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NFL Commish Stays Willfully Blind on Medical Cannabis Policy

April 28, 2017
(Matt Rourke/AP)
It appears that the NFL would rather continue giving its players addicting and potentially deadly pain killers like Toradol, rather than letting them try medical cannabis.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell delivered a strong statement against cannabis consumption on Friday morning, telling ESPN radio that the league sees no medical benefits, while adding that “it may not be healthy for the players long-term.”

The commissioner’s comments were made in an interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. Goodell has made similar comments in the past, but today’s quotes come as a lawsuit over the issue works its way through federal court. That suit, filed in 2016 by more than 1,800 former players, alleges that the players suffered long-term health problems because NFL teams were deceptive and acted improperly in their distribution of pain killers to players.


Emails Indicate NFL Pushed Painkillers While Prohibiting Cannabis

Regarding medical marijuana, Goodell said the league is following advice from “independent medical advisors who have not recommended cannabis use for medical uses.”

“We’ve been studying that through our advisors,” Goodell said. “To date, they haven’t said, ‘This is a change we think you should make that is in the best interest of the health and safety of our players.’ If they do, we’re certainly going to consider that. But to date, they haven’t really said that.”

Despite his negative comments, the NFL commissioner added that “medical marijuana is something that is evolving, and that’s something that at some point the medical advisors may come to us and say, ‘This is something you should consider.’”

In the past year, numerous former NFL players have told Leafly that the league has a prescription pain killer problem. Chris Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings’ all-time leading punter, told us that the league hands prescription painkillers out like candy. Kluwe believes cannabis would be a safer method to deal with the pain that playing in the NFL delivers.


For Ex-NFL Punter Chris Kluwe, Cannabis Was the Safer Choice

Former first-round pick and Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Eugene Monroe told Leafly that cannabis is extremely beneficial with post-workout recovery. The big man has now partnered with the vaporizer company VapeXhale, after ending his football career before the start of the 2016 season.

“Using cannabis to help with post-workout recovery, it has been really beneficial,” Monroe told Leafly. “[Cannabis] relieves pain, discomfort from training. After playing a career in football, I am still dealing with a lot of injuries that I got.”


Former NFLer Eugene Monroe Still Competing, Now on Cannabis’s Team

With the comments Goodell made on Friday, it looks like the NFL will not be changing its cannabis policy anytime soon.

“I think you still have to look at a lot of aspects of marijuana use,” Goodell said. “Is it something that can be negative to the health of our players?

“Listen, you’re ingesting smoke, so that’s not usually a very positive thing that people would say. It does have addictive nature.”

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Gage Peake

Gage Peake is a former staff writer for Leafly, where he specialized in data journalism, sports, and breaking news coverage. He's a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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  • medcannabis1

    Having the privileged of befriending former NFL players many with Super Bowl Rings and seeing the results of years of extreme contact sports and the toll on their bodies and minds ( TBI / CTE ) it is disheartening to see that a blind eye is being turned to the needs of both the current players who could benefit from both whole plant cannabis therapy and CBD treatment for concussive head injuries while choosing the highly toxic prescription medications that cause so many serious side effects .
    Having spoken with Sean C. Sansiveri Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs at NFL Players Inc.over the years about the parallels the NFL players and Veterans with injuries faces and how our pilot PTSD/pain management program we are developing could benefit the NFL and NFL players who have retired with a program of healing that used dosed extracts of cannabis in a wellness environment to heal and reduce the toxic levels of prescription medications used to treat pain and suffering .
    It has taken years to bring the medical and scientific experts together to develop Veterans for Compassionate Cares model into a workable model for treatment with the right staffing and leadership for this project.
    The NFL team owners could support our efforts and have their medical experts work with our Medical leadership team in scientific and clinical research that could bring this pilot program to the nation and allow the least toxic option for treating pain and suffering ” Cannabis therapy ” to replace many toxic prescriptions .
    Maybe someday the NFL Team leadership will open their eyes and move beyond the old propaganda of cannabis prohibition.

  • swamp boy

    They should strike ,game over it will be legal in a week