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DEA Chief Repeats Claim That ‘Marijuana Is Not Medicine’

May 26, 2017
Chuck Rosenberg, Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), speaks during a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Tuesday, April 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
“Marijuana is not medicine.”

That’s according to Chuck Rosenberg, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s acting chief, who made the comment Thursday during a speech at the Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit hospital in Ohio.

The sentiment is nothing new from Rosenberg, who’s been at the helm of the DEA since 2015. Under then-President Obama, he famously called medical marijuana “a joke.” But in light of recent anti-cannabis comments from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other members of the Trump administration, it could be yet another cause for concern among cannabis patients.


Here’s What the National Academy’s Medical Cannabis Report Actually Says

“If it turns out that there is something in smoked marijuana that helps people, that’s awesome,” Rosenberg said in Ohio on Thursday. “I will be the last person to stand in the way of that. … But let’s run it through the Food and Drug Administration process, and let’s stick to the science on it.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Rosenberg did acknowledge that some studies that show cannabis may offer medical benefits to children with epilepsy, and he reiterated that the DEA takes recommendations about how to classify drugs from the FDA.


Photos Prove Government-Grown Cannabis Is Basically Ditch Weed

The problem, of course, is that cannabis continues to be classified as a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act, categorized alongside drugs such as heroin and LSD. That means considerable regulatory red tape for researchers trying to actually study the plant and its health effects. Even when scientists do secure federal approval to conduct research, the government-grown cannabis used in clinical trials is of significantly worse quality than cannabis in legal markets. PBS Newshour described one sample as “green talcum powder.”

Another Cleveland Clinic speaker, former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, echoed the call for more medical marijuana research in the US, adding that public policy shouldn’t be made on “guesswork.”


Dustup Over NIDA-Grown Ditch Weed Leads Johns Hopkins to Ditch PTSD Study

“Should we be reducing the administrative and other barriers to researching that in the government? A hundred percent,” he said. “But what we should not do is make policies based on guesswork. When we do that, what we do is put people at risk.”

Murthy also said that problem drug use in young people can spiral out of control.

“When you develop a substance use disorder at a young age, it actually increases the likelihood of you developing an addiction to other substances,” he said. “So in that sense addiction to marijuana or any substance, including nicotine, during adolescence and young adulthood when the brain is developing is very concerning.”

While more research is essential for better understanding how cannabis affects the human body and how it might address various illnesses, available evidence suggests that, in adults, cannabis may actually curb some types of drug use. Last month the National Institute on Drug Abuse updated its website titled “Is marijuana safe and effective as medicine?” to note that three recent studies—two of which it funded—suggest cannabis could help reduce opioid use in pain patients.


America’s Opioid Crisis: Can High-CBD Cannabis Combat Pain and Reduce Addiction Rates?

“Though none of these studies are definitive, they cumulatively suggest that medical marijuana products may have a role in reducing the use of opioids needed to control pain,” the NIDA website says. “More research is needed to investigate this possibility.”

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Gage Peake

Gage Peake is a former staff writer for Leafly, where he specialized in data journalism, sports, and breaking news coverage. He's a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

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  • Bugz
    • Tammy Page

      Bugz, you are exactly right. I live in Alabama where almost everything is illegal. I would much rather have Medical Marijuana to treat all my health issues instead of taking literally 8 different medications. It makes me sick to know the Government knows Marijuana is safe but they continue to lie.

      • Ken Crisp

        Lobbyists !!!!!

    • Ken Crisp

      Im no Brain Surgeon far from one , BUT what KNUMBSKULL wouldn’t agree our so called government doesn’t want safe mother nature floating around your noodle . NO instead they are PUSHING POISON for PROFIT down your throats ???? POISON how do I come up with such a statement ?.
      After 6 spine surgeries I’ve eaten every kind of NARCOTIC you can name ! and i’m here to tell ya they are ADDICTIVE they back you up like someone put a cork in your poop shoot very pain full!! They SPACE YOU OUT like a ZOOOMBIEE and eat your stomach up ! but they are legal !?????………..WTF……. is jeff the inbred sessions AG thinking ?
      I know one thing Pot mellows me out from the everyday STRESS of living in a world of ASSHOLES , THIEVES , and just plain MEAN people !

    • scott steven

      and ALL MAN-MADE DRUGS have KILLED PEOPLE by overdose or allergies. Cannabis is the ONLY SUBSTANCE on the planet that has NEVER Killed anybody by overdose or allergies. It is God made and many verses in Bible supports it. show us where it says devils lettuce or weed? here is 1 verse.
      Rev 22:2 The river of Life flows from the Throne of God. On either bank is the Tree of Life, and the Leaf from the Tree of Life is for the Healing of the Nations.

