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Glueberry Shatter 1g


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FIRESIDE Concentrates Solvent Glueberry Shatter 1g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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Rocking shatter! Crisp clean taste! Also, with how I usually cough when I take a dab, this is very smooth! Nice and wavy yet strong buzz. Terpenes (flavor and smell) similar to wappa (fruity and fresh). If you are intrested in shatter but are worried about possible harmful residue from black market shatter, I highly recomend. Keep in mind if it takes an hour to four for someone to process shatter in their backyard, paying someone a liveable wage with all the other overhead of running a buisness to make shatter, is going to be expensive.

About this brand

Fireside, a new line of premium cannabis products designed to enhance life's social moments..