Leafly Picks: Best papers, pipes, and bongs for 4/20 2024

Published on April 9, 2024 · Last updated April 11, 2024
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Everything you need to 4/20 like you been there before. (Leafly)

Fun fact: 4/20 2024 is a palindrome, man! That means it works forward and backwards—just like a grinder. Woah.

Anyhoo, you can’t 4/20 without the right gear. And every year presents a kaleidoscopic array of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes, and fuzzy cloth stuff. Scan along for something dope that you can take a shining too.

Affordable picks:

Elements King Size Slim Ultra-Thin

(Courtesy The Cave)

Don’t play the envy game: All you need is a $3 pack of Elements, a cheap grinder, and some weed to have fun on 4/20. We like the Elements King Size Slim Ultra Thin with the Artesano Magnetic enclosure. The roll-feel in our hands is just right and the rice paper burns very innocuously.

‘The Cali’ 3-Gram Cone from Vibes

(Courtesy The Cave)

April 20 is all about THC maximalism and that includes huge “doinks”—or very large marijuana joints. Few have the skill to roll up 3 grams of flower like a pro. But anyone can pack a Vibes 3-gram “cone” dubbed The Cali. Legal weed means cheaper weed and bigger joints. It’s that simple. 

What you gonna put in those papers?
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Santa Cruz Shredder – Hemp Grinder – 2-piece Lime Green

(Courtesy The Cave)

Save your money and tears on 4/20—roll out with the lightweight hemp grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s just $12.95, more eco-conscious and lime freaking green so no one can confuse it with theirs. Plus, if you do lose it, you’re out just 13 dollars. Upgrade to steel in Matte Pink for $36.50, or the skater collab 4-piece for $79.95.

Champelli Ganja Plate

No one does merch quite like Champelli. Inspired by the original license plate on a Chevy panel truck owned by an old school grower he knew. The wall piece represents a little part of NorCal’s storied history in the cannabis scene. This limited edition decoration is perfect for any Cali stoner’s smoke sanctum and will only set you back a measly $20.

”Weed: Smoke It, Eat It, Grow It, Love It” by Ellen Holland

Friend of Leafly and plants, High Times Editor-In-Chief Ellen Holland is back with updates to her superb book “Weed”, coming out refreshed for 4/20. Everything just got prettier and cooler. Just $14.99.

Cookies Bite Dry Pipe

(Courtesy The Cave)

For just $44 you too can join the Cookies boys and smoke around town with a portable, stylish, single-hole bowled glass pipe in the iconic Cookies font, color, and style.

Steve’s Dank Pipes

(Courtesy The Cave)

Steve’s Dank Pipes from Massachusetts fit right in on Hippie Hill in San Francisco. The wood exterior says hippie, while the glass bowl makes it a connoisseur. Each piece is sanded, finished and waxed for a smooth feel in the hand. Just $55, weed not included.


Ramen bowls, rubber ducks, even a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, all recreated as adorable handmade ceramic pipes. Founded seven years ago in Cuernavaca Mexico, Cutiepipes creates all sorts of amazing ceramic smokeware that almost seems camouflaged on the shelf in your living room. Adorable and functional, you can find a bunch of options on their webstore, all priced from $20 to $50 each. My personal favorite was the pipe they made in the shape of The Weedian from Sleep’s album Dopesmoker.

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Shire Pipes

For the nerds, something that will truly light up your 420 like elven steel in the presence of an ork. Shire Pipes are officially licensed lord of the rings recreations from Pulsar. For between $40-$50 you can feel like a wizard, a hobbit , or a ranger with these Cherry wood pipes that seem like they were swiped right from the set. Each one engraved with a custom element from the movies. This is the pipe you want with you when you’re heading out into the woods.

Marley Natural Beaker in Smoke w/ Gold

(Courtesy The Cave)

Get a solid beaker bong for $160 from Marley Natural. Thick base, pull-out bowl, 8-slit percolator downstem, ice disk, and standing about 1 foot tall.

Gatorbeug Bong

Glass shaped and styled to look like some of the most recognizable bottles and beverages. Choose from Gatorbeug models like the Mt. Beug, PRIME, Beer Bong, and even one shaped like spray paint cans and WD40. While made of glass, they feature a metal down stem and bowl. Functional, fun, and a bit of a throwback to when stoners used to have to hide their weed in cans of fake soda and fix-a-flat. Most range between $69-$120 dollars.