      • All and good, BUT if cannabis is a healing creation of God,
        then why does it remain horribly “illegal” in most places,
        especially those places professing “belief”.

        Either God is NOT “all powerful” OR IS exceedingly cruel…!

        • scott steven

          its all about $$$$$$$$$$. Big pharm alcohol tobacco industry to name a few google it politicans made it illegal

          • i.e. God is NOT all powerful…?
            Not as powerful as Big Pharma, Alcohol, the tobacco industry…?
            Not as powerful as money or despotic rulers…?
            (despite the biblical claims of Proverbs 21:1
            “the heart of the king is in the hand of god” LOL!).

            God can make wonderful, healing medicinal plants,
            (these ARE miraculous, without a doubt!),
            BUT…either allows OR cannot prevent stupid, greedy
            humans from outlawing them…?

          • scott steven

            I been legal since 2000 in Colorado so I guess The Great Spirit does live in the Rocky Mountains

          • …but NOT in the God-professing BuyBull belt…
            (THEY “claim” that “God’s” creation of cannabis is
            a “form of witchcraft” – not kidding, THAT’S what THEY “believe”)

          • scott steven

            it goes to show we can’t fix STUPID

          • Certain people, (Willie Nelson), have suggested / stated that
            AG Jeffy Secessions needs to try cannabis,
            (and others), that Secessions also try ‘shrooms and LSD…
            All simultaneously… (couldn’t hurt, might help ;-}-~~ ~ ~ ).

          • Bugz

            Turning this discussion toward your personal emotion or belief toward “God” whatever this entity may be to our human finite understanding clearly is your issue and not the issue of this thread.
            Even more, claiming to know all of what God is, does and will be as a premise for your reasoning is more than likely a mistake to begin with and for one completely without humility, which, in nearly all faiths, is the foundation for any such portal to the afterlife or spirit world to be entered, and without which one is tied to the material / illusory realm of this existence in his being.

          • Was just ADDRESSING
            Scott Steven’s Rev 22:2 “river-of-life” claim…
            (more like a River-of-DEATH for those who, for example,
            HAPPEN to reside in NEW JERSEY, rather than COLORADO,
            and have much more limited access to life-saving cannabis!).

            Which, in THIS instance, MOST governments of the world
            (except for a FEW), ARE, in essence, making life itself “illegal”,
            (by virtue of banning ESSENTIAL botanicals NECESSARY to
            sustain a low-illness, healthy life),

            This calls into question BOTH the “goodness”,
            (WHY would a good, “holy” God condemn people to SICKNESS,
            DEATH, for residing in the WRONG, medically-repressive locality?
            [that’s taunting CRUELTY!]),
            “omnipotence” / “power”
            (a good and “holy” God makes a necessary component
            of maintaining a healthy life, YET it’s PURPOSEFULLY
            made UNAVAILABLE by THE governments that God is
            SUPPOSEDLY in ultimate control of!).
            BEHOLD, “Partake of the ‘Water-of-Life’ ”
            Oh, BUT it’s ILLEGAL! – “I” cannot do anything about THIS!).

          • scott steven

            U said people in Jersey don’t have accesss like those of us in Colorado. Just look who the residents of Jersey voted and elected as their Governor like I said before we cant fix stupid

          • And in other states, (particularly non-initiative non-referendum states), the smarter, pro-cannabis vote is diluted via gerrymandering
            and the rural / urban divide,
            (voters, state reps in cities / urban areas are for cannabis law reform,
            rural voters and state reps, against or very hesitant…).

          • Matthew Penn

            This the truest thing I’ve read all day

        • Phan Boi

          godless creeps in Washington these days. The Fish rots from the head down

        • Matthew Penn

          Because of your crooked ass government that’s why. there in the business of hurting people and marijuana doesn’t hurt get it you sheep of people love to be led and do as your told. Now if marijuana hurt you then duck yes it would be legal but since they can’t kill you with it They want it illegal. Because without people getting cancer and health related issues off of alcohol they take a really big hit and it hurts the government’s pockets dumb ass

  • jontomas

    Rosenberg says: “let’s stick to the science on it.”

    Indeed. – The only DEA employee who actually did stick to the science was DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young. – After an exhaustive review of the evidence, he concluded:

    “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”

    Of course, Young was roundly ignored by his agency and is the exception to the rule of the science-denying, police-state constructing DEA.

    The insane war on marijuana consumers may well be referred to by future historians as The American Inquisition. – The DEA are the henchmen, ghouls and goons of the monstrous, near-genocide.

