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Royal High Cannabis Flower CBD Tonic

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About this product

The vast majority of the genetics used in CBD Tonic hybrid of Critical Mass and Diesel Tonic were created by legendary breeders from the Netherlands. This variety was cultivated with the medical user in mind but would also appeal to the majority of people due to its delightful citrus-grapefruit flavour and unusually strong terpene profile.

About this brand

Royal High Logo
Rooted on Vancouver Island and driven by a dedication to quality. Our premium cannabis brand. A full bud product, grown, harvested and hand-selected by our team of cannabis experts. Our premium flower is handpicked to deliver small batch cannabis with an unrivalled flavour and quality. UPHOLDING THE LEGACY OF BC CANNABIS

About this strain

CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass
  1. Myrcene
  2. Pinene
  3. Caryophyllene

CBD Critical Mass by Dinafem Seeds is a breeding collaboration in search of truly medicinal properties. According to Dinafem, this strain came out of a genetic mashup between the in-house Critical Mass and an undisclosed strain from CBD Crew. This high-CBD cross is known to yield an abundant harvest, but plan on supporting the plant’s vigorous growth before flowering. Dinafem recommends utilizing this strain for anorexia, insomnia, muscle pain, and depression.    

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Sun Apr 05 2020
Awesome taste, great strain for chilling out after a long day!
Wed Aug 28 2019
I tried this strain twice, under very different conditions and have heard many different things about CBD, which IS the new thing, so I am going to detail my own experiences. The first time I tried this, I hadn't smoked in many years, I was getting upset over the littlest things and I just wasn't enjoying where I was at in life. This was one night, I walked over to The Niagara Herbalist (recently opened legal cannabis shop). The guy at the counter recommended this after I told him my story. Because it was at night and I hadn't smoked in many years, I probably would have liked a nice Indica with lower THC content, to put me to sleep. This guy seemingly did the right thing though, starting me off with a CBD strain or something low in THC, which is recommended to start off. Like I said before, I hear a lot of different things about CBD, I wouldn't say its conflicting.. but different.. Some things I have heard include that it wont get you high, or, that when mixed with equal or less of a % of THC it sort of mutes out the THC. For me, I was definitely high.. I felt warm and everything slowed down, but, it was defiantly more of a spiritual experience or an awakening than something pleasurable at first. For the first 30 minutes or so I even felt paranoid, but, this was obviously due to me smoking for the first time in a long time and many other factors, with the weed increasing the paranoia probably. Soon, the paranoia calmed down, I had an appetite or the munchies and (we cant forget about why I smoked this in the first place), I was no longer upset and I certainly wasn't thinking about how where I am at in life sucks, but I was.. aware. The second time I smoked this, was months later, I had been smoking Indicas and Hybrids with high THC content to get me through the night. Remembering the nice flavor, the fact that it was on sale and having tried Royal High's super skunk (which I also liked but couldn't find it as it has no longer been on the menu) I picked some CBD tonic up again but it was a much different experience. This time it was more of a warming feeling(probably because of the myrcene in its terpene profile), not really much of a high and when it was there it didn't last long, obviously because I was smoking high THC strains for awhile. There were no noticeable negative effects, but, I felt a bit anxious with a bit of abdominal cramps , and I believe this is because I was used to the THC but went back to this equal CBD / THC strain and I didn't get what I had been used to or it was in fact muted out. Overall I would definitely recommend Royal Highs products as they are high quality, I wouldn't really recommend smoking a CBD strain as a replacement for what you are used to in a THC strain though or if you want to be eased to sleep.
Fri Aug 09 2019
Tasty 1:1 strain. Tastes very grapefruity. I almost exclusively consume this strain as most others give me pretty bad anxiety and this make me feel very social. Highly recommend as a daytime or anti-anxiety strain.