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Quebec Doesn’t Want Cannabis-Infused Beverages to Taste Too Good

Health officials recommend even more stringent guidelines for provincial cannabis sales.

Washington State Bans CBD in Food and Beverages

Washington state has announced a ban on hemp-derived CBD in food and beverage products. Whether the products are going anywhere is another story.

How Cannabis Helped Me Cope With Grief

There's a fine line between using cannabis as an aid and using it as a crutch to overcome an emotional experience. Read our first-person account on how the plant can help with grief.

Chocolate Edibles Are Vexing Cannabis Labs. Here’s Why

Chocolate can interfere with cannabis testing procedures and lead to inaccurate THC potency results, according to new findings out of California.

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Lobster Roll and Mash

Elevate your summer snacking!

Dispelling Cannabis Candy Myths for Patients in Quebec

Medical experts assert that there are better alternatives in the wake of Quebec's proposed ban on topicals and edibles.

Study: Colorado Teens Reduce Cannabis Smoking, Increase Edibles

"We haven't seen an increase in use among youth but we are seeing a difference in how young people are consuming," said the study's co-author. "Understanding that can help to inform public health efforts."

No Candy for Québec! Province Proposes Ban on Sale of Infused Sweets

Cookies, brownies, and other confectionery items included.

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Strawberry and Raspberry Yogurt Pops

These simple summertime treats are perfect for any balmy occasion.

What to Do With Disappointing Weed

Mids become magic with these practical tips for transforming bad strains into good—or at least better—experiences.

Beer Brewers on New Cannabis Beers: ‘They Should Just Stop’

Lagunitas’ Hi-Fi Hops takes first place in a blind taste test of five cannabis drinks.

3 Different Ways to Decarboxylate Cannabis

Learn how to decarboxylate cannabis at home.

Decarboxylation 101: How to Decarb in an Oven

This classic decarb method is an essential first step before infusing foods.

Decarboxylation 101: How to Decarb in a Mason Jar

This method of decarboxylation is easy and won't smell up your kitchen.

Decarboxylation 101: How to Decarb by Sous Vide

If you're decarbing on the regular, you might want to consider this 'fool-proof' method.

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