  • Patrick Borush

    the study was done decades ago and it was found that cannabis is not addictive or dangerous and has many medicinal (and day to day) applications. They summarily ignored this report and outlawed it anyhow due to pressure from corporations, big pharmaceutical, alcohol and many other various industries all trying to shut out a more viable alternative resource! Also down the road a piece Nixon wanted to squash the anti war and civil rights movements and cannabis prohibition gave him a club to hit the users and protesters with =/ Today they are also backed and joined by the likes of private prisons, police unions and drug rehab centers all protecting thier revenue source and jobs!!!

    “The Shafer Commission found in 1972 that cannabis was as safe as alcohol, and recommended ending prohibition in favor of a public health approach. But by then the Federal Bureau of Narcotics had been removed from the Treasury Department and merged into the U.S. Department of Justice—where Nixon’s ally, Attorney General John Mitchell, placed cannabis in Schedule I in 1972; that same year he resigned to head Nixon’s re-election committee. (He later stood trial in 1974 over the Watergate scandal and served 19 months of a prison sentence for conspiracy, perjury and obstruction of justice.] “You want to know what this was really all about?” Nixon aid John Ehrlichman told journalist Dan Baum in 1994, according to an article published in Harper’s Magazine in 2016. “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.'”

    • jontomas

      The Shafer Commission broke important ground, but was tepid, and, perhaps, negligent in some of its conclusions. When focusing on actual, immediate harms of marijuana, it did passably well, stating in their summary:

      >>>”there is little proven danger of physical or psychological harm from the experimental or intermittent use of the natural preparations of cannabis, including the resinous mixtures commonly used in this country.”

      But then, they fell off the cliff by devolving to speculation about the “harms of regular or long-term use,” declaring:

      >>>”The risk of harm lies instead in the heavy, long-term use of the drug, particularly of the most potent preparations.”

      Still, they mostly stayed in reasonable territory, stating in their final comments:

      >>>”Considering the range of social concerns in contemporary America, marihuana does not, in our considered judgment, rank very high. We would deemphasize marihuana as a problem.”

      There are various, important, national commissions on marijuana from a few different countries. I’d say the best one was the Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs of 2002.

      Of course, they had the advantage of being 30 years further along. But that’s not the advantage many would imagine, since “authorized” research on marijuana in the U.S. and some other countries has been intentionally all but prohibited.

      Fortunately, Canadians were less distracted by the political storm around marijuana and were able to drill down to the essential truth of marijuana’s less harmful nature than that of alcohol. – They concluded:

      >>>For the vast majority of recreational users, cannabis use presents no harmful consequences for physical, psychological or social well-being in either the short or the long term.”

      – – – – – – – – – – –

      All the reports of all the major, government commissions on marijuana can be read at the Schaffer Drug Library.

    • Jay

      Ya uuuuu, alcohol is not safe at all. Its a poison. There is a reason it’s transported in hazmat containers.

    • Razor Burned

      the asians photographed the naked young white people san Francisco after Jefferson airplane played and all night love house festival sponsored by the grateful dead. in the 1942 pot was blamed for 6 million missing people. the opium Flanders ruled the hate haste of stringent laws. all 50 states have to legalize in accord followed through federal law repeal.



    The D.E.A. and F.D.A. both stand in defiance of Congress and also the Senate as well as the wish of the citizens. Because of the misuse and abuse of responsibility and credibility as well as incompetence and refusal to reform in their war against marijuana the enforcement power of the D.E.A. should be removed and placed back into the hands of the state. A semi-secret elite police force within what is already a police state is way over the top. America does not need this throwback to the cold war era. These Federal offices have become a haven of renegade Authoritarian despots and tyrants commandeering and miss-directing hundreds of millions even billions into their drug war against American citizens and likewise funding state police regimes both within the U.S. and worldwide.It is these federal agency’s that have created the drug problem solely to commandeer funding and as their power base. Well in excess of sixty percent of F.D.A. employees are bribed into going to work for the pharmaceutical industry. The D.E.A. is no more than an arm of the pharmaceutical industry. These renegade authoritarians as well as the pro drug-war Authoritarians in the F.B.I. need to be controlled or removed Anyone who can not tell the difference between a harmless and beneficial plant such as marijuana and a dangerous and destructive drug like meth does not need to be in any position of responsibility.

  • timedonkey

    These old evil have maintained a willful ignorance for money since Reefer Madness. They are paid to deceive. The Truth is that all marijuana use is medical, it makes Us feel better. The Satanic Corruption of his argument is this, ‘We do know if anything really about marijuana and public policy should not be made with Guesses. So why is it illegal to begin with? If all of the fake scientist still, ‘do not know’, Why have 43 million citizens been arrested and disenfranchised. This is a lot bigger than medicine, this is about Freedom and the Social Contract, this is about the Truth. The Pot laws are the foundation of the Police State and our movement to throw off the political yoke of Criminal Oppression is the Future of Government. We are Direct Democracy and have used the Plebiscite to Project our Power and Right. A time will come when all those that seek to persecute and enslave for pot will themselves face a Tribunal …..

