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Nightshift Pre-Rolls 2.5g 5-Pack

by Kingsway

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Kingsway Cannabis Pre-rolls Nightshift Pre-Rolls 2.5g 5-Pack

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Nightshift is rolled for you with a blend of OG indica dominant whole flower. Nightshift pre-rolls smoke smooth with a sweet and piney flavour and a calming effect. The 5pk 0.5gs are conveniently Rolled For How You Roll. Made to sesh solo or to share with the crew.

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So good.

About this brand

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Kingsway is The People’s Weed. Made by everyday weed smokers for everyday weed smokers. We deliver consistent and potent flower and pre rolls. We keep it simple. While some go low, we get high. Much love for stopping by.