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Stop Calling Cannabis Suppositories ‘Weed Tampons’

Foria Relief, a cannabis-infused suppository that's designed to help ease menstrual discomfort in women, has been called a "weed tampon" by lazy media outlets.

Do Different Consumption Methods Impact Your Sexual Performance?

What happens when you experiment with different cannabis consumption methods before diving under the sheets with your partner? Do specific consumption methods impact pleasure?

The Shake: California’s Golden Opportunity for Legalization

Canadian cities launch dispensary crackdowns, Chris Christie throws a cannabis tantrum, and Washington tells kids to "Listen2YourSelfie."

The Shake: Obama Frees 61 Inmates and Whoopi Tackles Period Pain

Microsoft's racist chatbot turns out to be a cannabis fan, a Colorado ski town considers tossing edibles, and a faithful dog brings home a massive haul.

The Shake: Colorado Preps for Super Tuesday, Canada Turns Back Charlo Greene, Face-Blotting Rolling Papers

A daily roundup of cannabis news you need to know. Today's discovery: It’s a facial blotter, it’s a rolling paper… it’s both!

The Shake: How Much Does Your State Suck?

The first cannabis-sponsored pro athlete, a university's obsession with a T-shirt, and lots of confusion over what a tampon is. Catch all the latest cannabis news in The Shake.

Is Cannabis Lube Better Than Mainstream Brands? We Put the Products to the Test

We took to our bedrooms to investigate a question that most people wouldn’t even think to ask: Can a cannabis oil enhance sex better than your traditional lube?

The Shake: Cool Companies, Woody Wants In

Today's cannabis news worth knowing: Illinois employers pledge to support medical marijuana, Woody Harrelson wants a Hawaii dispensary, and more.

Do Cannabis-Infused Suppositories Actually Work? We Tried One to Find Out

Foria Relief was designed to help counteract discomfort and cramping from menstruation, so we decided to put the cannabis-infused suppository to the test.

Arousing Cannabis Spray is Now a Thing for Your Thing

Foria is an "all natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women." The product blends liquid coconut oil and cannabis oil to create an "intimacy" spray.