  • Franklin

    He said he would be the last person to stand in the way, and that is what he is doing, standing in the way. It’s easy for him to chuckle about more research, when he knows he hasn’t approved a real study of genuine medical marijuana since he’s been in office. Dr. Sue keeps trying to get suitable strains from Mississippi, and we all seen photos of the results. DEA puppets is playing a game with human lives. He’s just a meat puppet so his name is not even relevant. They can replace him with another puppet who reads the same script.

    This is like talking to the leader of the Spanish Inquisition when they are fully funded. Does anyone expect the DEA to start working for Americans when they never have. They are a militant citizens attack force. Has any such force in the course of World History every just voluntarily laid down their weapons after being persuaded by logic? Ever?

    As long as they can get 50 to 100 billion dollars a year from DOJ, they are going to keep pushing Big Pharma and the prison industry. JAMA stamped out at the Gateway Myth five years. That subject should have been dead and it is among reasonable people. No matter what the science shows they start all over again every year with the Reefer Madness. Medical Marijuana has been shown to reduce spasms like this produced by MS. We know the plant reduces inflammation, for certain. He can’t read? Most of the diseases that kill us and cause the most damage are diseases of inflammation. The DEA is a farce.

    Any other group who spent 2 trillion dollars for the failed Drug War, and didn’t reduce addiction, abuse, or crimes that were associated with it based on no science, is just a parasite on America.



  • Two Bears

    Cannabis may not be a cure or medicine.

    But It stabilizes my gut health instead of bouncing back and forth between two extremes.

    Crohns patients have virtually no quality of life.

    Witg a little cannabis it does three things

    A. Deals with excruciating pain.
    B. Reduces the number of flares. I used to have 2-3 flares a week. In the last 11 months i have had three flares
    C. Returned my quality of life.

    Wonderful to be out of adult diapers.

    I can go out in public without always keeping the bathroom on my radar.

    Is Marijuana a medicine. Whats a medicine supposed to do?

    Relieve pain? MMJ does that for me.

    Improve your quality of lufe? MMJ does that for me.

    Heal a person? There is no cure for Crohns you do the best you can to live with it.

    From the way i see it.

    MMJ relieves pain.

    MMJ got me out of adult diapers anf gave me a much better quality of life

    MMJ reduced both the frequency and severity of flares.

    Which helped a thousand times better than any of the pharmaceutical concoctions i used.

    Marijuana is not a medicine.

  • Steven

    I am a marijuana user. This person is wrong. Marijuana IS a medicine and an effective one.

    • Ken Crisp

      Thank You ! I agree 100%

      • scott steven

        agreed I’m a legal cannabis patient and caregiver since 2000 and I haven’t taken a valium, percette, oxy, vicadin or any opiate since 2000 when I became a medical cannabis patient upon my civilian MDs recommendations (second opinion) since VA (Nam vet here) said do chemo and radiation or be dead in 6 months stage 4…. 17 yrs later cancer-free active and got a bonus 16 1/2 yrs of life and counting

      • TOPDOG1

        It is very effective with many of my problems and ailments as well..Whats not is a government attempting to micromanage me and to use drugs as a pretense to strip everyone’s Civil and Human liberties as well as removing voting privileges. Especially most eligible blacks were removed and prevented from voting this way..They, and every American should be restored and allowed to vote.

    • 1janicebeaty5


  • Jay

    This moron is a crooked cop in a cheap suit. Everyone but the DEA has stuck to the science, maybe if this useless bag of meat would learn how to read he would understand all the science of it and the benefits of it. I now after 12 yrs Of suffering am only having 3 flare ups a year rather than 3 a month without taking any liver killing chemicals that this piece of garbage would be ok taking, oh and by the way those chemicals didn’t help at all.

    • Albert C. Sawchuk

      I never do this, but when I read the same article and found myself having the exact same feelings as yourself, I just had to comment! I too have suffered continuous, chronic pain for the past 13 years; from strokes, cancer, crippling spinal and knee difficulties. After years of opioid use failed, the only relief I have ever reliably received, was from my use of marijuana and it’s derivative products that are fortunately so abundantly available today even here in Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦!

  • jim heffner

    A fitting replacement for the stuttering “All drugs are equally harmful” Michelle LeonHart. If Lawyers like Rosenberg are the authority on medicine , does that mean M.D.s are the experts on legal matters? Where do they find these people?

