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Chocolate Lava

Overall, Chocolate Lava is a great strain, but it has a potent kick of spice that many may not enjoy initially. The buds I received were smaller and lighter. Colors are on the darker side, consisting of earthy and forest greens with some faint oranges. When ground up, it was more of the soft, moist flower type, very light. It definitely has a chocolate smell which is pleasant. The smoke was harsher than expected and thicker than average, but it should only come off as a kick, especially to regular smokers. Its taste is the only negative I can see anyone being turned off by. It’s very earthy and definitely has a strong spice taste. It’s similar to Maui Waui and the less fruity part of Blue Cookies, at least to my palate. I think if you can let spice tasting strains grow on you, this is definitely a treat to enjoy. Last but not least, the high. It’s more of a moderate head high in my experience, but really suitable for both wanting to relax and focusing in on some work. I find that I often get zoned out into whatever I’m doing while using this strain. For best effects and taste, I would recommend mixing this strain with something fruitier and would also consider using ice in a water pipe.