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Peak Leaf Cannabis Flower Bigleaf Kush

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Hybrid: Sativa Dominant Leafy, airy buds with dark greenery and moss green undertones and a coating of crystals. The strong kushy smell features notes of lavender and a light bitter lemongrass flavour trailed by sweet jasmine. THC: 22% CBD: ≤1% Dried Flower: 1 g, 3.5 g, 7 g Pre-Rolled Joints: 1x1 g, 5x0.5 g

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Picked some of this up on my first order from the BCS. The dried flower itself is relatively low odour or at least what I have doesn't really stink. The smoke itself is nice and mellow with a pleasant earthy/flowery taste and smell with the slightest of spicy undertones. That being said, even though she is mellow this strain packs a nice cerebral front of the face stone. When I see the word Kush in a strain I usually correlate that to probable couch lock, not the case with this strain. If this is available from your supplier I would definitely say check it out, certainly a good smoke, just don't let the name fool you!

Amazing Strain. Strong body buzz for a sativa.

About this brand

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Discover ways to enhance your mind and body by letting the outside in, because the more we connect with nature, the more we can reconnect with ourselves. Experience a collection of cannabis products inspired by nature. Our strains are rooted in the sights, smells, and atmosphere of the outdoors.mosphere of the outdoors.