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Tropical Breeze

by Synr.g

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Synr.g Cannabis Flower Tropical Breeze
Synr.g Cannabis Flower Tropical Breeze

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

This hybrid packs a punch. These medium to large-sized buds are fluffy and airy, with a light green colour paled by a white crystal coating. Adding to the experience are the powerful scents of sweet tropical fruit with a pungent musky overtone. THC: 22% CBD: ≤1% Dried Flower: 1 g, 3.5 g, 7 g Pre-Rolled Joints: 1x1 g, 2x0.5 g, 5x0.5 g

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Purchased 6/28/2019 Kamloops BC Cannabis Store Packaged 4/13/2019 Lot# 4083B2 THC 16% (0.4%) Obviously I was disappointed that I got an 1/8 with a THC % below the listed 20-22%. I was also disappointed that it weighed light. 3.3G The bud looks almost reddish brown because of all the red hair. Nice and fluffy and easy to finger bust. Sadly Canntrust uses huge jars with tiny buds so they bounce around. Plus side though you can run your finger around the jar and get a nice crystal collection. They do have somewhat of a fruity smell but not much of a taste. In the gravity lung it burns clean and is very smooth. In fact I think this is the smoothest bud Ive gotten from the gov store. 3 hits threw a decent buzz. Nice and relaxed. In the Black Widow vaporizer it also worked nicely. I had to leave it for 30 or 40 seconds, which is longer than usual, before it was ready. It gives off nice big hits that grab you right by the short hairs. Would have been 4 stars but they lost a point for the short count and % being 4 below the lowest advertised on the site and in the store.

I'm not much of a snob when it comes to how i like my cannabis to smell or taste, but this strain both smells and tastes awesome, very sweet and citrusy. It also provides a pretty strong head and body high. This is a good well rounded strain

Tasted nice and fruity, definitely gave off tropical vibes. Some sativa effects to begin with, but definitely more of a mellow indica feel to it. Burned nice and tasted delicious for being smoked out of a bong!

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