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Kali Mist

I'd give this a 4.5 Used this to help with chronic nausea & other g.i. issues,depression,and for chronic pain from degenerative disc disease. It worked great for all. It did (as other reviews have said here and elsewhere) give me a burst of much needed energy & also helped my thoughts&conscious to become clearer(a miracle effect since I have ADHD also) smoke was light & citrusy tasting with a touch of woodsy notes. I live i a high rise building and smoke on our balcony. So needless to say I have to keep an eye out for nosy neighbors! The smoke from the Kali Mist didn't seem like reek as bad as some other strains. I also carried some in my purse and managed 2 crowded subway rides(standing w/people on all sides) and nobody seemed to smell the 1/2 oz in my bag. The buds were big and fluffy about 1.5-2.0grams each. The only question I have is the"kali" in the name. My bag was marked CALI Mist not Kali Mist as Leafly has it spelled. I've looked at the pictures & this definitely has same appearance. This is a strain that you could smoke a bowl or two(or vape if you're into that) first thing in the AM,do the whole wake and bake thing,yet an hour later you could be in your office finally clearing that file cabinet out,organizing a company picnic,and doing your taxes,all at once because of the energetic boost it gives you yet you feel calm at the same time.....like a smoke able Elavil!😊