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Arousing Cannabis Spray is Now a Thing for Your Thing

June 9, 2014
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Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Why not go for the trifecta and pick up some arousing strains, whip up some cannabis-infused chocolate-dipped strawberries, and procure THC-infused intimacy oil to get the nethers ready for primetime? That’s what Foria is hoping you do, anyway — they’re the makers of an “all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women.”


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The product blends liquid coconut oil and cannabis oil to create an all-natural spray that customers are supposed to spritz onto their ladybits about 15-30 minutes before bumpin’ uglies. Females have reported a warming, tingling sensation south of the equator (presumably similar to personal lubrication products that deliver a warming sensation).

Foria cannabis-infused intimate arousal spray
Foria sensual enhancement oil

It’s easy to poke fun at a THC-infused personal lubricant designed for women, but honestly, this is a pretty neat product that has “empowerment” written all over it — it’s empowering to women, cannabis consumers, and sexuality all at the same time. You don’t often see an instance where taboo subjects such as cannabis and sex are melded together in a mature and responsible way.

Unfortunately, Foria is only currently available to California residents who have a valid MMJ authorization and are members of the Aphrodite Group medical marijuana collective. Not fair, Foria. Horny people exist outside of The Golden State. For those of you who do live in California and are able to procure the product, we’d be curious to hear what you think — does this spray rock your world or is it all spritz and no glitz?

photo credit: vitafluida via photopin cc