The Live Duo


About this product

Taking you on a celestial journey of dimensional flavours, we selected two of our finest live rosins with different terpene profiles and united them into a single jar, doubling the experience and offering diversity to those who seek to discover new things.

Our Live Duo will continue to rotate new strains.

Current Live Duos on the shelves:

- Blue Bandita with Purple Romulan
The yellow side offers 0.5g of Blue Bandita live rosin, which is a cross of Headband and Blueberry. This rosin has a fresh floral hint with a light smoke. On the black side, you will find 0.5g of Purple Romulan, a cross between the classic Indica strain Romulan and Purple Pineberry. This rosin offers an earthy taste with a punch that sends you to orbit.

- The Mighty with Sour Green Mango
The yellow side offers 0.5g of The Mighty live rosin, an indica strain with Himalayan genetics. The Mighty leaves a crisp sweet smoky taste after an initial citrus burst and has lingering aromas of pine with hints of apple. On the black side, you will find 0.5g of Sour Green Mango which is a cross of Green Crack and Sour Diesel, this cultivar combines two classics to make an amazing new creation. It is a refreshingly fruity live rosin with funky tropical notes.

THC 58.3%

THC 70.6%

THC 59.1%

THC 56.7%

Jar Total = 1g Live Rosin
*Each side contains 0.5g Live Rosin

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About this brand

Logo for the brand EarthWolf Farms
EarthWolf Farms
At Earthwolf Farms, our mission is to bring you sustainably produced, high-quality, and fair-priced solventless concentrates. We cultivate Cannabis Sativa using regenerative and organic practices on our flagship farm in Lillooet, BC. We process certified organic cannabis using solventless methods to create concentrates and oils for medicine, research and recreation.

We grow organically outdoors specifically for hash, and we chose our genetics for this purpose. All our plants are frozen directly after harvest, and the trichomes are isolated using ice-water extraction. Once the trichomes are isolated, freeze-dried, and sorted by size, they are used to create different product types: bubble hash, live rosin, edible oil and topicals.

Earthwolf Farms – growing with a purpose with a proven process.
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