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Marley Natural Storage Flower Storage Small Holder
Marley Natural Storage Flower Storage Small Holder
Marley Natural Storage Flower Storage Small Holder


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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About this product

The Small Holder features has an intelligently designed interior that minimizes odor while protecting your pre-roll from getting crushed or damaged. The exterior of the case is crafted from beautiful black walnut wood and is optimal for portability and storage. The Small Holder is 3.5" L x 1" W

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It's hands down the classiest way to carry around a one-hitter. Love the design. My only complaint about this thing is that it doesn't come with the little steam-roller that fits perfectly inside it.

Super chic and perfect to carry a joint in your bag! Love it.

About this brand

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Marley Natural™ is a premium product line crafted with awareness, authenticity, and a genuine respect for nature’s nourishing benefits. Our flower, accessories, and body care products are all responsibly sourced and integrity driven. Each of our offerings is a direct reflection of the Marley ethos that integrates nature’s goodness with a belief in the positive potential of herb. As agents of change, we promote positivity, connectivity, and personal transformation. And as believers in progress, we offer an exceptional lifestyle line that is inspired by Jamaica’s vibrant culture. We are proud to be the official Bob Marley cannabis brand. Marley Natural supports Rise Up™, giving back to Jamaica and communities harmed by prohibition. Learn more MarleyNatural.com/rise-up