Special mention: The Leafly Head Shop

Here’s nine fine, dry herb vape picks from our affiliate partners:

Storz & BickelVolcano hybrid ($699)

Storz & BickelMighty+ ($399)

PAXMini ($125)

PAXPlus ($200)

ArizerSolo II Max ($242.99)

ArizerSolo III ($344.99)

ArizerXQ2 ($212.49)

G PenDash + ($149.95)

G PenElite II ($199.95)

Sundae School Carpenter Hoodie / Sweatpants

A “uniform for the high minded,” this new drop from Sundae School is the outfit you can wear from smoking on the couch to smoking down the runway and all points in between. Featuring a riveted work clothes look, there’s special touches like stash pockets, a neck snap at the hood, pants that adjust from baggy to cinched, and a heavyweight cotton that feels like you put on clouds. You can pick them up in brown or indigo and sizes range from small to extra large. Stylish and stony, hoodies go for $105 and sweatpants for $95.

Puffco Proxy Ripple

First off, we check in with the ringleaders of the Dab-Mania 2024—Puffco. New for 4/20, the Ripple bubbler attachment for their best-in-class hash vape the Puffco Proxy. What the what? The Ripple is $100 and comes in Sea or Sage color. You use it with the Puffco Proxy Base electronic hash oven. Ask your college-age nephew to set you up. That’s what the next generation is for.

Also fresh from Puffco for 4/20: The Peak Pro Limited Edition Flourish ($420), Proxy Flourish ($299), Flourish Hot Knife ($50), Proxy Wizard Flourish $100.

Old-school alternative

Not your dad’s hash pipe. So get it for him. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Terplock Dry Rigs from Miyagi—works like an old-school hash pipe, but looks sick. ($300)

Softglass Andy Roth bong

Eschew our overdesigned times with this sleek, minimal, and effective $70 bong from Softglass. Andy Roth Glass channels a love of architecture into this form-meets-function piece of glass art. Andy Roth’s premium stuff goes for multiple thousands of dollars and could fit into Dune 2.

Flower Mill Next-Gen Premium 2.0

Flower Mill 2.0.

The popular grinder-alternative has gone Next-Gen Premium 2.0 with a ton of upgrades. Flower Mill has increased the size and weight on all the units, as well as given them a smoother action to reduce friction points between halves. There’s an aluminum and stainless steel model for both the 2” and 2.5” sizes, and each of them can switch between five different milling plates ranging from extra-coarse to extra-fine. This is my favorite device for weed prep, but the big one is heavy and the small one no longer sticks to your fridge door.

Bohemian Chemist Proto-pipe Collector’s Kit

Pay homage to the times you had to genuinely sneak a toke with this refined version of the proto-pipe, by The Bohemian Chemist. Proto-pipes first dropped in the ‘70s. It’s beautiful and stylish with roots. The buy link comes out any day now.

Magnetic Bag Company

We’re still working on dialing in the amenities at weed events. Until we get more tables and chairs, stoner will make do with a bag this new magnetic crossbody bag. The Magnetic Bag Company is patent pending and affixes itself to metal. So The Terminator could wear this as a hip pack with no straps. Crazy, right? It’s $89 and can hold your water and pipe and stuff. That’s good because the ground is dirty, and you don’t want your nice stuff on it. 

Mossy Giant “Big Pharma” Print

For the cannabis art collector, the artist Mossy Giant has this super detailed ‘Big Pharma’ print depicting “a green and bright custodian future where we can all grow big plants in complete freedom.” It’s 35.5 inches wide by 26.8 inches tall, but the level of detail packed into every space makes it seem bottomless. A limited run of only 100 copies, this unique piece of art will set you back 88 euros, or $95 and provides hours of viewing entertainment while you wait for the 2nd press of the art book detailing the history of Dutch cannabis project created with Barcelona Social Club La Crème Gracia and Derrick Bergman.

Even more art: A $30 zine or $50 poster from the first cannabis mylar art exhibition, “Get to the Bag” in San Francisco.

Heady Splurges

A $545 chillum, bro. (Courtesy The Cave)

Mothership Rainbow Encalmo Chillum—This $545 chillum, or hand-pipe, might be as close to a Mothership glass piece as many of us mere mortals get. Maybe you got an inheritance, or a raise. Just be careful when passing this hand-pipe over concrete.

Salt glass cup. Yes, for drinking. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Salt GlassCreature cup from The Cave—$1,500.

Leisure – Worked Pillar Recycler – Yellow Orange Elvis w/ Fire & Ice Retti. $2,000.

Leisure. (Courtesy The Cave)

So there’s some options for an even headier, fresher 4/20 2024. Remember, you can’t spell 2024 without 4/20.

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