    • lovingc

      In Rosenbergs case in a sewer.With the rest of the rats!

  • Raul Tsi

    Fuck you, Chuck

  • Brian Silber

    It’s all bull propaganda from an illegitimate government that wants drug companies to profit from components of cannabis rather than allowing us to cultivate it and help ourselves. For a hands off government this sure feels like a death grip for the ill and elderly.

    Plus the bigot with the pointy white hat acting as Attorney General is taking advantage of the C1 so they can lock up minorities, fill private prisons for profit and force prison labor for these Corporate corrupt enemies of the people. Those in jail can’t vote which I’m sure has a tiny bit of influence on this disgusting treatment of Americans. That’s how I see it at least!

  • Mo Jo

    Based on ten thousand reports about the benefits, Congress legalized Medical Marijuana in 2013. And so what if it was legalized with a Rider?
    33% of all Federal laws were passed with Riders! Rosenberg doesn’t have a choice here – he has to follow the law like everyone else, and for pushing his personal propoganda on us, he should be fired.

  • Tom Cavallo

    Too bad!!! his opinion doesnt matter…
    the people have spoken!!!! . It is medicine… 😛

    • scott steven

      science and medical research has also SPOKEN its medicine

  • rogerrramjet

    These old farts up there making decisions based on what they still believe is a true documentary “REEFER MADNESS”. They really do believe that nonsense.

    • Ken Crisp

      and yet im sure some are hitting a vapen in some dark hallways !

  • rwscid

    Even if it were true that marijuana is not a medicine this does not mean it should be banned.

    Candy is not a medicine, either.

    But you don’t go to jail if you eat candy.

    • Ken Crisp

      Not yet….but wait it might get added to the list of things to take away from what we the people…..that makes me laugh we the people …………cant even put a REAL person in the white house ! can put into our own bodys

    • lovingc

      Patent US6630507 – Cannabinoids as antioxidants and … – Google
      This proves the US recognizes the medical uses of cannabis.

  • Mr Green

    I’ll tell you from personal experience, I was on opiates on and off since I was in high school 1974 for migraine headaches. I was then on opiates for a back injury and in pain management. I still had back pain and I was addicted for 2 years I was taking between 200 and 300 mg/day. With the help of my Dr. and marijuana I was able to get off of the opiates never to return. I’m now a NJ medical marijuana patient. I’m losing weight, exercising more, riding my bike and I’m not in a fog anymore. And NO MORE PILLS! People or should I say dinosaurs that think like he does should be made extinct. They are criminals and are committing crimes by denying constituents of medicine. Another DC scumbag who just cares about a paycheck. Eliminate now! Remove from public service!

  • Michael Davis

    Sessions and him are both morons, they’re all getting paid off by the pharmaceutical companies. That some the only explanation. doesn’t make any sense, it’s been proven for years. theŕe all alcoholic, which is poison.

    • Ken Crisp

      but legal……..That Chit is POISON but again its legal…….and the alcohol and tobacco industry has bought and payed for a legal to distribute REAL POISON !………..Strange Stupid world we live in !…..opps forgot to add GREEDY

  • Excuse me

    Hoping not to sound like Ralph Nader screaming at the back of the town hall meeting, but let’s remember the DEA and the FDA, and the USDA as well, have been functioning as enforcement agencies for Big Pharma and Monsanto for decades. Legalizing or liberalizing laws against cannabis does no good for those “that count” to these agencies. The average citizen cannot provide them a sweet government job, or any kind of perk. Citizens do not matter.

  • lovingc

    60% of the country says he is full of excrement. 29 plus states that are on the verge of medical cannabis, know better than the DEA. This ass hat should keep his lies to himself.

  • randolini

    How do you stick to the science of it, if you won’t let researchers research. I wouldn’t give a joint of Mississippi dirt weed to my worst enemy. Jebus, even the Cannabis coming from Mexico now is almost seed free. Back in the 70s, Mexican and C-bo were rife with seeds. The fact that 85% of Americans now believe that Cannabis has medicinal properties just like it did in the late 1800s when Cannabis oil was in 50% of over the counter medicines, this government clown is fighting a losing battle. Is the guy full of sh*t? Of course he is. Does he know he is full of sh*t? Of course he does. But as a member of our fascist government, it will always be the greedy Wall Street scumbags first and the will of the people last. Last time I read the constitution, there was nothing about the Government being able to tell the people what they can or can’t put into there bodies. Consequently the drug laws and hence the war on people who choose certain drugs is blatantly unconstitutional. Lastly I would like to reiterate; “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

  • lovingc

    Maybe I should repeat my claim that this idiot is an idiot.

