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High on Pie: We Tried New York’s Cannabis-Infused Pizza

Stoned Pizza delivers infused slices to your door. So we ordered a couple pies. Parties ensued.

This Is What White Weed Privilege Looks Like

This week's college cheating scandal is all about wealthy white people gaming the system. They do it with cannabis all the time too.

NYC Cracks Down on CBD-Infused Food and Beverages

The city’s Health Department issued warning to any business offering CBD-infused food or beverages: Ditch the CBD or face a fine of up to $650.

New York Mayor Comes Out Strong for Legalization With Equity

Some expected Bill de Blasio to give tepid support, but he came out fiery in favor of ending prohibition and righting past wrongs.

New York Gov. Cuomo Says Cannabis Legalization Is a 2019 Priority

In a reversal of his long-held opposition, Cuomo looked at the evidence (and the polls) and said, okay.

New Yorkers Declare: No Legalization Without Social Equity

A two-day conference in Albany set the tone for 2019: Equity must be baked into the law.

New York City Cannabis Arrests Nosedive 97%

New York Police Department policy reforms took effect hard in September.

New York Cops Still Making Cannabis Arrests, Despite Mayor’s Policy

State law says THC oil isn't marijuana—so cops are arresting people for it.

In the Midst of a CBD Craze, New York City Opens Its First CBD Cocktail Bar

Take a look inside Adriaen Block, a cocktail bar where CBD is artfully balanced with alcohol & provides a soothing, refreshing experience.

How Cynthia Nixon Changed the New York Cannabis Game

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is favored in next week's primary. But the #CynthiaEffect has already broken New York's legalization logjam.

Analysis: Will the NYPD Really Stop Frivolous Marijuana Arrests?

New York will take fewer marijuana smokers to police stations starting Sept. 1. Critics say it's too little too late as the public clamors for bigger cannabis reforms.

Things Are Canna Crazy in New York City These Days

25 New Yorkers were just hospitalized because of cannabis prohibition. It's time to stop the madness.

Legalization Dominoes Start Falling (Finally!) in New York

In New York, people of color get arrested for cannabis. White people don't. The data prove it. Now the mayor says he'll change that.

5 Ways New York City Can Reform Its Outrageous Cannabis Policy

Stop arresting people for cannabis is a basic first step. Also, in general, leave people alone.

Is Cannabis Legal in New York City? Well…It’s Complicated

It's also confusing. Cannabis flower is illegal for patients, but nearly legal for all others. With extracts, it's the opposite.

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