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Oregon Golden Goat


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TOP LEAF Cannabis Flower Oregon Golden Goat

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

SATIVA-DOMINANT THC 18% - 24% CBD < 1% LEMON HAZE X ZELLY'S GIFT X FLO Naming a single “greatest of all time” isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible. But a strong sativa is worth its weight in gold and this Black Series cultivar with bright leaves, delicate pistils and thorough dusting of trichomes makes an excellent case for superlatives.

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Très bon choix.

Too many amber trichomes to give a sativa high. Flavour nothing special, didn't hold the taste very long for vaping. Had a nice big nug and some smaller stuff. Step up your game live up to your name TOPLEAF

About this brand

We were founded by cannabis enthusiasts under a simple guiding principle: "What do we want to smoke?" The answer is easy. We want the best. We want rich, full-bodied cannabis, with complex terpene profiles, mid-to-high THC potency and that little something special that makes you say "Wow" the first time you take a puff.