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Namaste Daytime CBD

Namaste Daytime CBD

by Namaste

6 customer reviews


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Sun Jan 05 2020
This is almost perfect! I have ulcerative colitis and this strain let’s me eat without pain or running to the bathroom. I’m clear headed and focused without any anxiety. I get a feeling of well being. If I smoke too much I’m a bit forgetful, but otherwise I’m energized and able to function normally.
Sat Nov 30 2019
Great after work! instead of having a cup of coffee for energy and getting stuck with the caffeine jitters before bed ,considerably good alternative . Good for anxiety keep a sharp mind doesn’t get you to hazy . Love this strain
Mon Oct 07 2019
Doesn't do much on its own, I like to mix it up with more potent sativas or hybrids
Fri Apr 12 2019
So far my favorite strain. A very relaxing, cozy high that's full of good vibes and no anxiety. Despite its relaxing feel, it's very clear headed and easy to be functional on. Great strain for helping deal with stress and to release some tension from the body. Excellent strain for opiate recovery as it's the only strain I've found that mildly mimics opiate like warmth and wellbeing at times. Helps greatly in dealing with the chills that often comes from the PAWS(Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) stage of recovery.
Tue Mar 12 2019
I picked this stuff up from NSLC Cannabis in hopes I could find a strain that I could use during the day without feeling fatigue/spaced out. After vaping 1 bowl of this stuff I was pleasantly surprised. The effects slowly crept up on me and Within 15 minutes the minor headache I woke up with faded away and I became increasingly relaxed yet focused . I highly recommend this strain to anyone who suffers from ADHD or Chronic Pain as it has a moderately high CBD content , Perfect for daytime use like the label says.
Mon Nov 19 2018
Daytime CBD is light, uplifting and delightful. The name says it all. Amazing sativa-dominant strain. Ideal for morning consumption.