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Aurora THC Sativa Aces Pre-roll 2x.5g

by Aurora Drift

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Aurora Drift Cannabis Pre-rolls Aurora THC Sativa Aces Pre-roll 2x.5g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Our pre-rolled cones are created using finely-milled flower that's wrapped in vegan-friendly rolling paper. They are carefully curated from a medley of flowers to deliver a smooth finished product.

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Not generally a sativa person anyways, but this was a pretty energetic racy high. Took a nice long walk home and by the time I got there was ready to just chill for a while. Not the most social sativa, on the upside it was a functional high. Decently long lasting for a lightweight.

About this brand

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Find a moment to change course and shift your perspective with Aurora Drift. With a wide range of formats, from high-quality edibles, vapes to strains, there’s a memorable experience waiting for you – no matter the path you choose to drift.