  • Robert Shkreli

    nether is booze alcohol death up every every year forget the drunk drivers how much is it costing health care with all the related problems that come from alcohol weed helping kids that been having seizures the been in wheelchairs that have changed their lives best and all this is proven but to much money is going in the right pockets and it sad that this goes on we are grown adults in a free country.i can understand if it hurting people more than half people want it it does good not harm i can’t see why i person can go and drink a bol of jack get trashed get in fight tol a car and another person can smoke a joint relax after a hard day and help so many things and rest after it THERE’S SOMETHING NOT RIGHT

  • David Manevich

    For how many more years are they going to keep saying we need more research…. All the research is out there. They (the so called decision makers) just dont like what the research shows thats mj is non addictive, that it is medicine, as far as young ppl go the statistics from legal states show and PROOVE that mj use is down in teenage and younger use. There has never been an instance of death due to consumption of mj. Furthermore as a long term chronic pain patient i can attest to the pain relieving properties of cannabis. As long as i consume some cannabis i dont need to take the norco that my dr prescribes for my pain up to 75% of the time. It doesnt kill all the pain completely but with it ive been able to cut way down on opiate use for pain relief. We the people should be able to decide to use mj which is much more harmful if at all instead of opiate pain killers that are actually killing off our population.

  • Shoreline1

    Rosenberg may be correct. We could conduct an experiment where everyone would go smoke a bowl, and see if they feel better afterwards.

  • My parents suffer from MS and if Marijuana is the only thing that relieves their pain and allows them to live somewhat normal lives compared to the $5000/mo prescriptions they have to take then how the fuck is Marijuana not medicine?

  • Brian Arnone

    I enjoy reading articles about cannabis to see where it all is going. My biggest question to the statement “more research is essential for better understanding how cannabis affects the human body and how it might address various illnesses” is how the hell much more time and research do they actually need to show their results?? My point being this plant has not just popped up last week, last month or last year and still none of our brilliant government scientists know what it is or what effects it has on the human body?? Cannabis has been growing here in north america long before this continent was ever discovered like what back in 1492?? Seriously if the FDA, DEA, EPA or whatever agency they want to use as their poster child wanted to do research and get some good accurate data I think they had plenty of time to do so and I call bullshit on everything they are saying. With that said whatever excuse the all knowing powers to be have for making and keeping cannabis illegal is just pure and utter bullshittery. There are more articles written, testimonials and private research done to prove the benefits of cannabis than any one person can read but it’s practically ignored by this government. The tests the government actually does are flawed from the start because of using low quality “ditch weed”… This in itself should speak volumes about this whole topic of legalization and the results that are being produced. Just one more of the many massive scams that have been pulled on the American people.

    I have a question for everyone reading this, do you know how many chemicals are ADDED to cigarettes? The answer coming from Wikipedia dated April 1994 states 599!!! Not to mention more than 4,000 chemical compounds are created by burning a cigarette, 69 of which are carcinogenic but yet cigarettes are legal. If you ever want to know what those chemicals do try smoking a pack of all natural cigarettes and see what your lungs feel like.

    My final thoughts on this are any natural plants like cannabis that are used for healing / medical purposes are far better than any synthetic drugs that the body does not recognize.

  • Jeff

    When, and from which university, did this guy get his medical degree? He is making a statement about medicine, so he had better not only have a degree but a license to practice. Otherwise, his statement is nothing more than an unprofessional opinion, and must be ignored.

  • JBR

    Marijuana is not medicine yet the FDA approved and still uses Marinol?

  • Paul Sorensen

    I’m libertarian. so I think all drugs should be legal. But if that happened, I would still make cannabis my drug of choice.

  • Mark fusa

    FUCK YOU ROSENBERG…US Pattent 6630507 Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated
    to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids
    useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation
    associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and
    autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular
    application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological
    damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the
    treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease,
    Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such
    as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid
    toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high
    doses useful in the method of the present invention. A particular
    disclosed class of cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants
    is formula (I) wherein the R group is independently selected from the
    group consisting of H, CH3, and COCH3.

  • etowah

    Well yeah, legally it isn’t but practically it is. What would you expect the DEA to say. To them, anything that makes you feel good is evil. It is better, in their self righteous eyes, for you to take things that don’t work well and are harmful to your liver and kidneys. The war on drugs is over…Drugs Won because, supply and demand.

