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Lola Montes Pre-Roll 0.5g

by Edison Cannabis Co.

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Edison Cannabis Co. Cannabis Pre-rolls Lola Montes Pre-Roll 0.5g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Edison’s Indica dominant Lola Montes is known for its signature sweet, cherry flavour and aroma, two-toned emerald hue and dense buds, rich in THC. Every plant at Edison is nurtured in data-backed, strain-specific grow rooms with customized micro-climates to ensure consistent quality. And we pack Lola Montes with our dual boost humidity pack to preserve freshness. Because the only place dry herb belongs is in your kitchen. THC: 16-22% Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Bisabolol, Humulene Available weights: 0.5g

About this brand

Edison Cannabis Co. Logo
At Edison, we believe in infinite potential. In both our plants and our people, we reach higher, dig deeper and dream bigger. Some might say we do things our own way around here – and they’d be right. Where are we working today? In strain-specific micro-climates specifically designed for each cultivar’s unique needs. How did we get here? By finding simple solutions to complex challenges, listening to our plants, our people and finding joy in the ordinary. In other words, we don’t just cultivate cannabis. We cultivate genius. What does this mean for those who enjoy cannabis? Our particular brand of genius won’t complete your tax return or design your meal plan. But it does promise something that matters to us: flower, pre-roll, edible and extract products that just keep getting better.

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Thu Jan 23 2020
What a stroke of luck that I picked up this strain. I swear the cannabis gods were looking out for me. I'm what we call a tolerance monster, so keep that in mind if you keep reading =) I was having a pretty perfectly normal day, and I picked this up because it had 19.1% and came in a 7g cannister (I can usually only find 3.5s at my favorite dispensary), and I wanted to do some baking with a lot of bud. I packed about 6g away for baking and left myself a couple of decent-sized nugs (maybe just under 1g) to test out in the meantime. I admit I missed out on checking the scent/flavor profile but I feel like it was on the earthier side of things (I'd need to try it again to confirm). There was a good balance between body awareness and pain relief in my shoulders and spine. There was a tad of pressure in the ears, but less around the eyes than usual. This did give me fairly dry eyes and a touch of cottonmouth. I absolutely 100% recommend this strain for depression. Here is my experience: right before I smoked my 1g (give or take) blunt, I had a big depressive breakdown. As bad as I can get, dwelling on little things and hating myself, just generally feeling awful and like laying down and never getting up again. I did manage to drag myself outside for a smoke and felt almost instantly better. For one, the dinner that I had made that I was now disgusted to eat became edible again, so I was saved from bitterly starving myself. However, I wasn't too muchie and still ate enough that I no longer felt myself at risk of getting sick from that (I have very severe irritable bowels). The IBS, incidentally, stayed under control on this strain. The specific effect that Lola Montes had on me, regarding the depressive episode, was to keep my thoughts on the surface. I found myself quite focused but never dwelling on anything and not thinking deeply at all. Bad thoughts didn't seem to come to my mind because I was focused only on what was directly in front of me. As I wrote this, I tried to come up with a bad thought, and considering I had just been a bawling wreck 15 minutes prior to smoking, you'd think I'd have had plenty of negative thoughts... but there was nothing. I just wanted to sit back and either do something or experience something. Music seemed like a good idea, maybe continue watching Tommy Chong on Joe Rogan's podcast, or maybe watch a movie. I had been tired before despite it being around 6:30 p.m. but while I felt hazy I wasn't sleepy. The haziness was nice. Rather than lay down and dwell in bad thoughts, I sat down on my computer and did some work. The edge of the high was not particularly sharp and wore down after approximately 2 hours, allowing my thoughts to slowly get deeper again without overwhelming me, leaving me calm for the rest of the evening. Regarding driving, I was still too depressive to want to go anywhere, which made wondering if I was able to drive seem like a stupid question that wasn't worth considering. However, I suspect the focus on what you're doing would allow capable drivers to feel fairly safe on this strain. Staying hydrated on this strain is prudent due to the mild dryness. Reading and music were both enjoyable, separately or together. I didn't feel particularly up to gaming, though that may have been mood-related. Ultimately this was a really relaxing high that wasn't too intense and really ended up being exactly what I needed in a truly horrific bout of depression. If you're searching for something to calm you the fuck down when you're freaking out, you might find a gem in this one. Likely would work wonders on stress and anxiety too, seeing as those are both symptoms of my depression.
Sun Dec 15 2019
Good, shit...