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Medical Cannabis Coming to Mexico, Maybe Decriminalization Too

Mexico is making moves on cannabis, with medical regulations expected in coming months and even the possibility of decriminalization later this year.

Mexican President Reveals Plan to Decriminalize All Drugs

In a dramatic policy shift, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador admits that 'prohibition is unsustainable.' He thinks ending it will better protect public health.

Mexico Greenlights Country’s First 38 Cannabis Products

Products including gummies, capsules, topicals, and even an infused energy drink will be available to consumers and medical patients—no prescription necessary.

Cannabis Legalization Introduced in Mexico Senate

A week after Mexico’s Supreme Court struck down prohibition, a senator has submitted a bill to legalize cannabis and allow its commercial sale.

Mexico’s Revolutionary Ruling: How Human Rights Law Defeated Reefer Madness

Leafly interview: Historian Isaac Campos says Mexico has a new role in the world—as a drug reform leader.

FAQ: Mexico Legalized Cannabis? Not Exactly

The change leaves Mexico in a strange spot. Prohibition is technically over, yet nothing has replaced it.

History Made: Mexico’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Cannabis Prohibition

In a historic ruling, the high court says adults have a 'fundamental right to personal development,' which includes the choice to enjoy cannabis.

Legalization vs Mexico’s Powerful Cartels: Who’d Win?

(Part three of a three-part Mexico Legalization Series) In Mexico City, 33-year-old businessman Bernardo Pérez Rojas wants to take a plunge into the cannabis economy,…

Mexico Takes Small Steps Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

While Canada and the US move forward on full legalization, why is Mexico lagging?

Why Vicente Fox Thinks Like a Capitalist, Acts Like a Radical

Mexico's ex-president pushes cannabis legalization as a moral cause that makes business sense—and could quell the narco-violence.

Meet at El Presidente’s House: Vicente Fox to Host Cannabis Conference

The former Mexican president, an outspoken advocate for legalization, welcomes the industry to 'Centro Fox' later this month.

Mexico’s Tourism Secretary Floats Idea of Legalizing Cannabis at Resorts

"I am convinced that we must discuss it, as part of the solution to the violence and insecurity in Mexico," Enrique de la Madrid said late Thursday.

As California Legalizes, Laws Collide at US Checkpoints

Marijuana possession still will be prohibited at eight Border Patrol checkpoints in California, a reminder that state and federal laws collide when it comes to cannabis.

Toronto-to-Tijuana Supply Chain? Mexico to Allow Imported MMJ Edibles in 2018

Mexico will allow the import and sale of cannabis-infused medicine, food, beverages, and cosmetics starting in 2018, the nation’s health regulator says.

Muchas Gracias: How Spain Brought Cannabis to the Americas and Influenced Hispanic Culture

To help bring awareness of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we explore Spain's role in bringing cannabis to the Americas and its eventual spread into the United States.

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