How to build a smoking kit for under $50

Published on March 23, 2022 · Last updated June 7, 2022
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Finally, all the things you need to build a smoking kit under $50 in one place.

If you’re new to cannabis you may not know where to begin when it comes to building your own smoking kit.

A quick Google search brings up an endless sea of options and can feel overwhelming, but the truth is you don’t need much to get started, and it’s absolutely possible to shop on a budget.

Below, find everything you need to build your beginner’s smoking kit for under $50.

Get grinding


Expected spend: $9.99 – 12.99 USD

The first thing you’re going to want to get your hands on is a solid grinder. A grinder is your best friend when it comes to breaking up the sticky-icky and making it suitable for rolling or packing.

Sure, you can use your hands, but it will never be as efficient, and — especially if you’re planning on rolling — you’re going to want a grinder to help you with the job.

There are plenty of different kinds on the market made of all sorts of materials from the common aluminum, to the slightly hardier zinc, to natural choices like wood or eco-friendly options such as hemp plastic.

What is a cannabis grinder?

There are also grinders made of medical-grade steel – but those are more of an investment. Grinders come in two pieces all the way up to four with a kief catcher for collecting the kief that falls off your bud when grinding. This can then later be used to sprinkle into special joints, bowls, or even condensed down to be smoked on its own as a concentrate.

For a beginner, and with a budget in mind, you’re going to want to opt for something simple. Below are three solid options for a starter grinder in three different material options.

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Santa Cruz Shredder – eco-friendly biodegradable hemp 2-piece grinder

This simple grinder will get the job done while being made from the cousin of the very plant you’re smoking. Best of all, it’s biodegradable, meaning you can feel good about upgrading one day when the time comes.

BandQUS 4-piece metal grinder

This is your pretty standard grinder, with the perk of being a 4-piece with a kief catcher. At 1.5” it’s a little on the small side but will still get the job done just fine, and it’s a fair size for the fair price.

Another perk of this grinder is that it’s made of Zinc, which is a stronger material than the common and controversial aluminum found in most grinders.

BandQUS 4-piece large rose gold grinder

If you see yourself needing to grind lots of weed at once, this may be the grinder for you. It’s a few bucks more than the others on this list, and not as compact for travel, but it’s sturdy, big enough to accommodate large buds, and a beautiful rose gold color.

Once again it’s made of Zinc, and it’s also a 4-piece, so you’ll also be able to catch kief as you go.

Sensible smoking vessels

Next up on your journey to getting stoned is choosing your smoking vessel. Are you the type who likes to roll a joint, sit back and puff on it? Or do you prefer a bowl that can be picked up and put down at your own pace?

Now if you’re new to this, you may have a preference for joints but be worried you’re not good enough at rolling – throw that out the window! Rolling is easier to learn than it looks, and if you really don’t believe in yourself, or simply want an easier way, cones will do the trick just fine.

Tips for finding the perfect pipe

  • Look for glass bowls with good reviews and solid, thick glass. The last thing you want is for thin glass to overheat and crack mid-smoke.
  • You’ll also want to look for decently sized mouthpieces and carbs, so you get a piece that maximizes airflow and reduces clogging.

Artisinal vs. tried and tested

The perk of going with an artisan glass piece is that the sky’s the limit for design, and you’re almost guaranteed to find something that suits your taste and personality.

You can find bowls that look like Spider-Man, fruit, mushrooms, are glitter filled, glow-in-the-dark, and are UV reactive just to name a few. That said, these bowls will be subject to less consistency, so you also have the option of going with a tried and tested brand like GRAV — these won’t be particularly unique pieces but they are reliable and guaranteed to hit well, which at the end of the day, is the goal right?

When it comes to rolling papers, you’ve got some options there as well. You can go with RAW, the most popular brand, or other well-known ones like Elements which are made of hemp paper to keep it all in the cannabis family.

