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Floraplex CEO Alec Riffle Talks Terpene Blends, Brewing, and More

We sat down with Floraplex CEO Alec Riffle to discuss how his team develops their flavorful terpene blends, what sort of trends they are seeing in the industry, and what the future holds.

Prediction: Canada Will Have More Cannabis Than it Can Sell by 2021

A cannabis oversupply would be a boon to Canadian consumers, but will it really happen?

Want to Get a Degree in Cannabis? Here’s Where to Start

A growing number of colleges are adding cannabis to the curriculum to prepare graduates for careers cultivating, researching, analyzing, and marketing the herb.

Rapper Berner’s Top 5 Favorite Strains of All Time

Do you smoke the same as Bay Area rapper Berner? The rap and cannabis mogul details the top five favorite strains of his life, as well as the ongoing war for the soul of cannabis.

10 Major Market Trends: Lift Expo and the Future of Cannabis in Canada

Canned cannabis, fish as fertilizer, and more emerging innovation.

Is a Tobacco Giant Trying to Take Over the Vape Pen Market?

In a move that could shake up the vape pen market, the parent company of Philip Morris has quietly patented dozens of devices that could be used to consume cannabis.

Canopy Buys German Vaporizer Pioneer Storz & Bickel

The Canadian company now owns the makers of the world's most iconic cannabis vaporizer.

10 Major Market Trends: MJBizCon and the Future of Cannabis

Wondering what's new in the industry? Here some of the trends that caught the most attention at this year's MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

Getting Started in the Cannabis Extraction Industry

Cannabis concentrates are a growing industry, but there’s a lot you need to know before getting started in the business of cannabis extraction.

What You Need to Know Before Launching a CBD Brand

CBD is a booming market, but launching a business can be tough in a crowded industry. NF Skin can help you get started.

9 Female-Owned Cannabis Companies Crushing It in California

If you’d like to support the female leaders already thriving in the cannabis space, look for these products designed for women, by women.

Opinion: Advertising Rules for Cannabis in Canada Are Too Strict

Strict regulations are not doing consumers any favours.

Inside Charlottetown’s Only Legal Cannabis Store: A First Look at Cannabis Retail in PEI

Two days before legalization, I entered what would be the only cannabis store in the capital of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, and did so with an…

Delivery Drivers Targeted for Cannabis Crackdown in California

San Diego and Los Angeles arrest scores in 2018, part of a long interdiction tradition.

What Is #Croptober? Celebrating Cannabis Harvest Season

We are celebrating the millions of pounds of cannabis being harvested this season. Come take a look.

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