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5 Cannabis Strains Named After Animals

Published on August 22, 2013 · Last updated December 1, 2022

In case you haven’t noticed, cannabis strains tend to have silly names. From “Space Bomb” to “Zombie OG,” sometimes they just don’t seem to make much sense. Some strains, however, follow a certain pattern or theme. In honor of last week’s announcement that a new carnivorous mammal has been discovered for the first time in 35 years, we thought we’d highlight a few strains that make you think of the animal kingdom more than a medical plant.

Here are our top 5 picks of animal-named strains:

1. Silverback Gorilla

In a clever combination of parent strains Super Silver Haze and Grape Ape, Silverback Gorilla is one of the more popular animals in our zoo. Relaxed yet potent, this indica-dominant hybrid is like a denizen of an MMA retirement home. Be careful not to over-medicate with this one; you wouldn’t want to irritate the beast.

2. Walrus Kush

I don’t know about you, but I always love it when my medication reminds me of giant, slow-moving, lard-mammals. The effects of Walrus Kush take a while to kick in, and this hybrid may zap your motivation for getting off the couch. Perhaps if this strain were to have a spirit animal, the walrus might be its best bet.

3. Black Mamba

Named after the extremely toxic African snake, this Black Mamba sure has a lethal bite. Known in the animal kingdom for its ability to slither faster than many animals can run, Mamba users won’t know what’s coming. Inexperienced patients may find themselves fast asleep before they even realize they’ve been bitten.

4. White Rhino

The most sociable of the rhinoceros species, the White Rhino is a favorite among Leafly visitors and safari adventurers alike. Strong and well-mannered, stumbling across this beast is a true delight. While the horn of the animal is often mistakenly thought to contain ivory, the strain version is the true holder of a coveted luxury item. This hybrid is famous for its high levels of THC, the predominant psychoactive compound in cannabis.

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5. Pitbull

While this fast-acting, hard hitting strain may live up to its name’s reputation, underneath it all this indica is a true lapdog. After one taste of Pitbull, all you’ll want to do is cuddle up in bed with a rotisserie chicken and your favorite teddy bear. Fortunately for patients using this strain, humans don’t slobber nearly as much as our canine companions.

photo credits: calvinfleming, Loren Javier, hans s, Sapphiren, duartefonseca, and Rob Swatski via photopincc

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