  • JOhn

    Yet another fine example of the disconnect between what the majority of people want in this country and what we receive through often corrupt and misguided minds of some people who use public service jobs to participate in their rationalized delusional thinking and find reward in doing so, like a salary and pension.
    This type of person, a public servant, usually, not always because I know there are certainly good public servants, but this particular one like the DEA chief, these types of personalities like jobs or careers of perceived power, hence most of our distinguished public servants are of this personality type. You can not work or negotiate with this type of personality, it is all about win lose unfortunately.
    The basic and largely unchallenged fact is that by our own public servants hands, we are losing our freedoms and personal liberties at an alarming rate today. This particular public servant who works for us the people, his ignorant and self indulged manner will continue to hurt and disrupt many millions of lives, but he will have his salary, pension and medical insurance for the rest of his life, is this just, I think not.
    Whether you like or don’t like or don’t even care to know about marijuana and its medicinal qualities, you Mr. Public Servant DEA chief must admit that you are trying to curtail illegal activities per your job description, which in and of itself is a noble effort. Yet your very actions and stupidity create more illegal activities by enabling and empowering the illegal marijuana cartels (your actions increase the price of what most North Americas want because of your stupid and illogical approach there at the DEA thus enriching the very cartel you are trying to put out of business, aren’t you? many do ask the legitimacy of your stated objectives.
    God gave us that right and freedom, the right to ingest anything we wish to ingest. Certainly no governmental body of public service gave you or precluded you from ingesting anything God made, yet for America? Yes, if you ingest something and then create some sort of harm somewhere you should be penalized accordingly, but this Marijuana prohibition is nothing short of a fraud to enable more illegal cartel activity at the peoples expense, this must STOP.

  • Debra Steffen

    So, if there’s no medicinal use for Weed, why has Big Pharma synthesized it??? Oh, that’s right, you can’t “patent a plant “!
    Besides, or should I say Including the fact that Big Pharma stands to lose over $200 Billion a year on Chemo drugs alone, never mind for Epilepsy, Seizures, PTSD, PAIN, Depression, Anxiety, to name a few.
    The loss of prisoners in “For Profet Prisons!”
    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. ”

  • natural man

    You can tell MR. Rosenberg has never had CANCER or a Family member with it . HE IS WRONG !!! There are plenty of Doctors & Patients to prove otherwise !!!! Something natural that works is much better than man-made chemicals that don’t. I am LIVING PROOF of this! I’m getting tired of other people and the gov’t trying to tell me how they think I should live ! They need to remove it from schedule 1 classification !! This is long overdue. EVERYTHING in schedule 1 is processed or synthesized from it’s original form. Marijuana is NOT !!!! All the $$$ & TIME that has been wasted fighting it could be better spent on fighting the REAL problems like HEROIN, METH, COCAINE, ECSTACY, PAIN PILLS !!! We have an EPIDEMIC going on in the U.S.A. it has been going on for years !! We need to stop LYING & treating people like criminals for a PLANT !! We have Scientists & Doctors & Researchers & Others including Patients saying GOOD things about it. But the Gov’t. STILL RESISTS. The FEDERAL GOV’T. needs to follow the STATES lead and LEGALIZE IT !! There are a lot of benefits including TAXING IT !!! [ More revenue for the Gov’t. to waste- which they always seem to need ] IT is no different than ALCOHOL PROHIBITION -which FAILED . To this day you can still get good home made MOONSHINE !!!!!

  • everybody knows

    In other words, if we let the cannabis keystone fall from the dome of the drug war, then the covert heroin operations of the CIA will be IMPOSSIBLE to conceal even from toddlers, chimps, and smart dogs.

  • Thomas James

    So when he says that “marijuana is not medicine,” what he actually means is that it has not gone through the FDA trial process. That’s an important distinction. If you define medicine as having gone through that process, then it would still be inaccurate to say, “marijuana is not medicine.” You might say however that “marijuana has not been approved by the FDA as medicine to treat any conditions,” and that would be accurate, but it’s not a soundbite. I’m concerned the public is being misinformed to some extent with the soundbite here. I’m sure Rosenberg would understand perfectly well the argument I’m making here, and that the meaning of the longer reformulation is what he intended to convey, but nevertheless the abbreviated statement carries a risk of confusing people.

    I am also in favor of encouraging citizens to be very proactive in educating themselves about health care to the best of their ability. Towards that end, we might do well to sacrifice the soundbite du jour if it carries a risk of confusion.

  • clara babo

    O busílis da questão está na QUANTIDADE ! Penso que a minha avó cheirava Canabis ( ou Marijuana ) ao qual chamava RAPÉ … …..mas ……só o fazia à noite , juntamente com outros membros da família e talvez com amigos ……quando se reuniam depois de jantar , para conviver um pouco e se sentirem bem . Tinham o Rapé no bolso do avental e de dez em quando davam uma ” cheiradela ” ! ….. Talvez não o fizessem durante o dia para não ficarem com o vício e não se tornarem dependentes , pois parece que o resultado é tão bom que querem continuar ……e continuar ……e continuar. O melhor é fazê-lo à noite e ir para a cama ! ….

