stevecoleimages/iStock)
Terp Town Fire torches Loudpack and DNA Genetics in Greenfield, CA. (stevecoleimages/iStock)

The designer cannabis burned way too early.

Fanned by heat and high winds, the fire destroyed a dozen greenhouses and untold quantities of standing crop.

California cannabis connoisseurs are heartbroken over a massive fire that hit one of the state’s leading growing facilities in Monterey County on Monday afternoon — the farm known as “Terp Town.” Fanned by heat and high winds, a structure fire ripped through a dozen greenhouses, destroying some of the state’s most coveted cannabis grown by the likes of DNA Genetics and Loudpack.

The fire broke out after 4 p.m. in the small town of Greenfield, Calif., at 900 Cherry Avenue — torching the site of Greenfield’s largest employer, Loudpack. Reports indicate almost 300 people worked at the facility. No injuries or deaths occurred, Loudpack said in a statement.Swoop on California's Best Cannabis “We want to thank the Greenfield Fire Department and Greenfield Police Department for getting the fire under control so quickly and stopping it from spreading further due to the high winds,” stated Brett Montgomery, VP of Supply Chain at Loudpack, on Monday. “We are really thankful that everyone on our team is safe and no one was harmed. Right now it is too early to determine damages, but we will release more information as it becomes available to us.”

One of the state's leading cannabis producers lacked sprinklers at its facility. (Courtesy of Fire Service of the Central Coast, CA)

One of the state’s leading cannabis producers lacked sprinklers at its facility. (Courtesy of Fire Service of the Central Coast, CA)

Video from bystanders on the scene show high winds driving flames downwind through a row of 12 massive greenhouses. According to reports, the facility did not have sprinkler systems to suppress the fire. Officials think the blaze may have started outside a greenhouse, but its precise cause remains under investigation.

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Loudpack and DNA Genetics are two of the leading cannabis breeders in the state. Loudpack is a fully licensed and compliant adult-use cannabis grower and products manufacturer, with multiple sub-brands. Up until Monday, its products could be found up and down the state. The company has taken home many Cannabis Cup awards for its flowers and extracts, including a second place finish in the world in 2017 for Best Sativa with their Jack, a 2018 SoCal Cannabis Cup win for Best CBD Cartridge, and multiple 2016 wins in concentrates.

DNA Genetics posted to Instagram Monday night that “shit got real today. That fire ripped through five of the eight greenhouses in ten minutes. Sad day for everyone on the site.”

Fellow California designer cannabis growers Jungle Boys and Dying Breed Seeds shared words of comfort. “Thoughts are with our friends at Loudpack completely devastating,” Jungle Boys stated on Instagram.

“That is heavy. Thoughts and prayers going out to all involved,” Dying Breed Seeds stated.

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