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Yes, Marijuana Lube Is a Thing. A Pretty Good Thing, Too

Published on July 23, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
cannabis and sex
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There’s a state senator in New Jersey who’s really freaked out about the idea of people using cannabis lube with sex toys. Seriously.

Sex toys and cannabis oil are an actual thing. Maybe you should give it a try, Senator.

Last week, state Sen. Ronald Rice, the Democratic leader of New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus and an ardent prohibitionist, repeated the oft-disproven claim that cannabis is a gateway drug, and came up with some new fiction about state-regulated cannabis leading to an increase in “the number of people who’ve never used any type of drugs” then using drugs.

Here’s a fuller quote from state Sen. Rice:

“If in fact we legalize recreational marijuana, right across the street from my office they’re going to put up stores. They want to call them dispensaries, but they’re going to be stores that do retail selling cupcakes with marijuana, candies with marijuana, sex toys and oils with marijuana, lipsticks with marijuana, all those kinds of products that kids can get and people can get.”

Let’s be clear: One of the reasons states legalize and regulate cannabis is so kids can’t get these products. In fact, legal states forbid the manufacture and sale of cannabis edibles in any shape or packaging that would be enticing to kids or teens.

But that’s not the money part of the quote. News outlets up and down the East Coast seized on Rice’s quote because sex, and now “sex toys and oils with marijuana” is suddenly the joke phrase of the week.

At Leafly, we’re here to tell you: Sex toys and cannabis oil = yes an actual thing. And a pretty good thing, too.

Cannabis arousal sprays and lubes have been on the market for at least four years. We noted it in this piece, Arousing Cannabis Spray Is Now a Thing for Your Thing, which announced the arrival of the Foria brand of sensual products.

Two years later, we put Foria to the test, pitting it against non-cannabis market leaders like Swiss Navy, Wet Naturals, and K-Y Warming Liquid. How’d the cannabis candidate do? You’ll have to read and find out for yourself.Looking for Cannabis Lubes & Oils?Want to know more? America’s chief cannasexual, Ashley Manta, offers Lube Recommendations for Your Next Cannabis-Fueled Sex Sesh. Manta notes that “calling Foria a lube is technically a misnomer, as Foria Pleasure is a pre-lube that requires 25 minutes for the THC to absorb into the mucosal membranes. Foria Pleasure can be used to combat vaginal dryness by increasing blood flow to the area and helping to bring the nerves online.” (Looking for more therapeutic uses? There’s a whole world of cannabis suppositories.)

Want to DIY it? That’s possible too. All you need is a little cannabis flower and cononut oil. Manta provides the recipe here, in How To Make DIY Cannabis-Infused Lube.

5 Cannabis Strains for 5 Specific Types of Sex

In fact, Sen. Rice, cannabis lube is one of the most versatile products available in cannabis-legal states. You can even eat the stuff. Our own intrepid Brett Konen set out to test the rumor that it’s safe for all kinds of consumption. Her verdict? Yes. Yes you can. Find out how and why in Konen’s legendary article, Can You Bake With Cannabis Lube? We Tried It and Found Out.

Is there no end to articles about cannabis and sex? If there is, we have yet to find it. Just last week, Karen Getchell discovered a product called CannaMojo, and wrote about it in This THC-Infused Sexual Supplement Is Meant to Get You Extra *Ahem* Lifted. Getchell writes:

CannaMojo is a sexual enhancement supplement for men that’s boosted with THC. The sexual enhancement portion of the supplement is based on an herbal blend called HardMojo that has been used successfully by more than 4.3 million customers over the past five years.

“It takes an average player,” said one of the company founders, “and turns him into an all-star.”

And finally: Yes, there are 5 Cannabis Strains for 5 Specific Types of Sex. Manta wrote this one to respond to one of her most-frequently asked questions: What’s the best strain for sex?

So Sen. Rice: Relax, cannabis lube already exists, and it’s helping a lot of people enjoy their time together. The only thing outrageous here is the fact that the good citizens of New Jersey can’t legally purchase it without a med card.Medical Marijuana Is Legal in New Jersey

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