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Pink Certz

The colas I got were predominantly dark green with pale green and purple marbling. It was dense with an abundance of short, little trichomes. It smells the way bud heavy in limonene and caryophyllene smell. It has a very fresh, lemony scent with herbal and earthy undertones peeking out. There’s a slight tartness reminiscent of fruit. When ground, the purple in the bud really starts to show, peppering the green in a deep Russian violet. My first smoke of Pink Certz was the most potent. It was a creeper for sure. I smoked my blunt (no tobacco, palm leaf wrap, 0.5 grams) and was completely fine, but by the time I finished I was flavor blasted. I’d describe the high as a fantastic balance of cerebral and body effects. I had a headband sensation, tingling all over my body (especially my cheeks), some arousal, and some very fantastic euphoria. I was able to lean into the high and let my body go to space OR tap into the sativa aspects and still function reasonably well in a conversation with my roommate and her boyfriend. The next several smokes were more mellow, as my tolerance adjusts quickly to mitigate some effects of the marijuana. Still, this weed relaxed my body and made me happy. Overall, one of the better strains I’ve tried and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to smoke this weed. I have an irrational belief that all descendants of Girl Scout Cookies will always work for me. Every GSC descendant I’ve tried has been fire. Pink Certz has GSC quite deep in its lineage, GSC being the strain’s great great great grandmother. But nonetheless, I find this to be a stellar strain. If you’re able to find it, I highly recommend giving it a try :)