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Virginia Senator Steps Up for Decriminalization, Again

A new bill would decrease criminal penalties for possession of cannabis in Virginia to minor civil fines.

Which States Are Eyeing Cannabis Decriminalization in 2016? The Leafly Roundup

Legislators in Georgia, Illinois, Wyoming, and Virginia are all seeking to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis, with some making a second or third attempt.

Weekend Weirdness: Man Runs Out of Rolling Papers, Calls 911 to Order More

You should refrain from dialing 911 unless you have an actual emergency, not if you, say, run out of rolling papers and need a re-up.

Virginia’s Cannabis Arrest Rates Skyrocket: The Leafly Legalization Roundup

A California city is facing dispensary and delivery shutdowns, Colorado's in hot water over pesticide use, and a report from Virginia shows surprising cannabis arrest rates.

Is it the End of the ‘End of the War on Drugs’?

The number of cannabis industry conferences seems to grow every year, but the Reform conference remains the premiere get-together for global policy makers and industry shakers.

D.C. and Alaska Officially Legalize: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

The last two weeks brought us legislative updates full of monumental moments for cannabis, including Alaska and Washington, D.C. officially legalizing recreational cannabis.

Berkeley’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Win Big in Federal Court: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

This week is full of battles to be won (and some have been won already!). Here’s the latest from the front lines of the cannabis movement:

Michigan Wants Cannabis Taxes Over Higher Sales Tax and Mississippi Tries to Legalize: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

Cannabis supporters all across the globe continue to fight the good fight towards legalization. Here's a roundup of the good, the bad, and the unexpected in cannabis legislation:

Virginia Sees the Alarming Effects of Epilepsy and Georgia Won’t Take “No” For an Answer: The Leafly Cannabis Legalization Update

We’re seeing a clear trend of more states considering decriminalization in addition to cannabis legalization efforts. Here’s what's been happening both domestically and internationally:

Virginia Considers Decriminalization and Cannabis Oil Legalization

The Virginia General Assembly will be considering several upcoming cannabis bills, including a decriminalization bill and the legalization of medical cannabis oil.