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Weekend Weirdness: Driver Insists on Finishing Joint Before Being Pulled Over

Ever find yourself in the middle of something so engrossing, you just have to finish it before acknowledging anything or anyone in your immediate surroundings?

Weekend Weirdness: Man Kind of Returns Lost Wallet, Keeps the Cash Cuz He “Needed Weed”

A Brooklyn-area man who lost his wallet at a concert had it returned by a mediocre Samaritan who kind of wanted to do the right thing, but not without treating himself first.

Weekend Weirdness: Men Driving with Illegal Cannabis Call the Cops on…Themselves?

Idaho is one of the most restrictive states in the union for cannabis, a fact two self-proclaimed "dumbasses" must have known as they were driving through it with 20 pounds of product.

Weekend Weirdness: “Sorry for Robbing You, Here’s Some Cannabis”

Being held up at gunpoint is a traumatizing experience, which is presumably why a robber in South Carolina tried to soften the blow by offering his victim a little consolation prize.

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis Disguised as Carrots Has Agents Saying “What’s Up, Doc?”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents confirmed that they intercepted 2,493 pounds of cannabis coming into the United States from Mexico disguised as hilariously fat carrots.

Weekend Weirdness: Cannabis-Growing ‘Nuns’ Refuse to Back Down Despite Cultivation Ban

Self-described "nuns" in Merced, California, produce high-CBD products for ailing patients despite a recent city ordinance banning cannabis cultivation and sales.

Weekend Weirdness: Pigeons Reveal Secret Cannabis Grow

Pigeons sure seem to be attracted to cannabis in some way. Recently a flock of them inadvertently ratted (or would it be "birded" in this instance?) out an illegal grow operation.

Weekend Weirdness: Man Runs Out of Rolling Papers, Calls 911 to Order More

You should refrain from dialing 911 unless you have an actual emergency, not if you, say, run out of rolling papers and need a re-up.

Weekend Weirdness: Illegal Grower Hears Unrelated Helicopter, Panics, Surrenders

A man in Edgewater, Florida was operating an illicit cannabis grow in a storage unit, heard a police helicopter, figured the jig was up, and dialed 911 to turn himself in.

Weekend Weirdness: The Traffic Lights in Serbia Are Looking a Little…Different

A prankster in Serbia has been sprucing up the traffic lights, changing each color to a different symbol and altering green into a little cannabis leaf.

Weekend Weirdness: FYI, Dirty Socks Don’t Smell Like Cannabis

I don't think even the most potent-smelling strain could be confused with a bag of stinky socks, a lesson one Michigan man learned the hard way.

Weekend Weirdness: Talk About a “Special” Delivery

What would you do if you opened your front door to find a mysterious package, and when you opened it, you discovered a "special" delivery of roughly 50 pounds of cannabis?

Weekend Weirdness: “I’d Like to File a Complaint About the Lack of Cannabis in This Town”

The latest head-scratchah from Down Undah involves a 911 call involving an "irate" and "intoxicated" female who wished to file a very specific complaint.

Weekend Weirdness: Pig Gets the Cannabis Munchies, Won’t Share Its Stash

There's a drug-addicted menace plaguing Queensland, Australia, and he's been quite literally pigging out on some cannabis.

Weekend Weirdness: “Help Me, 911, I’m Waaaaaay Too High”

Police in Ohio responded to a rather interesting 911 call involving a cannabis aficionado who realized he may have overdone it a little.

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