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BC’s Cannabis Wholesaler Says It’s ‘Not Equipped’ to Handle Clones

As seeds have appeared in stores across Canada, they've been relatively limited in numbers, and like dry flower, they're noticeably more expensive on the legal market.

The Best New Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2019

Start gardening new types of Gelato, Purple Punch, and Original Glue this week to have a pound of buds by fall.

Canada’s First Cannabis Clones Are For Sale Online Now

Plants ship with a battery-powered LED light attached to ensure they stay alive during travel.

Where to Buy Cannabis Clones in Colorado

Ready to start growing cannabis? We found some of the best places to buy high-quality cannabis clones in Colorado.

Where to Buy the Best Cannabis Clones in Oregon

Ready to start growing cannabis? We found some of the best places to buy high-quality cannabis clones in Oregon.

How to Start Your Own Cannabis ‘Mother Plant’

The key to cloning cannabis is to start with the right mother plant. Read about how to start a cannabis mother plant for higher quality clones.

Lab Test Finds 77% of California Clones Contaminated With Pesticides

The Steep Hill Labs project lends credence to growers who say they're not using banned pesticides--yet still find residue in their plants.

How to Safely Introduce Clones Into Your Garden

Learn why cannabis clones can be potentially dangerous to a garden and what growers can do to prevent introducing bad clones into their space.

How to Clone Cannabis Plants

There are benefits to cloning a cannabis plant vs. growing from a seed, and cloning cannabis plants are easier than you think.

Why Cannabis Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the US and Europe

Due to differences in laws, electricity prices, suitable climate and some other factors, the European and the U.S. indoor culture developed on separate tracks. Here are the main differences.

How Austria Became Europe’s Cannabis Clone Superstore

Thanks to odd quirks of Austrian law, the country has become the capital of legal cannabis clones. Consumption, though? Still verboten.

Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Breeding, Genetics, and Strain Variability

Why is it so difficult to find consistency among different examples of what is supposedly the same strain? To answer this, we must delve into the murky world of cannabis genetics and breeding.