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Beyond the blunt: 8 BIPOC-owned accessories brands to shake up your sesh

Published on July 25, 2022

As a millennial, accepting my own cannabis use has been an interesting journey. First came the conversations with concerned family members. Then there was the issue of retraining my own brain to realize I was free to enjoy cannabis in 420-friendly cities and states across the US.

But even as I got more comfortable, I still noticed a pattern among myself and many of my other Black friends. Even with all the cool smoking accessories out there, we rarely smoked out of glass or smoke in any other ways than rolling up a blunt.

But can you blame us? For many Black people my age, picking up a bowl and lighter or a banger and torch can feel more dangerous than smoking the weed itself.

Why BIPOC may feel differently about accessories

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many ’80s and ’90s babies feel uncomfortable owning pipes and bongs or dab rigs – especially if they are BIPOC. Growing up inundated with the D.A.R.E. agenda and having witnessed the impact of the crack epidemic has kept many people of color far away from anything that resembles a smoking accessory.

After all, the presence of paraphernalia can be a great excuse for the police to trump up their charges after catching someone with drugs. Plus, weed pipes don’t look that much different from crack pipes, which we were all taught to avoid at all costs.

But as the popularity of legal cannabis rises, I hope we’re moving towards a safer and less stressful time for weed smokers who want to smoke out of something more than a blunt wrap. And I think that if a person of color feels safe enough, they should dig into some of the amazing accessories that are out there.

The benefits of going beyond the blunt

The benefits of using smoking accessories are many, but if I had to name the top three, I would say: the hits are smoother, the bowls are way more cost-effective, and they make enjoying cannabis way more friendly for your lungs. 

I also love having the opportunity to support BIPOC businesses by investing in their pieces. Shopping with these businesses helps foster a sense of community and puts money in the pocket of BIPOC-business owners, which are both important to me.

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If you feel similarly and you are ready to shake things up, here are some of the BIPOC accessory brands you can use to push your sesh beyond the blunt, whether you’re a POC or not.

Just The Tip 

Black woman smoking a joint
(Courtesy Just The Tip)

Let’s start off with something easy for beginners. Maybe you’re not ready to give up your joints or blunts just yet. Just The Tip makes glass holders and blunt tips so that you can enjoy your smoke in style. If you’re going for sexy, Just The Tip will take you in that direction.

The holders look like art pieces and will undoubtedly spark conversation.

House of Puff  

Rolling papers and a pack of mini joints
(Courtesy House of Puff/Sava)

House of Puff is where fashion and smoking accessories meet. With colorful papers and pipes, House of Puff is all about creating chic looks while still enjoying your flower.

House of Puff wants you to “ditch the stigma with easy to use, art-inspired accessories.” What could be better than your weed matching your accessories? Nothing. The only answer is nothing. 

Peaxe Pipes  

A collection of vintage glassware bongs
(Courtesy Peaxe Pipes)

Let’s get a bit more sophisticated and retro in our design with Peaxe Pipes. Peaxe Pipes is upcycling antique glassware and repurposing them into bongs.

That’s right, that old piece of glassware at your granny’s house can be used to smoke weed. Now, you won’t have to hide your bong when company comes over; just put it up on the shelf, and everyone will just think you stepped up your home decor game.

Munisa Ceramica  

a guava ceramic pipe
(Courtesy Munisa Ceramica)

Guava, papaya, grapefruit, oh my! I’ve seen a lot of cool bowls and pipes in my day, but Munisa Ceramica out of Los Angeles might be my favorite. Munisa features Mexican-inspired designs and ceramics that create a one-of-a-kind experience with your cannabis.   

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Elevate Jane  

Sushi smoking pipes
(Courtesy Elevate Jane)

Elevate Jane is everything you want from a cannabis accessory company: functional, stylish, and robust in the options you pick to enjoy your next smoke.

From small beakers to bowls that look like bananas, you’ll definitely find the piece that fits your smoking needs. And, you can get something for less than $20 because we all love a good bargain. 


A purple decarboxylation device
(Courtesy Ardent)

Ok, so technically the Ardent is not a smoking accessory. It’s not a bowl, joint holder, or bong. But, if you’re looking to get away from smoking altogether, look no further. The Ardent sends your cannabis through a decarboxylation process that will allow your weed to be consumed how you want.

Smoke it, vaporize it, or even cook with favorite strains and see how much more elevated your high will become. 

Canna Luxe Co. 

a woman's hand and roach clip ring
(Courtesy Canna Luxe Co)

The phrase “lifestyle brand” gets thrown around very loosely nowadays. But the women that own Canna Luxe Co. have created a brand around beautiful designs and equity in the cannabis industry.

When you visit their website, you’ll find every type of accessory you could ever need. Plus, you can read about the challenges Black women face in the industry. Call it educating and elevating, in style.


A chest for keeping the moisture in weed
(Courtesy Apothecarry)

Apothecarry has created the ultimate stoner accessory: a humidor for weed smokers. Their luxurious original case features glass jars for your strains, a travel cigar tube, a removable rolling tray, and a lock to keep your weed safe. Founded by a mother, entrepreneur, and cannabis pro, Apothecarry thought about everything stoners need, just like every good mom (who knows you like to smoke a lot) does.

Did I mention the leather on the inside is vegan? Yes, they even thought about that, too. There’s not much about this case for anyone to feel bad about.

Are there more BIPOC accessories brands we should know about? Let us know on Twitter, and we’ll add them to our list.

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