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Sweet Jersey 3 Pre-Roll 1g


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RIFF Cannabis Pre-rolls Sweet Jersey 3 Pre-Roll 1g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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I really enjoyed this. Kept me focused in my activities mainly when i need some creativity burst, or when I want to have deeper experience in a conversation, art work, music, movie, etc. Also kind of put me into deeper thoughts i really enjoyed. However being a sativa it was pretty odd that after a couple of hours it made me feel super sleepy. Not bad though.

Okay smoke, terrible roll - inconsistently tight and loosely rolled.

About this brand

RIFF is a creatively crafted cannabis brand that loves a joint effort. We strive to elevate the standard for cannabis in Canada. Highly curated, expertly made. This is our commitment to our community. All of our strains and product formats are carefully curated, because we believe that if it's not grown, crafted and expertly made — it's not worth being on the shelf.