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MK's Cure It with Cannabis

Very hard to beat the prices, quality, and customer service!!! Wonderful people and I highly recommend it!!!!

Tang Breath

Very pungent taste! Reminds me of gmo. It is for me a creeper... Smoked about 7 hits on a joint. Usually 3/4 of one. It came on slow but very strong. Tasted musty/chemical. Very pleasant and 90% head high for me. Nice strain and will purchase again! Recommend by true 35 year smoker..

Herbal Wellness Center - West (Med/Rec)

I love the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. I've had nothing but good things happen at this dispensary. And most of their product comes from a state of the art processing center I've seen myself. They hire scientist to makes sure the product is potant and clean! Don't listen to all the bad reviews here. Probably people that have bad reviews everywhere. Maybe it's not the company!! Thanks guys! I'll be back everytime!!

Herbal-Wellness-Center CLOSED

Very knowledgeable staff! Super friendly and can always find a great deal. If there's a mistake, they make it right wverytime. My go to dispensary for everything!! Thank you guys. I enjoy the friendly visits when I come in