There are also flavored papers that can add a unique twist, but I recommend sticking to something simple and letting the cannabinoids in your herb shine.

Whether you want to roll or pack, find several great, personally selected options below to get you started within budget.


Expected spend: $12.99 – 20.00 USD

GRAV 4” spoon

At 4” this is a fairly standard size bowl, and being from GRAV it’s going to be well made and dependable. It comes in several great colors, making it easy to find one that fits your aesthetic, and will also be easy to clean thanks to its simple design and transparent glass.

If you’re looking for something that’s no-muss no-fuss to sit back and enjoy a toke alone or with a friend, this one will do just fine.

GlassGirlShop 4” multicolor glass pipe

Fancy something that will mesmerize your eyes while enjoying your favorite strain? These glass-blown bowls feature a swirl of beautiful colors and are made from color-changing glass. Yes, you heard that right – these pipes will gradually change color over time as you use them. Then, when you clean them, they go right back to how they looked before!

The Galaxy chillum

Chillums are ideal for personal use. You simply pack the end and light it while puffing on the other. If you’re not keen on bowls with a carb it might also be the right choice for you. This version features dichro glass that will sparkle like the night sky.

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Rolling papers

Expected spend: $1.89 – 3.99 USD

RAW classic 1 ¼” rolling papers

If you’re looking for the gold standard, this is it – 1 ¼” papers are what you want. Practice makes perfect and these size papers make it easy to learn and easy to roll with your eyes closed once you’re a pro.

Blazy Susan king-size pink cones

If you just want a perfect joint without the fuss (or maybe without the saliva!) these pre-rolled cones with a built-in filter are the perfect solution. These fit about a gram and a half of flower and all you have to do is grind it up, drop it in, pack it down, twist the end and you’re good to go!

Elements 1 ¼” Hemp Rolling Papers

What makes more sense to smoke cannabis out of than hemp? Elements is another great, well-known brand, and these papers are made from hemp, making them an obvious choice to pair with cannabis. You can’t go wrong with these papers.

Everything you need to know about rolling papers, explained

Rolling trays

photo of sleek rolling tray with smoking accessories over purple and blue background

Expected spend: $2.00 to 10.00 USD

If you’re planning to roll your own joints, you’re going to want a clean, steady surface to work on. Your coffee table may look inviting but I promise your back won’t appreciate it for long.

Besides, you don’t want to be leaving kief and sticky trichome residue behind on your furniture. Instead, get a hold of a nice little rolling tray and just consider it a part of the process of rolling perfect joints. 

Rolling tray under $5

Rolling tray under $10

The finishing touches

Now that you have the big essentials sorted out for your smoking kit, don’t forget the little things you’ll also need on hand.


Any lighter will do. You can also opt for some hemp wick or an electric lighter if you want to avoid butane.

A picker-packer-poker – or at least just a poker.

While a toothpick may do the trick, it’s best to have a tool on hand specifically for this as you’re going to use this frequently. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices in all kinds of styles.

Stash jar

Displaying your stash in glass might seem like the preferred aesthetic choice but you want to keep your bud in a dark, airtight container to preserve its freshness. Light is not your weed’s friend. Don’t be afraid to keep it in the container it came in if you got it from a dispensary — they’ll usually be made with freshness in mind.

If however, you’re still dime bagging it, you may want to think about storage. No need to go crazy here, you can make one at home with any clean glass jar with an airtight lid and some dark non-toxic paint on the outside of the glass.

Ash tray 

When it comes to ashing your pipe or joint, there’s plenty of room for getting crafty — many a Mason jar have met this fate.

However, if you’re going to keep it in view and use it regularly, it’s a good idea to spring for an ashtray that is a bit more aesthetically pleasingsubtle, and preferably with a lid on it to keep the ash and roaches out of sight and hopefully smell.

And that’s it! With these items in hand, your smoking kit will be complete and you will be all set to begin toking for less than $50. Enjoy, friends.

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