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Nugsmasher XP

Nugsmasher XP

by NugSmasher

4 customer reviews


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Fri Apr 26 2019
Purchased a Nugsmasher Xp after owning a Pure Pressure and Rosin Tech and hands down better yield results and reliability. I would highly recomend!!
Sat Apr 07 2018
Purchased a Nugsmasher XP 3 months ago this machine works amazing. I was very impressed with the quality of construction and attention to detail on this machine, not to mention it has a lifetime warranty which nobody in this industry comes close to touching. I have gotten close to 30% yields with some strains and it couldn't be simpler to operate. I also wanted to mention i don't think i have ever dealt with a company that is more professional and genuinely determined to take care of their customers.
Sat Apr 07 2018
This is a great deal for those who require clean, quality extracts! Great customer service and the press is amazing. I give it 5 stars overall for the press and service. From the beginning they were very helpful and even continue to assist with questions along the way. It is very simple to use, it is plug in and GO like they say and I love the gauge. I would recommend to anyone interested AND it comes with a lifetime warranty. Also built in the USA. Cheers
Tue Nov 21 2017
Hi, I purchased a Nugsmasher XP unit on Sept 9th, 2017 and received directly from the manufacturer on Sept. 15th. This first unit arrived with damage all over it. Both of of the top corners were scuffed down to the wood frame under the metal. Both of the plates, upper and lower, had scratches in several areas which did not pass the fingernail test. The plates were also filthy dirty and the lower arm had been knocked out of alignment and rubbed against the housing when raised and lowered. There was also a decent dent in the top on the back edge. I have photos of all of this. I promptly contacted Nugsmasher and reported the damages. They offered to send me a replacement press. I received the replacement press, the 2nd Nugsmasher XP unit, on Sept 25th. This unit was in much better condition, but also had some marks on the housing not as big of a deal as the first one. This unit's plates were not scratch and were in good condition. The main issue on this press is that it arrived with the gauge reading pressure under no load. The gauge was not calibrated correctly, but it did read more pressure when applied at the plates. It was just off by 600-800 psi. With this press being $1400 and with one of the only main differences between this unit and Nugsmasher's $700 unit, you would expect a functional gauge. So again, I called Nugsmasher to address this and they had me attempt to burp/reset the gauge's hydraulics. I went through the process several times because I really wanted this to fix it so I didn't have to deal with sending a 2nd press back and then I could get on with being a happy customer with a quickly fixed hiccup. However, the process to fix the gauge didn't fix it. So they said they would send me a 3rd press. I received the 3rd Nugsmasher XP unit on Oct. 19th. This unit is the unit I still have today. This unit... also arrived with damage. Now... the first 2 presses had totally different damage than one another but this press was a little different. The plates on this press are totally polished and have mirror finish. The first two presses had machining ridges you could feel with your finger nail when running over the press. These plates were like glass which made the deep scratches very easy to see. The scratches are on both, the upper and lower plates in the front and in the rear. They are small but deep scratches. Also, the upper plate seems to be misaligned with the housing and is protruding out the rear of the housing at an angle that is easily noticeable. The lower plate was a little off too, but I found that I could move it around a bit to match the upper plate's angle... I again, promptly informed Nugsmasher of this issue and have not had a response as to how they are going to resolve this with me. I would like to know what they plan on doing as I am unable to return the unit based on their updated policies and they have not offered any resolution for me. This is why I still have the press and have decided to share my experience.