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Watch This: Seth Rogen Teaches You How to Roll a Cross Joint

This year will be the year that you finally roll and smoke a cross joint. And Seth Rogen’s going to be the man to lead us to the promised land.

High Comedy: Comedians Divulge Their Best Cannabis Tales

We all know cannabis consumption leads to hilarious happenings. Watch these six comedians retell their best stories of times they got a little too high.

Watch This: Spiders (Fake) Try Different Drugs, Weave Wacky Webs

For this week's "Watch This," we check in on a fake documentary following drug-induced spiders weaving a variety of woefully misshapen webs.

Leafly Staff Picks: The Funniest Subreddits to Browse While High

Looking to browse the web after a bit of cannabis consumption? Check out our favorite subreddits that will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

‘Up in Smoke’: How the Original Stoner Comedy Changed History

Cheech and Chong pioneered the field. But does their original film stand the test of time?

Our Favorite Satirical ‘Onion’ Joe Biden Articles Feature His Love of Cannabis

Say goodbye to The Onion's hilarious series of satirical articles about Joe Biden, including four that highlight Diamond Joe's unabashed love of cannabis.

At This Comedy Club, Getting High Is in the Job Description

Seattle’s Gateway Show pairs up cannabis and comedy to create an unstoppable duo. Comics get on stage and perform one set sober, then return in Act 2 after consuming cannabis.

Watch This: Dave Chappelle Jokes About Having ‘Weed Conversations’

The inimitable Dave Chappelle explains why he doesn't smoke cannabis around certain demographics and advises against passing out near white people.

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Funniest ‘Tonight Show’ Cannabis Segments

From sketches to jokes to hilarious celebrity interviews, here’s a roundup of some of Jimmy Fallon’s most giggle-worthy Tonight Show cannabis segments to-date.

Yes Please! Amy Poehler’s Hilarious Cannabis Memories

Leslie Knope may have shied away from cannabis (minus the occasional "insanely good" brownie), but the very funny and talented Amy Poehler is no stranger to it.

Revisit South Park’s Best Cannabis Moments (and Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel)

In honor of the four boys residing in that quiet little mountain town, here’s a look back at South Park‘s most amusing cannabis moments to-date.

The Laughs Are Back! Celebrate 4/20 With Leafly at These 3 Comedy Shows

We're reviving the wildly successful Leafly Comedy Tour for three shows on April 20 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Don't miss out!

Watch This: Golden Girl Estelle Getty Wants ‘No Reefers’ at Her Party

The Golden Girls was a refreshingly forward-thinking television show that didn't shy away from sneaking in the occasional sly reference to cannabis.

Watch This: Remembering Robin Williams and His Hilarious Marijuana Jokes

In remembrance of Robin Williams, a man who touched so many lives with his humor and humanity, we've compiled some of his funniest stand up bits about cannabis.

Watch This: Snoop Dogg Misses a Cannabis Question on ‘Family Feud’

Snoop Dogg squared up against Sugar Ray Leonard in Celebrity Family Feud and was beaten by the boxing legend on a cannabis-themed question.