  • Stephen Buckley

    I think Chucky might have been sexually abused by the Mayor of Seattle.

  • JohnB

    “But let’s run it through the Food and Drug Administration process, and let’s stick to the science on it.””

    That just so much stonewalling; Rosenberg of all people should know how inapplicable standard FDA approved protocols for new drugs are for cannabis, which is a whole natural PLANT with hundreds of active ingredients, not a synthetic chemical with only a single active ingredient.

    In other words, he knows perfectly well that by saying that he has essentially removed all paths for cannabis to be approved as a “drug.”

    In one respect, he is right; cannabis is NOT medicine as we define such today – again, meaning a single-active-ingredient chemical concocted in a lab somewhere.

    But that doesn’t mean it’s not medicinal.

    As an herbal medicine, the FDA should treat it just like every other herb that is used medicinally – which is to say, having no oversight on it whatsoever.

  • lovingc

    Trump should use this idiot as a seat cushion that is about all his intelegence level is good for.

  • Alan479 Martin

    Alcohol is also “not medicine” Find out which politicians use alcohol and use it as an issue to see that they don’t get reelected as users of a dangerous drug.. See how they like that when the issue of drugs is used against them.

  • It’s really upsetting to hear these people spewing reefer madness while being complete hypocrites over and over. That crowd should have called him out on his bullshhh….

  • scott steven

    It goes to show DEA Acting chief and AG sessions don’t believe in science, medical researches (way over 100) and testimonials goes to show how ignorant those who are suppose govern us can be…….they aren’t in the majority (over 90% of the voters in USA want medical cannabis legalized) which means these 2 are in the under 10% of the nation who thinks it has no medical benefits.

  • lovingc

    Rosenberg is just as stupid this time as he was the last time. 60% of the country says he is ignorant and unable to do his job.

  • Daniel Ortega

    He should be fired, but his job security depends on Reefer Madness! I believe the whole DEA are afraid of losing their jobs because of the Green Revolution of Cannabis and Industrial Hemp.

    • He should be fired AND depleted of ALL internally-produced “endocannabinoids”
      for interfering w/ others’ access to exogenous sources of cannabinoids…

  • Jeffrey

    Don’t worry Chuck. We wouldn’t listen to you anyway. You are just another puppet for the politicians.

  • legalizepotusa

    If marijuana is not medicine then I have to say that Rosenberg is not qualified or intelligent enough to be head of the DEA. How stupid do you have to be to deny as being valid one of the oldest medicines known to mankind? The only person in the DEA that I have seen who is not corrupted is Judge Francis Young. He spoke the truth over 20 yrs ago when he stated that cannabis was one of the safest drugs out there.

  • XO Dosia

    the DEA should be dismantled, and this guy should be investigated for corruption.

  • EdKociela

    Chuck Rosenberg is not a scientist.

  • Matthew Penn

    Fuck these goddamn pieces of shit.Marijuana is medicine. The reason none of these sorry fucking slummy dirt bags doesn’t want a plant to be legal is there all into the criminal side of it. These goddamn no life ancient pieces of shit can’t stand the fact that marijuana is and will be legal everywhere one day. Why don’t these anti marijuana motherfuckers do the world a favor and go jump off a cliff. It’s been proven to be medicine over and over countless times. I cannot stand these very few wastes of space I’m very ashamed to of lived in the same age as them. They are a disgrace and make me sick.

  • cramps

    I don’t see a Dr before Rosenberg so lets take his advice, and I advise he also do the same! We should let the real Dr’s (Independents not funded by the government) figure out the science, which has basically already been done as Doctors are writing prescriptions for marijuana to “help” not “cure” various ailments. The argument is an old one, in which the old guard has implemented a hearty stance against the mainstream norms of 2017, but it is necessary, in their eyes! For think of all the revenues this all creates for lawyers and prisons and that economy that has made the US #1 for incarceration in the world! A lot of jobs lost and all those nonviolents let out of jail to create more smoke! The old policies are just that and until we clean that side of the street we will continue with what we have today! This is not about science, its about cash and a whole bunch of states are cashing in big right now! This could erase deficits as it has for Colorado and now Washington State! Massachusetts is still fumbling the ball and trying to circumvent the will of the voters by dragging its feet and threatening voters will like no other time in history!
    DEA Law Judge Francis Young has also ruled it to be “the Safest Therapeutic active substances known to man”

    Maybe MR Rosenberg (not Dr Rosenberg) didn’t get that memo