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QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Wedding Breath
QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Wedding Breath
QWEST CANNABIS Cannabis Flower Wedding Breath

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Wedding Breath holds a special place in the Qwest Reserve Collection. It is truly a unique breed, resulting from a cross between the famously delicious Wedding Cake and the trichome rich Mendo Breath. Dense crystal-caked buds that burn to a clean white ash. The mouth feel is rich and creamy and you'll taste a subtle spice. Discover this rare strain meticulously cultivated and expertly cured by Qwest. cured by Qwest.

About this brand

The Qwest Cannabis Estate sits in the Creston Valley - in the heart of British Columbia's traditional Cannabis Country where world-renowned BC Bud has been cultivated for decades. Here our team of expert growers, with over 50 years combined experience in creating some of the world's best cannabis, nurture the plants with passion and care. They know that creating great flower is a true partnership between cultivar and cultivator. Between plant and person. We cultivate uncommon strains and rare phenotypes: strains that embody the best aroma, taste, look, and effect. These rare and coveted strains are available only for a limited time. Qwest Cannabis is handcrafted from the seed up. Small Batch Grown: so we can carefully monitor and attend to each individual plants needs. Hang Dried and dry trimmed: ensuring buds aren't overly handled, protecting the hard one trichomes. Hand Trimmed: Each bud is custom hand-trimmed​ - ensuring the strains unique characteristics stand out. Top Cut: We harvest only top cuts - giving you the densest most robust buds. Mountain Water: Our plants are nourished from our own water source - pure glacial water that runs naturally through the Qwest Estate.

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Wed Nov 18 2020
Strain comes complete with trichomes and compliments it’s parents! Worth smoking if your a big fan of wedding cake for its smoothie aroma and I would say this strain leans towards its sativa counterparts. Even though it’s high thc and as long as you don’t suffer from paranoia I would recommend even for light smokers because it settles in very nicely!
Fri Feb 14 2020
I'm a bit of a tolerance monster, so bear that in mind if you keep reading =) I picked up the 2x 1g pre-rolls at my favorite dispensary (Lake City Cannabis, Chestermere AB) and enjoyed one outside in the Chinook. The smell was subtle but very nice, though I didn't pay enough attention to pick out the particular terpenes, though there was a bit of fruit/citrus perhaps. The smoke was quite smooth and didn't need to be re-lit almost at all, with low-medium coughing. The high hit quite fast, with burgers coming on reasonably early in the smoke (for those unfamiliar with the phrase, it's when your lower eyelids puff up and make your eyes look like tiny hamburgers - the "burger eyes"). The high was intense and very pleasant, with depression and pain easing off very quickly. The intense part of the high, sadly, wasn't so long-lasting, for an hour or so, but the body high and mellow to follow was very pleasant. I did note that I was a fair bit colder than usual on this strain. Focus was very good but not overwhelming (as in, I could be brought out of what I was doing without the feeling of being torn away). Music was great. My irritable bowels had been half-awake earlier but went back to sleep on this strain. My nausea and unwillingness to eat was fully eliminated. I'm usually very good with controlling the munchies, but I did find myself reaching for snacks and having to hold back (though there wasn't an active sensation of hunger, which is good). Overall, this was a really nice strain, a pleasant smoke, and a very enjoyable high with no real downsides. If I were to give this a full score, I would want the highest part of the high to last twice as long if I'm going to be paying this price.
Tue Dec 31 2019
It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but it was a very nice creeper that has a perfect name for how it feels. Tasty and easy to smoke, I would buy again if not for it's high price point.