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Cuban Linx

I didn’t go wrong! It’s like a 26+ and the longevity is typical. Not harsh at all and a full on cerebral hi cascaded through my head and down my body to my extremities in a rainbow of wonder if fun sense of confusion in an excited loony look at reality. What is this newfound wonder you ask? Trigerian cross with GMO/TK skunk Yum Yum.

Road Dawg

4 Words That dawg WILL hunt! A close cuz to Cowboy kush and another upstanding member of the Dawg family and roots surrounded notoriously with rumors of the madcapped biker gang that struck more fear in the hearts of Joes & Janes than JAWS. None other than the Hell’s Angels OG. Legend has it that this pot was snuck into Sonny Barger’s cell personally by Johnny Cochram A. To relieve Sonny’s migraines B. To prove to ‘the partnership’ Johnny was true and willing to do anything to have his name in the plaque. Granted, I just made that up but there are many more awesome tales surrounding the origins of Hell’s Angels OG. Btw, please don’t buy ANY Road Dawg, I want it all for myself!!! PS- Anyone got any jobs opens? I need to make some money to buy up all the Road Dawg....happy tokes🔥🧨💥🌋🤤

Rainbow Crush

I’m crushin’ on a rainbow!! What a well done hybrid. Best of both worlds! Maybe leaning indica but not a couch-locker. I had it at 29%THC and it managed to cover all my bases well. I’m a stickler for length of high and RC gives you a full length ride. A good 15% longer than most flower of the same strength. 40+yrs on the bong and I think I finally found an everyday smoke. Cheers, Alibi. Well crafted product and worth every penny.

Fall Frost

Love this stuff!!! Just wish I knew what it was. All the BTs suspect it’s some sort of Jackfrost derivation but I’m not buying. I heard tell of Montana silvertips being involved so that means Maple Leaf/Ortega/Mazar and that’s about as far from Jacks house as you can land. So please help me solve this mystery. My guess is an OG Kush var X Ortega but I’m just guessing. Oh yea this is a stand by for full time smoker with a tolerance that knows they can count on a solid high with just enough sedation but the key to the couchlock so you don’t become too absorbed. Great after dinner with a ‘booch or two.

Animal Mints

Absolute stoney special. Coming in over 30% it lived up to the number. I decreased bong hit size by half and am taking just as many with euphoric rose-colored(more like mint-colored) glasses high. Headspace still available to solve a problem if needed but it sure feels nice to just sit and be stoned. A serious winner I’ll look for again and again. Well done Evans Creek Farms!