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Extreme Cream

Gorgeous buds with purple highlights, so beautiful it seems a shame to turn them to ash. I gently break the buds apart into tinier bowl-sized budlets with two pairs of tweezers, to keep the magic dust away from my fingers. The first hit drives deep into the muscles of my face, numbing them and and shaping my features into a wide grin. I let the smoke expand within my chest until I cannot hold it any longer, and as I exhale I taste tequila and feathers. The space between my ears widens and my headphones become tight. Fragments of my memory attempt to become figments of my imagination, but the letters R and A refuse to mate and give birth to I. That's "I" the letter, not I the "me". Although you reading this would think of me as "you", so I'm probably projecting a misunderstanding onto you that would never occur except in my mind, at this moment, with these chemical alterations. I think my review is done. Am I done? Yeah, I thnk so, done.

Black Fire #8

This strain has excellent tonguefeel and invokes marvelous nosecones. The Terpene Indicator Target (TIT) that my budmeister quoted me was 48, but my own experience tells me this flower probably platforms at 61 or maybe even 62, it's flagrant but not septic. Emotionally, these buds leave me sedate but not sedated. Physically I think my giggles could be a bit more intense, but my underwhelming response may be due to the fact that I've seen this episode of Spongebob at least 8 times already. Strong hints of elderberry and musk, tinged with earthy tones like cedar and dung. For a Sapidity Rating, I give this strain 4 Ring Dings and a Twinkie.