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Product Review: Swerve Confections Snuggle Bites

Published on March 2, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Product at a Glance

Manufacturer: Swerve Confections

Product: Snuggle Bites

Ingredients: (Organic in most instances:) Coconut: flakes, flour, sugar and oil (medicated with hybrid organic cold water hash), agave syrup, California raw honey, sunflower seeds, milk powder, cacao nibs, pecans, hemp seed, vanilla extract, guar gum, shankhapushpi, kapikachhu, ashwaghanda, maca, beet powder, ginger, food-grade rose geranium and rosewood essential oil, rose petals, Peruvian pink pepper. Garnish: orange peel and chocolate drizzle.

Cannabis content: 200mg bar per package, scored into four 50mg doses. (Also available in low-dose 10mg formulation.)

Available in: California

Initial Impressions


  • High quality ingredients. With things like raw honey, maca, cacao nibs, and rose petals listed, and prefaced with “organic where possible,” you can feel confident that Swerve is making deliberate choices about what to include in their products.
  • Resealable packaging allows you to keep your bites from going stale (because you are probably not going to be eating an entire 200mg bar in one sitting).


  • Dosage. 50mg is simply too potent for most consumers, especially when they’re trying to mix cannabis with sexy fun times. I would only recommend this concentration to daily consumers with a pretty high tolerance. Luckily, Swerve just rolled out a low dose (10mg) formulation of each of their three bars: Snuggle, Buzz, and Snooze.
  • Perceived value. The brown paper bag-style packaging feels a little cheap. It makes sense in places like San Francisco which I’ve found tend to be more receptive to rustic packaging, but I suspect these are going to be a slightly harder sell in a perceived-value-focused city like Los Angeles.

Our Verdict

There’s a lot to like about Swerve Confections. These thoughtfully created bars blend a hybrid cold water hash from Mendocino with healthy and nutritious ingredients, including Ayurvedic herbs reputed to promote relaxation, clarity, and intimacy. For sex, hybrid cannabis is great for feeling euphoric and connected without any sedative or couch-lock effects. I can’t speak to each individual Ayurvedic herb, but I definitely found the bar as a whole to be highly conducive to intimacy with my partner.

Be careful though, these 50mg bites are not messing around. About an hour after consuming, I felt abnormally perceptive of light and texture in ways that almost seemed psychedelic. I saw colors more vividly and at one point, actually forgot that I was wearing pants. That was odd.

One downside: as my partner pointed out, “they taste like they’re good for you.” The flavor is vaguely fruity-sweet (probably from the ginger and beet), heavily floral from the rose and geranium essential oils, and a bit nutty on the finish from the pecan and sunflower seeds. These aren’t something I’d choose to sit around snacking on, and I’m not crazy about the aftertaste.

Overall though, I enjoyed these edibles. The taste wasn’t my favorite, but the effects were definitely a pleasurable journey. I’d suggest them to anyone looking to make an evening extra special. Consider starting with half (25mg) or less if you have moderate tolerance, or pick up their low dose 10mg bars if you’re just starting out.

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