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Broken Coast Cannabis Cannabis Flower Quadra
Broken Coast Cannabis Cannabis Flower Quadra

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Quadra (AKA Headstash) Is an indica dominant strain with a perfect combination of aroma, flavour and appearance. Beautiful frosty purples and bright greens in an exceptionally dense flower. The smoke is thick and powerful with funky kush, earthy and woody flavours with notes of mandarin zest. Dominant terpenes include Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Terpineol. This strain is a true quad that tests higher on THC levels. This strain, like all Broken Coast strains, is grown indoors in strain specific rooms, slow cured and hand trimmed preserving the quality and large dense buds Broken Coast is known for. Over 100 consumer review indicate calming, dry mouth, happy and sleepy effects. Quadra comes in 3.5g and 7g weights. (80% Indica / 20% Sativa)

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Amazing gorgeous frosty huge buds. Picked up 15 grams on mu second order and it came in two buds crammed in the jar. Hard hitting for sure. Pain relief was good as well. Made sleep come easy. First two orders were good mood and then it seemed to turn on me with too much paranoia. Mixed it some with other strains and finished it but not going to order it for a while again.

Absolutely great. Absolutely covered in trichomes with a rich smell. Hits strong

About this brand

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Established in 2013 in three modest warehouse units, Broken Coast acquired the fourth license in British Columbia to cultivate cannabis and the 12th license in Canada. Since then we've expanded into a bespoke indoor 44,000 square-foot facility situated on the shores of the Salish Sea and the emerald rainforests of Vancouver Island. We continue to develop and cultivate the highest grade cannabis, and strive to uphold the quality and reputation that BC bud has earned worldwide. Quantity has never been our goal, and we've developed rigorous standards to weed out traits that don't measure up. Only our best-performing genetics are selected for production, and even then only the strongest clones make it to harvest. Our plants are precisely pruned to concentrate energy in only the topmost colas, improving overall crop consistency and minimizing lower-potency 'popcorn' buds. From our team of master growers to the trimmers who carefully hand prepare each bud, every point in the Broken Coast production chain is designed to maximize quality and product integrity.