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Ice Qwest a.k.a Ice Cream Cake


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QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Ice Qwest a.k.a Ice Cream Cake
QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Ice Qwest a.k.a Ice Cream Cake
QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Ice Qwest a.k.a Ice Cream Cake

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About this product

A rare selection from the Qwest Reserve collection. A true overachiever of a new era: Ice Cream Cake. A cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. Candy like in appearance with a creamy dessert-like taste. It is as sweet as the name suggests. Dense and expertly cured. It will leave you feeling cool, floating, peaceful. Discover this critically acclaimed strain. Small batch grown, hang dried, hand-trimmed​ and expertly cured for a cannabis experience beyond the ordinary.

About this brand

The Qwest Cannabis Estate sits in the Creston Valley - in the heart of British Columbia's traditional Cannabis Country where world-renowned BC Bud has been cultivated for decades. Here our team of expert growers, with over 50 years combined experience in creating some of the world's best cannabis, nurture the plants with passion and care. They know that creating great flower is a true partnership between cultivar and cultivator. Between plant and person. We cultivate uncommon strains and rare phenotypes: strains that embody the best aroma, taste, look, and effect. These rare and coveted strains are available only for a limited time. Qwest Cannabis is handcrafted from the seed up. Small Batch Grown: so we can carefully monitor and attend to each individual plants needs. Hang Dried and dry trimmed: ensuring buds aren't overly handled, protecting the hard one trichomes. Hand Trimmed: Each bud is custom hand-trimmed​ - ensuring the strains unique characteristics stand out. Top Cut: We harvest only top cuts - giving you the densest most robust buds. Mountain Water: Our plants are nourished from our own water source - pure glacial water that runs naturally through the Qwest Estate.

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Fri Feb 22 2019
Producer - Qwest Cannabis Strain - Ice Cream Cake THC - TBA Lot # - TBA Sight - 9/10 This stuff looks AMAZING. It is covered head to toe in trichomes. Looking through the microscope I found most of the heads still in tact. Beautifully trimmed as well, no excess leaf. Ash burns white. Would have given perfect score had more of the heads been amber. Smell - 10/10 I'm hesitant to give out full 10/10 however I cannot get enough of the nose on this. Heavy sweet and fruity notes initially followed by a subtle vanilla finish. I would wear this as cologne. Touch - 10/10 Nothing bad to say in this category either. You can barely break the bud up with your fingers as its too sticky. I didn't even need to jar it with a boveda. Taste - 9/10 Product tastes exactly how it smells. Amazing. I am a bong smoker normally but I found myself wanting to roll this up and saver the flavour. Smooth and sweet. Effects - 10/10 Might just be me but I felt almost instant couch lock with this. Half way through the joint and I was already in a state of relaxation. Great night time smoke for sure! Total - 48/50 or 96% Closing notes: Pretty sure this is the highest score I've given an LP strain to date. And I feel it is well deserved. These guys are worth watching for sure. This product was given to me as a replacement so once I see the strain come onto BC cannabis i'll buy it and compare with the sample I was given. One of the only LP's that I would consider "craft cannabis".